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Curacao During World War II

No description

Eric Trinh

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Curacao During World War II

Curacao's Involvement and Effects of World War II

Background Info on WWII
Curacao's Refineries
Sides In The War
Oil in WWII
Oil Coming From Curacao
Curacao supplied the U.S. 100% for the Invasion of Africa
43% of Britain's and France's oil came from the Antilles (including Curacao)
The Royal Oil Shell of the Dutch was in Willemstad, Curacao
Curacao's people felt proud in the war
Curacao was given good harbors and political stability
Curacao's trade also increased
Curaco's Role
Curacao was important for the outcome of the war
The U.S. and others guarded Willemstad
The Royal Oil Shell was moved to the Netherland Antilles
Effects on Curacao
Willemstad was attacked by German submarines
Willemstad was then guarded by desroyers
The Effects of War on Curacao and Its Role in WWII
The Royal Oil Shell in Curacao
This picture shows U.S. soldiers placing the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima, Japan after winning the Battle of Iwo Jima; one of the most important battles in the Pacific side
By: Eric Trinh
Per. 5/6

Curacao had an important role in World War II as a oil supplier for the British, American, and French. Curacao was also greatly affected by this war.
World War II was the most devastating war
It continued from 1939 to 1945
About 75 million lives were lost
20 million were soldiers and 40 million were civilian people
Two sides were fighting
The two sides were the Allies and the Axis
The U.S., Britain, Russia (Soviet Union), and other nations were the Allies
Germany and Japan were the two main Axis powers
The main reason Curacao was important was because of its oil refineries which power much of the Allied forces.
Oil was an important resource
Curacao supplied the U.S., English, and French with oil
Aruba and other Carribean island helped refine oil
Next Up:
Oil refineries in Curacao
Of to:
Benefits and Effects
What happened to Curacao during the war?

How did Curacao make a difference in the outcome of the war?

How was it effected?
This is the Queen Emma bridge (the one opened)
The German U-Boat
created and presented by:

Eric Trinh
In conclusion, Curacao and the other Netherland Antilles were greatly important and vital for the outcome of the war. If the islands were destroyed or taken the war would be changed dramaticlly. It would have given either side a big advantage.
In reference to The Cay
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