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Self Management, Event & CD Release Project

No description

Aimee Whiteman

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Self Management, Event & CD Release Project

Your Last Chance
Marketing Campaign
Don Broco
Lower Than Atlantis
Don Broco is a four piece alternate rock band from Bedford with enthusiastic stage presence and even a signature dance move, [p]they inspire me [m]by the way they present themselves, their music style and general love for what they do, [d]this is good because more people will go to their gigs for the performance as well as the music.
Lower Than Atlantis [p]is a four piece Melodic Hardcore band from Hertfordshire also with massive stage presence and catchy tunes, [m]they inspire me by the work they put into their job and it shows that they enjoy what they do, [d]this is good because it would encourage other people to listen to them just because of the amount of work they do.
Blink 182
Blink 182 [p]are a punk rock band from California they are a major inspiration to me as they are one of the most heard of and liked bands of the 00s, [m]they have inspired a lot of my songs and one of the band that got me into music, [d]they are successful because of their catchy tunes and lyrics this is good because it would cause them to sell a lot of records.
Ok Go
The Killers
Ok Go [p]inspire me [m]with their music by the amount of different instruments and effects they use in their songs to make them sound unusual and different , [d]I think this will help them become more popular and successful as a lot of people look for something different and new that people haven't heard.
The killers are a [p]big inspiration to me [m]through the energy in their live performance and there song writing skill, [d]I think this helps them in the music industry by their catchy songs being played on the radio and becoming well known songs, also being well known will attract more people to come to their shows and hear more of their songs generating more success.
From what iv found out I think a good band can be define by the amount of work they put into, not only their songs but all round into the recording, live performances and their interaction with their fans. The songs a band writes can effect its success as catchy songs are more popular with fans but also having songs that aren't like other songs is good as they are seen as different and new. Live performance will also effect the success of a band because if the band is dull and boring onstage it won't reflect well on their music as their wont be that energy, also when a band puts on more of a show the audience feels more involved and engaged with the band and what they are doing.
What Defines a good band?
Prayer of the Refugee
I think the song prayer of the refugee is [p] good because it has an impact with the chosen lyrics,[m] the song has morals to it and this makes it more than just a catchy song. [d]This song is so popular because of this and this is good as it will help the band gain publicity with future songs and also gives the band a reputation for being moral people.
In One Ear
Fluorescent Adolescent
Make A Beast Of Myself
Beech Like The Tree
Blur - Best Of
Don Broco - Priorities
The Killers - Hot Fuss
Lower Than Atlantis - Changing Tune
Rise Against - The Sufferer & The Witness
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Muse - The Resistance
This is an [p]inspirational album purely [m]because of the art work. It is pop art and I think [d]this makes this album popular due to its popular songs to the popularity of pop art, this is then likely to sell to people that may no have hear/ like the band in question.
This is an [p]inspirational album not only for the different take on the art but [m]because all the songs in this album connect and are all well written songs, [d]this will good because people will be buying it for all the songs not just one or two.
This is an [p]inspirational album [m]because it has so many hits on one album its almost like a best of album as a first album, [d]this is good because like priorities the album will be bought for more than one or two songs.
I [p]like this album [m]for the catchy music but mainly for its different art work as it is like a mixture of lots of different things I think this is good and [d]will sell because people can draw different meanings from it.
This is a [p]good album [m]because of its coffee stain like art work and the songs are all alike witch means people will most likely like all the songs this is [d]good as it will sell more by popularity
Gorillaz [p]plastic beach is inspirational [m]because its art work is actually a model rather than a computer image and because of the featured artists, [d]this will make it popular as its unusual and because it has famous artist within it and people like to hear songs with famous artists in.
This is an [p]inspirational album [m]because most people define the band by this album which shows its popularity also the art work is different/unusual, [d]this is good because it will sell by people wanting to know the band and buying it or the artwork that could be interpreted differently causing a wider audience.
What makes a good CD/album ?
I have found out that a good album not only has to have popular catchy songs on it but it needs to represent the band, who they are, but also should have interesting or different art work that could be seen in many ways to engage a wider audience. If an album had all these aspects it would be success full because it would approach music/the album at different angles this is good as it would interest more people in the music or the artwork.
I think this is a [p]good song [m]because of its old rock and roll style solos at the beginning and in the instrumental breaks, also i think the subject of the song is quite relatable and a lot of people will connect with the words [d]this would help the song because people could feel involved when listening to it.
I think this is a [p] good song because of how fast and in your face the verses are and then the drastic change to the [m] bridge fits really well this is [d]good because its a great example of juxtaposition, also the song has a really catchy chorus with nice harmonies [d]this is good because it fills out the song more giving it layers.
This is a [p]good song [m]because of its catchy guitar hook that is instantly recognisable to this song [d]this is good because people will relate this song to the band, this song also has a vintage feel to it and i think that works well as people tend to like/prefer older songs to newer ones.
This is a [p] good song [m]because it shows how you can play only a few cords but can still have a great song with contrasting sections [d]this is good as it could encourage more people to try to make music, also this song is about relationships and that is very relatable this is good as it makes the listener connect to the artist.
This [p]song is good [m]because it shows how such a simple tune combined with a good rhythm can become a really catchy riff [d]this is good as it makes you want to listen to it for that, also the song is quite easy going and this is good as it is open to a wider audience.
I think this is a [p]good song [m]because of its catchy guitar hook and how they managed to write a song around very few lyrics, [d]this is good because people will be able to move to the riff causing them to listen to it more and having only few lyrics makes the song easier to sing along to.
What makes a good song ?
A good song should be catchy or have a catchy hook as this gets stuck in peoples heads and helps them remember the song also it would make them wanna dance also imprinting that song in their mind. It is good to have meaningful lyrics because this will make the listener feel involved in the song and can relate to it, this is good because if people share their feelings with this song they will want to listen to the song more.
Rise Against - Re-Education
Ok Go This - To Shall Pass
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folk
Holy Fuck - Red Lights
What Makes A Good Music Video ?
This is a [p]good music video [m]because it has a message within it with prompter messages, [d]this is good because this will make the watcher think about things and also help relate everyday things with this song making it more memorable.
