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DECC Youth Panel Report Launch

No description

Luke Hughes

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of DECC Youth Panel Report Launch

DECC Youth Advisory Panel Energy:
How fair is it anyway? Introduction The Report Intent Who are we? Range of
organisations Aged 16-26 From throughout
DID A youth response to the UK Energy 2050 Pathways... ...and a call to the youth community to let the government know what it thinks 8 meetings 12 visits 35,080 km travelled 3.12 T CO emitted 2 Consulted:
OUR ORGANISATIONS Where? The questions
we were asking... What is energy? How do we make energy? How do we use it? How do we get it to people? Decision making INTERGENERATIONAL EQUITY THE FUTURE? YOUNG PEOPLE are the most
important part of the energy mix Do you agree? Scroby Sands Renewables VS Non-Renewables 0% VAT on carbon-reduction
home improvements Ensure that purely COAL FIRED power stations are PHASED OUT within the NEXT DECADE INTERGENERATIONAL EQUITY Make the UK lead on OFFSHORE WIND by 2020 Develop a long term strategy
for NUCLEAR WASTE More ambitious funding for the development of renewables Ensure that the Government does not lock young and future generations into ecological debt Continue engaging in dialogue with young people to ensure that the youth perspective is heard, and responded to, by Government Establish a portfolio within the Cabinet that will act as the Guardian of Young and Future Generations, such as the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations
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