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Santillana USA - Online Marketing

2012 National Sales Meetin

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Santillana USA - Online Marketing

Corporate Portal
2012 National Sales Meeting
Santillan USA's new Site
The Plan ...
Santillana USA is making its position stronger in the K-12 Market trough its Technology products.
To promote and sell these new and dynamic product we have developed a new website, base on the company's inter department needs and comments and the requirements of our customers.
Santillana's old website did its job well, but its time to open a new window for promotion and online Sales, that increases both the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
Santillana USA's old website -
Things to Improve
1. Directed mainly for B2B purposes

2. Outdated Design - Requires long scrolling

3. Requires Implementation of Santillana's new logo and
Style Guide

4. Flash banners and videos

5. No Integration with technology product

6. User experience (UX) - needs to be improved

7. Technology products and resources need to be integrated
to the design

8. E-commerce (Online catalog) requires improvement
and expansion
End Customers have constantly requested easier Online purchase processes.
The new website will change the online Sales approach to a more commercial one, while making the process easier for School Districts, Private Schools and associations.
B2B + B2C
WHY User Experience (UX) and USABILITY?
"Usability is a necessary condition to survive ONLINE. If a website is difficult to use, people will LEAVE. If a homepage fails to state what a user can do, they won't use it. If a website's content is hard to read, users will leave."
(Jakob Nielson,2013)
The reason why I talk about User Experience (UX) and usability is because they come before interactiveness. If a website fails to achieve these goals, is impossible to attract new users or maintain the ones that you have.
The 6 DESIGN PRINCIPLES applied on the new website
Consistence in the design pattern
Make your functionality visibile
Accordance to the user interface
Clean Mapping to lead user
Feedback function for user
10 Heuristics for Usr Interface Design (Jakob Nielson, 1995) : http://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/
The new design integrates Santillana USA's new Style Guide
Updated Design
Interactive functions open in iOS devices
Uses Cross-platform JavaScript library - Jquery
Images rich and semi-minimalistic design
Design for both Desktop and Mobile devises
Change from HTML and Flash
Improved reporting
Improved fly page design
Improved promotional campaigns
Improved UX - User Experience
Online catalog Properly integrated
Magento - New E-commerce platform
Technology Products Integration
Let's take a look ...
"Click on Link"
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