This is a [p]cool music video [m]because of its simple comic like animation, this is good [d]because its not too complex as to make the watcher confused yet still keeps them watching with a story line.
This is a [p]good music video [m]because of how interesting it is with lots going on, this is [d]good as it intrigues the watcher. Also it includes a Rube Goldburg machine part of pop culture this is good as thew will get more views by more people searching for it online.
This is a good video because it also uses pop culture as part of it by using animals, this is good because people will google animals and find this video getting the creator more views.
This is a [p]good video [m]because it jokes around and will make people laugh [d]this is good because if people laugh it means they are enjoying watching it this will lead to them watching it more or showing it to friends gaming the video more views and exposure.
In conclusion i think that a successful music video should either have meaning or be funny as this will gain it more views by people relating it to other things or sharing it with friends. A video could also containing popular figures or pop culture to make it easier to find online or stumble upon it by mistake. also whether a video has a lot or a little going on as long as it is intriguing and keeps people watching, or has a story line to follow it should be successful.
Events Management
What defines my music event ?
My music event shall be a promotional lunch event this means the event is based around a product being launched I will be launching my first single as part of your last chance and the ability to pre order the EP when it is released. This is good as the income will be greater than an ordinary gig would bring in because there will be a niche product being sold, and this is good because people will be more likely to buy the product at the event because they will think that they wont be able to get it any where else. This is also good as this could bring a wider audience to come for the product not just the bands and this will give the bands a better opportunity to show of there skill set gaining them a better following for future music events and possibly more merchandise sales. This could be bad because the selling of the product could put people off from going because they don't have any money to spend on the single and will feel guilty going to a free event and not buying the product that the event is mostly for.
My music venue is fitting to my event type as both the venue and bands are small scale locally known, and they are within the rock genre because of this people will already have and idea of what to expect from the event also they will find that it is welcoming because of the size of the event and the venue. This is good as this will ensure that the audience brought in fits the band, the product and venue this will then in turn creating a higher revenue, also aiming it small scale with a local band may make the audience easier to please as they will only be expecting so much from a new promoter in a local pub, making them easier to surprise and please with the quality of the event, product and band. What is bad about the venue is that rock is a wide genre and the venue may not be specific enough to alt rock to draw in people that like this kind of music to the gig.
The venue also matches to my target market this means that the people that are likely to enjoy my event attend the venue as a pub. This is good as this will give extra footfall from my target market and this is good because we may be able to market to areas of my target market that i otherwise couldn't reach.This could be bad because we may have larger audience number which could be a health and safety hazard if gotten out of hand and this could be bad because the event might have to stop and be canceled if it becomes a hazard, or i might have to stop letting people in to the venue to see the band which is bad be cause we could be loosing potential fans of the band.
My music event is defined by the bands that are playing and as they are all new bands that have only recently started playing it presents the first launch event as new and makes it seem new different interesting and strange. This is good as it will make more people intrigued about the event and this in turn will bring in more people to the event and this is good because the more people that attend the better the music event will be because with greater numbers people will get the automatic feeling that it will be a good night thanks to the attendance. On the other hand is is bad because no one has seen these bands and do not know what to expect this could lead them to go to an alternate gig on the same night as they are unsure of how my event will turn out but this could be amended by getting good reviews on the poster or adding another more popular band to the line up.
Another factor is the type of equipment used at the event for example if my band were to use cabs and big speakers it would be good as it could make people assume the band knows what they are doing and are invested in the band and willing to spend money on this but it can also be bad because it will take up a lot of space on a very small stage which can hinder me as it will give a cramped look to the band and this in turn could make people think this band doesn't know what they are doing they don't know how to present themselves properly. Again if i were to mic up the drum kit it could work well not just because we would have a better quality sound but it could also show to the audience that i know what i'm doing in music and this could make them think that the event will be good before its even happened purely because they this from this i know what i am doing, but on the other hand if it is a small venue that doesn't need the drum it being miced up then it could make me look like i know what I'm doing but instead makes me look like i don['t have a clue which is the wrong impression to give to potential fans and to the venue as they might not want to hire a or like the band.
Also the location defines a music event not the venue but there the venue is.because having it in a small place gives the impression that its just a small event that isn't as important but having it in a big place like London, just name dropping that will give the effect of this band is huge or they are going to be which is good because before hearing the bands or going to the event they will already have the idea that the event will be amazing but this could also be bad because having it in a big location if not many people show up people that attend or hear about the event will realize the band isn't that big and also picking a location not near to my fan base could lead to upsetting the fans i already have as they wouldn't be able to attend.
What makes a music event successful and what factors toward that
To bring in a
high income
from my event I will ensure attendees are having a good time and are staying safe this will help me bring in a high income because people if people attending the gig have fun felling welcome ad safe they will be more likely to spend money as to keep events like this running , and this income could either be measured by the bars intake or by the intake i bring myself by selling band merchandise and having my EP available to pre order . This is good as the band will generate more money from CD and merchandise sales also if the bar gains a high income the band could be hired for future gigs gaining more income in the long term and i could also be hired to host events there by the bar. This could be bad because focusing too much on the income from the event could lead me to become less interested in the audience and making them uneasy if they are being forced into buying merchandise or drinks from the bar and this will not create the right atmosphere as people will fell like they don't want to be there and could leave or not attend future gigs.

Audience participation
can be generated mainly through the bands showing that they are enjoying what they are playing and showing the audience that they can have a good time, also if i have a pit crew dancing and moshing the audience will feel more relaxed and wont feel apprehensive about joining in. It is good to get audience participation because if people feel more relaxed with the people surrounding and they will be likely to feel welcome to join in and generally have a better time, because if the audience are having a better time it will show to the venues that i can provide not just a band but i can create an event in which people will have a good time and this could give the venue a good reputation and this may make them want to hire me for future events and it could also generate more income from attendees feeling thankful to the band for them having a good time and buying merchandise. It could be bad to have audience participation because it can make your event a more dangerous place if audience members were to get carried away with moshing and if it is seen as dangerous the event could get canceled and it could prevent the venue from booking bands from me, or my band in the future.

Legalities and Documents
will help me generate success because they will help me to keep my gig under control. By using a risk assessment i will be able to analyze any risk before it happens and this is good because i will then be able to prevent these things from happening and if i can do that with all the risks it will make my event a much safer place and i will be non liable for lawsuits because i prevented all foreseeable accidents/risks. By using a stage plan and technical rider the venue will be prepared for the equipment i will be bringing and what requirements i will need this will help me make my event successful because the preparedness of the venue will help everything run well and keep to schedule. I will also create a method statement because like the stage plan and technical rider it will help with the preparedness of the venue because this document tells the venue exactly what we will be doing and when this also helps the venue keep track of where we are with the event making it easier for the venue to communicate with me about what will be happening. It is good to have these documents because they will help to create a sens of professionalism toward me and the venue will appreciate this and this could encourage them to book me for future events because they know i work well and efficiently. It could be bad because if it is a small venue who don't need lots of information they might find all the documents overwhelming and this might then put them off booking you for gigs.

is a big contributor to success because if no one comes you have no audience, no one to feel welcome or to purchase items from the bands. to bring a higher attendance I will advertise my gig via posters, flyers, radio time, news coverage, Facebook events, band page and local shop or venue advertisement. This will help generate success as this will increase the number of people attending this in turn will give you a wider audience to market your product to and with a larger available market i am more likely to sell more merchandise because there are more people to sell to. Another way i will be able to gather an audience is by using a promoter because they will be able to get the message of the event across to the right people long enough before the event. It is good to have a big audience because i will be able to sell my band, my product, and my merchandise to a wide number of people and with the option of more people you will generate a higher income and there will be more people there to soak up the atmosphere and to share the experience with there friends and this is good because the people that attended my event will then be promoting my future events by saying how good it was and how they enjoyed it. On the other hand i can be bad to have a big audience because the bigger the audience the harder it is to connect with every one in the audience because the bands are having to speak in general terms rather than in terms that relate to a few people in the crowd and this is bad because it could lead to people feeling not as involved in the event sensing the general isolation and this could lead them to not recommending it and not coming to future events.
Major Music Project
Marketing campaign
Job roles within a professional live music event
Budgeting, Income and Expenditure
Event review
Marketing Strategy
Budget for the event
What is needed for the event and what is the average amount for these things?
Booking a venue ranges drastically if it is a bar or restarant it is likely to be free or cheap due to footfall of customers where as a venue that would usually be empty or closed can cost between £150 - £200 but in my budget for a venue at around £170 as this is enough to get a decent sized venue for the gig locally and in a good location for the target market of the bands performing.
Staffing and the Band can be covered by volunteers but otherwise the minimum wage is £6.19 an hour and I would have to hire around 12 people to cover the job roles and the event would last from 7-12 (5 hours accounting for setting up and packing up) giving me a budget of £372 for staff that I can't find as volunteers to hire. I would page each band an average price for the amount of time playing and I will have 2 half hour slots (average of £100) a 1 45 minute slot (average of £150) and 1 hour -1 and a half hour slot (average between £200-£250) all accounting for only small local band what bands I couldn't get to play for free I would have a budget of around £570 for the bands that wouldn't play for free.
This gives me an overall budget of everything at £1112
Out goings
The money I spend out of the budget on items.
For the venue I spent £160 getting a venue in a popular part of town with younger people who my target audience is ,this then makes me £10 under budget
For the staff I managed to get people to volunteer for lower jobs such as the sound and light tecs and the security stewards and door staff, saving money on 5 positions so that I only spent £216.65 saving £155.35
Because I managed to persuade the 2 supporting bands to perform for free one half hour slot and the 45 minute slot needs no payment from the budget, but one of the bands playing a half hour slot wanted more than £100 after negotiation they were given £125, but the headline accepted the £220 offered, this still leaves me under budget by £225 after spending £345.
This makes me overall under budget by £390.35 only spending £721.65
Income (prediction)
To break even at this event I will need to have at least an attendance of 65 people and a ticket price of £12, which isn't too expensive for a local gig, but without a reputation it might be hard to persuade 65 people to come, but at a cheaper price like £8 it might be possible to bring in 65 people or more as we would need to bring in around 90 people, and as it is an event that is not as well known it may be better to go for the lower ticket price bringing in more people.
Social Marketing
I used Facebook to promote my band and the launch event for my band, i did this because not only do a majority of the general public use this site but, my target market does as well, so this would be an easy way to reach a lot of people fast making this one of the best ways to promote. Using Facebook is good as you can grab a wide audience of people you other wise couldn't contact or advertise to but on the other hand using social networking sites makes your band vulnerable to non necessary non constructive criticism (trolling) and this could put people off listening to your band but mostly using sites like this you would get positive feed back. Also for an image on my EP i used an image containing people i knew this is a good technique as people will want a copy of the EP because they will be on the cover.
Facebook is good because it is the most used social network around this means that if you have a Facebook page for anything that almost anyone can see it and you can market to all these people, also Facebook is good for advertising if you are willing to pay because you can pay to get your page/advert/band along the side of the home page there for anyone in the world that longs in to see, look into and like, this is good because the bigger your fan base you have the more likely you will get hired for gigs as the numbers show that you are popular and people will come and see you so if you were to produce how many Facebook likes you had to a promoter or a venue they could get an idea of your popularity. Facebook is also good because you can post all band pictures and gig pictures on there and tagging people in them will put that picture other their page and can be seen by all their friends so if you were to tag 6 people in a post or photo, on average most people have 300-500 Facebook friends so using this 6 people with 300-500 friends, between 1,800 and 3,000 people could see your bands post helping you to market to a lot of people.
Facebook is bad because unless you pay to advertise your band it is hard to find unknown bands apart from marketing to your friends unless your already known and people know what to search then your band can be very hard to find but this can be amended by telling the audience at gigs exactly what to search for on Facebook leading them right to it also another good way to attract people is by having regular band updates and funny/relateable posts that people will share with their friends and people can understand like and could follow the post back to your band band page and like your band so the wide marketing can be done if work is put into the Facebook page.
To get ideas for my marketing campaign I looked at another local promoter putting on events similar to mine Neil Alternator.

Alternator uses many promotional formats
Online social networks (Facebook-events-pages, Twitter, Myspace) and his website (and bands websites)this is done by creating events and inviting anyone and everyone to them especially fitting the target market, it is also done by making posts on these pages to followers and friends about the events with enough information to entice people but not to much that they become uninterested by big paragraphs. This is a good form of promotion as you can reach a wide number of people more than you could possibly reach from other forms of promotion as online you can promote to the world not just your local area, on the other had this form of promotion can be bad as you can easily over promote making people become sick of seeing the same thing on their home page constantly this may lead them to un-follow your post and you could lose your audience.
Posters and flyers in the local area is another method this is done by creating enticing posters that appeal to the target market that are interesting enough to gauge interest yet not to complex to put people of from reading them they are then strategically placed to promote to the correct audience. This is good as it is a more direct form of marketing rather than online as it is almost like you are trying to appeal to certain people (which will make them feel more invited and needed) that the general public as a whole, but you cant reach as many people with posters as you could through international methods such at the internet and radio
Regular show is another good way to entice people, like holding a small show each week or a big show every month this is good as holding regular events shows your audience that you are reliable and have the ability to put on well thought out popular shows constantly but on the other hand people could put of going to one of your shows because of the fact they know there will be another one following it soon where as if people were unsure when the next event would be this would make them more inclined to attend this event because of the uncertainty of another but this can be amended by putting on popular acts that people wouldn't want to miss
Alternator Gigs also use photos from previous gigs to promote his gigs he does this by posting photos from gigs online and tagging people in them on social networks so that people will have them allover their news feed this is good as this will intrigue people to look up alternator gigs and make them more likely to come to future gigs but on the other hand if he doesn't know the names of the people in the photo he cant tag them in it.
Alternator also uses videos to help promote his events, he does this by posting videos of the band performing on social networking sites and also does 60 second interviews with bands this is good because people interested in the bands will appreciate the exclusive content that Neil can provide from his pages online and this could make them wanna go to his gigs because there is a chance of more exclusive content at the gigs on the other hand interviews with not well known bands might not draw in as much people because it wont be as appreciated as it would be with a larger fan base, also it is good showing videos of bands that are performing because if people attending haven't heard of the bands then they can look them up via the promoter witch is good as Neil is then providing another service for the customers but on the other hand if people don't like the video that could put them of going when they otherwise would have gone.
Newspaper and radio coverage
I got in contact with two local forms of media to promote the event, i got in contact with the bucks herald (local popular newspaper) and Mix 96 (local popular radio station). I did this by emailing both Mix 96 and Bucks herald informing them of the event and telling them necessary information i was then contacted by them both on the phone and took part in a telephone radio interview which was broadcast on the morning of the event, the bucks herald asked a series of interview questions over the phone for me and Hannah to answer these were then noted down and we organized a date on which we could take some photographs of the band for the newspaper we received a copy of these and the Bucks herald chose the best one and it was put along with the interview on the cover of the entertainment section of the newspaper
I think this was really good promotion for the band because it was opening up our audience and the span of or Facebook page because this could be read by all the readers of the bucks herald and all the listeners of mix 96, this means that we could get more people coming to our gigs to see us in particular because they have heard about us and generally when a person hears about a band it intrigues them to look them up and go and listen to the band
On the other hand it could be bad as we might end up pulling in the wrong audience to our gig because people might read or listen to the article and get an idea of what our band will sound like but be disappointed when they go to the gig because it wasn't what they were expecting at all but on the other had they might be pleasantly surprised despite the fact its not what they thought it would be like but if we are presented the right way on the radio and in the paper we should ge a correct representation of our band.
To market my event successfully i need to have unique selling points and identify with my target audience
Target Market
My target market is teens/young adults aged between 16 - 25 they are our target market because around this age people are starting to gather a different taste in music to their parents and start discovering new bands especially ones in their local area so these people are most likely to find and enjoy our band and as the band members are between this age group we may pull in people because they are the same age group, this is good because we will be able to relate and hopefully provide the right thing to people around the same age as us on the other hand people around this age don't have the most reliable income so it may be harder for us to charge entrance fees and sell perch to the younger half of the age group.
My target market are people interested in the rock genre of music and could listen to bands such as lower than atlantis and don broco this is because these bands are similar to the sort of music your last chance has and we share the same type of band branding this is good because if we can identify the genre then we can have gigs with better known bands then we will be able to entice their audience and grow our fan base from sharing fans with similar bands but on the other hand being similar to other bands makes you less original making you just one band out of many where as if you had your individual spin on the style you can still be classed in the genre but you would also be able to have your bands style and individuality making audiences think i haven't heard anything like this so this could be the only place to find it i think ill keep listening to this band.
My target market would also be likely to wear clothing brand that may be lesser known and almost hipster/skater style clothing would likely have tattoos or/and piercings as this is the style of clothing worn by the band and the audience members might relate to this and make them want to listen to my band because of this this is good because it will give us another way that we will be able to relate to our fans bringing us closer and this could be useful as they would feel like more than fans making them more interested in coming to our gigs and buying our merchandise but on the other hand doing this could inspire people to become musicians which is could but would be bad because our band could end up with more competitions for gigs leaving us with less gigs but on the other hand it would be good as we would be able to get more support acts.
My target market would also be based in the south around the areal of beds, hearts, bucks and london because that is the area that our band is based thin that area so we wouldn't want to go in to areas where were not going ti=o pull a crowd so because our market is this area if we put shows on in this area we are likely to have a reliable audience this is good because it is close to all the band members so we would be able to draw in not only members of the general public but we could also pull in people either we know or used to know that can then share the band with their friends but on the other hand doing this you may only draw in people that have seen your band so this wouldn't be helping you get any new fans.
Unique selling points
The fact that my band has two female members is a unique selling point as most musicians in the same genre as us are male so having a female vocalist bassist and guitarist could help us to draw in more female and male fans, this is a good thing because we could be seen as special and different and because its not the norm that could make the audiences more intrigued to listen to us go to our gigs and buy our merch but on the other hand some people don't have good opinions on female musicians and our band may be judged because of this without people seeing the band before deciding on an opinion but on the other hand this doesn't happen as often as it used to and we could get past that and prove that the stereotype doesn't apply to us.
Another selling point is that we wright our own songs because some artists currently in the chart don't write their own songs so this gives us an upper hand on these artists as it shows we put work into our songs and craft them to make them commercially viable but still have that flair that makes them unique and different this is a good thing because if our songs are different that could interest people into listening to us more because people like the idea of different sounds as it makes us open to new unusual sounds, and that combined with writing catchy songs that stick in your head gives the songs the best of both because they and individual without being forgettable but on the other had with writing your own songs if you have writers block it can be hard to wite new songs and if you don't write your own songs you can just buy a song from someone rather than spend a lot of time writing one.
Another would be the how down to earth the band is and continuing that with the fan base growing larger this means that we connect with our fans making them feel welcome and excepted within the band family as they know how important every single fan is to us this is a good thing because if the fans are feeling welcome by us they will be more open to "hanging out with us" at our gigs and buying merch this makes them feel more like friends which is good because it will bring them closer to the band so they will recommend the band to their friends on the other hand making fans feel this close has a down side because if the fans increase and it gets harder to keep track with everyone and some may stop liking the band because they start to feel isolated and not a part of the band family.
Reverb Nation
You Tube
On the Twitter we used the same photo used on the Facebook page with all the fan photos again this is helping to gain a wider fan base and the fans that like the Facebook may now like the twitter account because of this, the higher the following we have on twitter the better chances our band has of getting future gigs and getting a good attendance to these gigs this is because if we have a better following we can produce this to the venues and they will be more inclined to give us gigs because a high number of followers shows that we will be able to bring in a big audience in turn giving us more gigs and and more fans which will keep going, on the other hand if we don't keep up to date with posts on twitter people are less likely to follow us or keep following us because it is unnecessary but if we keep up to date the following should rise.
Twitter is good network to have as it is one of the most popular social networks and it features a lot of musicians it is a good way for us to get our gig dates, merchandise, generally what the band is getting up to and what were going to be doing across to fans. it is also good because people can re-tweet post this can help reach a wider audience as you will be accessing other peoples followers and marketing to then too also hashtags are used with popular words so if you can get the band name trending more people will see it and it could gain more followers.
Twitter is not so good because with lots of followers its hard to keep up with all of them and direct messaging to the user is harder and more complex than it is on Facebook this could leave you with less access to fans and this is the main reason for having social networking sites also its not always easy to find bands on twitter that are lesser known unless you know the name.
Offline Press Pack
Reverb nation is another site to help get your message across to fans and what is good about this site is that it is specifically designed for bands musicians artists and fans so with this site it is easy to tell what people on the site are looking for as they are all looking to find or keep up with bands they like, with reverb nation we have also liked certain groups and people that hold contests where you have the opportunity to gather more fans that like the same genre as your band and the opportunity to win gigs and opportunity's to record in recording studios, also in reverb nation you are placed in a chart due to your popularity and if you can get to the top of your chart you have the chance of getting new fans by people looking whose in the top of the charts and listening to your music but with this you will still need to entice people to listen to you and you have to do this with a amazing logo that is memorable and a name that is easy to remember also helps that is one of the reasons that i picked the name of this band from some lyrics from a popular band as other people might recognize this and they will be able to then remember the name and get the general idea of what the band sounds like from who we are getting the lyrics from as we are comparing ourselves to them.
Reverb nation is good as it is an easy way to connect with people you know are willing to become fans of your band and this is good because you are not wasting time trying to get people to like your band who just aren't interested in doing so, also for the opportunity's that it provides these are good as they will make your band stronger by having things better than other bands around the same stage as you, another reason for it being good is the fact that you could find bands like you easily to help get support acts for future gigs this is good as this will make your contact list grow larger for people you could help your band along its way to get bigger/more popular.
Reverb nation is not good because its not as well know as Facebook and Twitter because most of the people that know about this are band members this means you could still get fans but you wont be getting many fans from the general public and the people in the bands may not want to like you because you are the competition.
This is the EPK (electronic press kit) i created to promote not only my band but the EP release, this is mostly aimed at venues and promoters looking for bands to play but it is also aimed at fans that want a little extra from the band and perhaps a short video that you can show to their friend to show of the band quite quickly especially if the band doesn't have a music video.
It is good to have an EPK as it very quickly shows of who you are, what your about, what genre you are, what you sound like, weather people like you, what people have said about you and it can also sometimes show your band personalities. also EPKs are good as if a venue is thinking of booking you or you want to play at a venue, or get a promoter to book you, you can easily email them a link to the video and they can watch it which is easier that sending various documents because this is just one thing that takes a minute of their time and gets the point across fast, then if the venue/promoter want more information you can send them an offline press kit but the main reason this is so good because is that is very short and just gives people a taster intriguing them and that is good because they will want to know more and could look up your band and like you.
It is bad to have an EPK because if they are not made right you could be putting people off listening to your band as you are giving them the wrong impression, especially as an EPK is short you need to get all of your point across cause leaving part out wont provide the venue/promoter/fan with all the information and you could lose fans and gigs because venues/promoters/fans thin your something your not. It could also be bad having an EPK because again if they are not made well you can give of the look that your band is unprofessional and are unsure of how to present yourself and this could put people of because they could take the impression that you are open to changing a lot and you might change to something they don't like or that doesn't suit them but on the other hand people could just think that your are starting out and are on a low budget.
I decided to use my personal account for the band because when you have no subscribers to an account its hard to get your video views and my account currently has 25 Subscribers and this means that i can show the videos off to my subscribers and they can then share it with theirs getting more views than videos would have otherwise gotten. You Tube is one of the best free videos sites if not the best, anyone can make an account and post videos which means you get a real variety of videos on there you can also get straight to your audience by categories but it is not as precise as Reverbe Nation is with selecting your target audience, its not just unknown bands on You Tube as well almost every band has a You Tube channel.
You Tube is good because you can sum up the clips you post in a few words to entice new people and if you get enough views you can become a You Tube partner and this is good because you can then get paid to make videos and you tube will advertise you better putting you in the features in the home page this in turn will entice people visiting the site and result in you getting more views subscribers and fans. You Tube is also good as it is another way to connect to fans as they can post on the videos and you would be able to accept feedback on the videos making your future videos better and more aimed at your target audience from what they have said you would know exactly what they want. You Tube is also good because you are able to sell your product to a wider range of people this is good because some people that aren't in your target market might like your band and with this you are covering those unpredictable select few.
You Tube is bad because it is populated by a lot of trolls ( people who leave negative comments to gauge a response and start an argument this can be bad because people might be less likely to watch your videos as they attract trolls ( but it could go totally in the other direction and get you more views ) trolls can also leave you feeling upset and less likely to post more videos so you have fight trough that but it can be hard for some to handle. You Tube is also bad because you cant always direct your videos to the correct target audience because it has a broader range of categories and this is bad because you could be wasting time advertising to people un-interested this could lead them to dislike the video giving you an over all worse rating on the videos but if you place the wright tags to your video and don't false advertise you shouldn't have that happen a lot.
Whats good about my EPK is that you can tell it was made on a low budget but still has professionalism to it this is because of the lower quality video clips but the higher quality photos and effects within the video this is good because it shows that were only starting out as a band, giving the impression that we ave better things to come, and the fact that here are high quality aspects show that we are progressing and that we are willing to put in the time and effort to be professional .
Whats bad about my EPK is that i don't have as much information as other EPKs have this is because my video is so short, i wanted to pull more focus to the videos and the photos as we are a new band and there weren't many quotes that i could use, this means that people may not be as intrigued from the lack of information and could think of it as less professional but i feel i have enough information to get the style of the band across and it should intrigue people to find out more about the band as they don't know enough
Next time i produce and EPK or if I improve this one I would make the video longer because i could then fit in more written information about the band i would also think about putting audio interview clips in there, but because of the length i wanted to get in as much of the song as possible, I think this would help as people would have enough information to like the band but not enough to not keep looking us up and this is good as this will help me to get more contacts/gigs and will help me get more views,likes ect. online to help increase the popularity of the band.
This is the logo that i decided to choose for my band i filtered through a lot of different logos before i landed on this one as i wanted to look for one that was complex enough to grab peoples attention but still easy enough to read in a hurry, i also wanted to have a logo that looked professional so that people would take the band seriously and one that would be able to compete in the market (genre) my band is in.
My logo is good because it is very similar to other band logos in the same genre as me but still stands out, plus its not so similar as to confuse it with another bands i think this is good because differentiation between bands is important but having a logo that doesn't fit in the genre puts the wrong message across for the band so finding that logo that fitted in the middle was good to help get my bands message across strong and quick. My logo is also good because it looks professional, and having a professional logo is good because this is the thing that represents your band to all potential fans and if it doesn't grab their attention or they don't like it it will make them less likely to like the band because they will assume its not their sort of music (when it could be)
My logo is bad because although if its my genre it fits a wide genre of rock and metal so some people that like the logo still might not like the band as they are not into the sub genre alt rock this is bad because this is then attracting a whole group of people where only small few like the band but on the other hand people might not usually like alt rock but might still like this band after listening to us because the logo fitted them. Also the logo takes a longer time to read than it would if it were just a symbol or two letters and this is bad because it makes it less memorable if people were to glance at it because they might not see the whole thing.
Next time if i improve my logo i would think about making a more sub genre specific logo because i would then be just focusing on people that probably will like my band rather than people who maybe will. also i would think about having the logo just feature the initials (YLC) or using a symbol as this is easier to read and for the brain to process and momorise in a short period of time.
These are a few photos of the band in action that would be provided in my offline press pack i chose these because the motion in the photos suggest that we as a band provide stage presence and that is good because it shows that we aren't a dull band to watch .
Whats good about these photos is the fact that they aren't bad quality and you can clearly see the band in them so venues and promoters could see exactly what they are booking and that is good because there wont be any confusion when hiring the band they can see that they are getting from the photo, also the stage set up is the same in all photos so this is good because it shows the promoter /venue what sort of places well be in and this can aid as a stage plan.
Whats bad about the photos is that we don't have any still shots they are all live and think can be bad because if the promoter/venue was to make a poster still shots are easier to put on a poster because you can easily see all the members of the band and their faces using a photo like this can make it unclear as to exactly what the band looks like
Next time i take photos or ask someone to take photos i will be looking to get still shots of the band either before of after the performance or even better would be to hold a photo shoot to get some professional looking still band shots. also next time i will use a variation of both still and action shots to show we have stage presence but the still shots can show of the different band personalitys.
Your last chance is 5 piece band from Bucks whom 4 out of the 5 have performed at Londons Hyde Park. Inspired by Lower Than Atlantis and The Killers we present out own style of alt rock, mixed with catchy yet individually unique songs.
This is our bands Bio it explains who we are and something that we have done very fast and precise it isn't diluted with adverbs to make it simple and easy to read.
My bio is good because it gets straight to the point no beating around the bush it shows who's in the band what we sound like the fact that we a different and unique and that we have played at big events and this is good because people can always be bothered to read massive paragraphs and this provide everything that is needed to know in a few sentences. whats also good about the bio is the mentioning of playing at such a massive venue (Hyde Park) because it gives the idea that we are a well experience professional band and that's good because promoters and venues prefer to work with bands that know what they are doing, and this shows that.
My Bio is bad because there is very little information about our past although it is straight to the point and gets the more important information across people may still want to know that bit more about the band and what other venues they have played in and this is bad because you may only be mentioning your one successful gig, but the thing with that is if you start listing it becomes too long and people become disinterested. The other thing is that it doesn't stand out its rather bland and non descriptive and this is bad because with a bio you want to interest people so they look up, like , or hire your band.
Next time i write a band bio or if i ad more to this one i will think about adding more substance to it so that people get a better idea of the many things we have done and i will think about adding in more description to make readers more interested in the bio and become more invested in the band this will be good because it will be able to stand on its own two feet and show of the band and all the amazing things that they have done but on the other hand it may become longer and things may get repeated leaving me with a bio that waffles on about non interesting non important facts.
My event went well because it was at the white swan in Aylesbury, a pub in the town center with a fair amount of footfall, we had and audience that deliberately came to see us of around 45 which in my opinion isn't bad for a bands fist gig it helped us get several likes on Facebook this is good because the more people that like your page the more we can share with them it will be easier to contact them about future performances or events for instance when ours EP or singles will be released we can share our music videos with them and tag them in photos and that's good because e are then reaching a wider market. the gig also had several people who were interested in getting/pre-ordering the bands EP (as the release date was set back) our first single, Shotgun diplomacy, was released and heard for the first time at the event and people seemed to respond well to the song as it was catchy this is good because i feel that it stuck in peoples heads and this will make them more inclined to by the single or to buy the whole EP. We also had the surprise guest of Left Bare play who currently have a small following which is good as it brought in a wider audience for us to perform to gaining your last chance more fans from a similar band that already has a few fans, its also good because people enjoy watching Left Bare play so i feel like the audience had enjoyed seeing the bands they came to see the bands they didn't and the surprise of the band they didn't even know was playing. Another thing that made my event good is the fact that not all the people that were there were the people that said they would attend on the Facebook event which shows that people had seen my other marketing techniques like using the tagged photos and posters in specific areas. Toward the end of the gig when people were looser and more relaxed they really started getting into the performance and the performers participating in banter on stage and dancing/moshing to most if not all of the last 2 sets of bands this is good because it showed me that people were having a good time and enjoying the gig this is not only for my benefit because the venue manager could see that people were having a great time and this is good as this means see will be more likely to book us for gigs in the future as this proves that we will be able to bring in a large crowd of people and that these people will enjoy themselves and when this happens they will be more frivolous with there spending buying more drinks from the bar bringing in a bigger profit for the owner because of our band, also if people are getting more free with there spending they were more interested in buying merchandise from us but unfortunately because we didn't have any prepared for the event we couldn't sell any put people were interested in pre ordering the EP and there are a few people that i am keeping up to date with how its going and are going to buy it when it comes out.
There were a couple of things that went badly with my event because it didn't run as smoothly as it could have, on the poster it said the gig would be starting at 7:30 but unfortunately we were unable to find out when the sound engineer would be arriving and he didn't turn up to around half 7 so we weren't able to start when predicted leading up to over run slightly but because its a late venue we were able to run over as the venue is aloud music till 12, but this also turned out to help us as the later it got the more foot fall the venue got so it wasn't so bad after all, but again it was still bad because although not many people were there on time but the people that were had to wait around for the sound check to happen before the first band and this is bad because the people that were there could think of your band as unreliable or think of me as a promoter and organizer as unreliable and share this opinion with people they know but fortunately we weren't running too late and they understood that things go wrong and you run late so i don't think it will effect my reputation as i apologized to the people and they understood and didn't mind. another thing that didn't go to plan was Dan Gers set as he was not prepared with an acoustic set he used his college band agitate and it was heavier that our set if id have know i would have switched the sets round to put them on last but i didn't know until it was too late so i couldn't amend it which meant the band going after them had to work hard to sound heavier and perform better than agitate to make them the show stopping band which was hard at the last minute but i think it did work out quite well because your last chance and left bare managed to pull it of and perform to a high standard and keep the audience interested, also the last band left bare got an encore that shows that the audience must have still been interested in the gig as they wouldn't have want ed to hear more. Yet another thing that was bad about the event was the length of your last chances set because they didn't have enough songs to fill the allotted time i got left bare to have a longer set then i thought about the fact they are almost the same band and thought id combine the two sets together so it was almost like "your last left bare" but that then meant that the gig wasn't lasting as long as it could have which is bad as it could have left the people at the gig wanting more but on the other hand that could be good because this could leave them wanting more so that they will come and see us again at a future gig or they could buy/pre-order our EP to hear us more or look us up on you tube or Facebook, which was how it turned out we did get several you tube views the next day and several likes on Facebook.
There are a few things i will remember to do next time to make my sure events run quicker and more smoothly if things were to go wrong and needed to be changed or fixed. for instance next time i hold an event i will still have a space at the end of the gig in case things go wrong and to help this i will have to gig schedules a second encase were late, i will also check before the event that the sound engineer will be there in time for the sound check so that the possibility of theme not being there is a little less. Another thing i will to to improve for next time is that i will make sure that i have merchandise ready to sell to people wanting to buy it because this time i missed out on an opportunity to make money and i don't want to make the same mistake twice as i could have sold a fair amount and because of this iv missed s big opportunity. Next gig i will improve my planning skills to make sure the acts are doing what they are doing by keeping in contact with them the days before and checking they are still prepared for the gig, that they are doing what they said they will be doing and that they will be there on time because if i do this i could prevent line up accidents and change the line up to make it flow better i could also check that they are ready and if they aren't i will have enough time to find back up bands to fill in the gaps that could be made in the line up, i could also think about not booking unreliable bands because if a band is unreliable you could be the one that ends up with a raw deal and having gaps in your line up so by not booking them you can take initial steps to prevent these things from happening. Another thing that i will do for next time to make the gig better and more professional is i will book well know bands along with unknown bands as this will help draw in new fans for the unknown bands and as a promoter i will be providing new bands for my audience to listen to and to like
Over all i thing the gig went well but i think there are a lot of things i have learnt from the experience that i can use to make my future gigs more successful and help me to climb the ladder in the felt of gig organization and promotion giving me a better reputation for myself and for the bands that play.
Review of marketing campaign
There were a lot of good things about my marketing campaign, for one i managed to draw in lots of people because of the posters i place around bucks managed to pull in people because it stood out and that attracted peoples attention because of the face that it described the event in brief detail people could read and process it quickly without having to spend a lot of time thinking about it. The theme of space for the EP work extra well for the date of of the gig as it was star wars day so that gave another level to the gig and i could play on this space theme and decided to put a twist on it making it different but this worked because it was un-usual and unique it also made it more than just a gig it became more of an event to celebrate star wars day which i spoke to some of the audience about and they appreciated that fact. My marketing campaign was also good because my EPK was not too long because when your finding out about a band and arent already interested in them its hard to watch a long video about them so with a short precise one it gets straight to the point so people aren't wasting their time which is good as it makes people want to watch it more as if they don't like it they don't think they will be wasting as much time and with it being short they can watch all of it instead of skipping through it or cutting of the end and that is good because they wont be missing any think important they otherwise might miss.
There were a few things that didn't work out so well in my marketing campaign, one of them begin that my music video didn't have as many band shots as i would have liked and that the video quality isn't at the most professional standard this is bad because it makes the band seem unprofessional and doesn't sell the band as best as it could to the people watching and if it was better it could have marketed us a lot better, also the fact that i couldn't release it before the gig didn't market the event well because it wasn't made in time to show of the event and promote it. Another thing that didn't work out to well with my marketing campaign is that wasn't really able to promote much using Twitter and Reverb Nation because not as many people have used those sites to look up the band and this is bad because i have missed out on promoting the gig to the people that use these sites as i cannot get enough promotion within these sites. Another thing that wasn't the good for the campaign was that my EPK didn't have as many quotes that i could use to help talk the band up, to make people want to come to the gig or look up the band even more and listen to us and this is bad because, if i had more quotes to put into my EPK it would have shown people that we were good and popular and if this was done more people would become invested in the band, would have attended the event, and would have more pre orders for the EP
Next marketing campaign I do I will, use higher quality videos in my promotional material because the higher the quality the more professional you look the more people will want to see and will look at the videos multiple times, and if people did this the more the promotional material would get stuck in there heads, and they would want to know more about the band come to the gig and buy merchandise. Another thing i will do is I will send my ep to papers, magazines and other artists/bands to gather reviews on the EP and the best quotes i use for my EPK because if i can get quotes it can almost put words into the watchers mouth for example if the lead singer from Lower Than Atlantis said they were awesome they must be awesome because he is awesome ect. so using quotes from well known sources could really help to give people a good view/opinion on the band. another thing i would like to do differently next time is that i would like to have more time to let my marketing campaign and possibly have some short clips of things that will intrigue people into looking at my videos and my band page and the event, by possibly using clips that make no sense followed with the statement all will be explained and a date, then on the date before mentioned a little more is given away the fact that its a show and then some quotes to draw people in, then the date of the event this is good and will work well because when people are interested in something they will search it up and people by nature are curious and will tend to be intrigued by this sort of thing and almost feel compelled to look up and go to the event.
Instead of doing just one design for both my poster and my flyer as my items of publicity for the event i chose to stay with the same theme but go with a different design, my poster has a space shuttle image with the a list of all the bands on, the place, the date, the time, the cost and what style of music is being played because they are all new bands people need to have some idea of what it will sound like or they wont go. The flyer still has the space shuttle image but not as a background image it stands out it and it still states the name of the headline act the date, the time and the place but has a perforated section on the lower half of the flyer that can be easily torn off filled in and handed in at the gig to join the bands mailing list. I will put posters around Aylesbury, Wendover, High Wycombe and Amersham to attract and audience that isnt so far that they wont be able to make the event i will also put them in areas where my target market will be able to see them like colleges, music shops, 6th form schools, skate parks and pubs. I will be handing out flyers at the weekends and also on the night of the event in the venue for people to fill in and in the town center to attract last minuet audience members .
My poster and flyer are good because they can both be kept as souvenirs of the event and could even be classed as collectors items and although you have to tare a section of the flyer of to hand in you still have the top half intact because of the perforated edge and this is good because the audience will then be able to take this home with them and it will help them to remember the gig and will be more likely to look up the band because of the souvenir and if they look us up they will more than likely like the Facebook page and then we would be able to tell them about future gigs and merchandise. I think its good that i had 2 designs for the poster and flyer because instead of people wanting the poster or the flyer to take home (because they would be the same just different sizes) they will want to be able to get their hand on both items of publicity and might even go to the length of buying it for a low price to collect it and this would be good for me as i would be making that little bit extra money in merchandise sales.
My poster and flyer are bad because the flyer is the item that most people will be able to get a copy of and it has a lot less information than the poster and this is bad because the less information on the flyer to remind them of the gig and what it was like they are more likely to forget what it was like and this is bad because they might not attend your future shows not because you were bad but because the flyer didn't remind them enough to look you up but on the other hand your performance and gig should be memorable enough on its own the flyer should only provide a gentle unnecessary reminder. The poster isn't the best it could be because the font can be a bit hard to read when being read quickly and this can be bad because if people are in a rush if they just glace at the poster they might not pull enough information from it to still attend.
Next time i make a poster and flyer i will make sure that i use a clear, easy to read font so that if it is being read quickly it will get the point across quicker and people in a rush wont miss out vital points of information for them to go to the event. I will also fill my flyer with more information about the gig so that it gives people ore than enough knowledge of the event to decide weather they would like to go such as what bands the bands performing sound like.
May 4th-7:30pm
White Swan
This is my EP case first are the pages in a publisher document then is the inside page then is the back cover and then the front. My EP case has the theme of space and this works well because all the songs are based around being isolated the EP is called Isolation and space is one of the most isolating places there is, also decided to use the space theme for my EP because it is a different subject matter and i think space and the annotations of that are becoming more interesting to the younger generations and my target market thanks to the lynx marketing campaign of the lynx space academy and the cover of a David Bowie where the music video was shot in space.
I think My EP case is good because the theme engages with what is popular at this moment in time and what will come to be more popular quite soon and i think is is good to tap into this at the moment small opportunity to hop on board before lots of people do and it becomes over crowded and looses its popularity because then you would also get "hipsters" or "music snobs" knowing about your band because of the theme and they will be like check out this band there so underground they know what there doing. my EP is also good because of the use of the image containing lots of people/fans and this is good because they will want to have a copy of the EP because they are featured on that and this makes the EP more wanted by those individuals and there family and friends this in turn increases your band popularity and EP sales.
I think my EP is bad because some fans may feel left out from not being featured on the album and this could e bad because they might be annoyed and this may prevent them from buying your merchandise and going to your gigs this might also lead to them illegally downloading your songs and this is bad as it wont be helping you grow as a band and you wont be able to get realistic numbers of how many people are listening to your band. This EP is also bad because costs roughly 3 pound to make a copy and people usually only want to pay around a pound for each song so they may be less willing to buy it for any more than 3 pond and this is bad as you would then be losing out on money by selling the EP.
Next time i make an EP or before i release this one or if i re-release this one i will make a few changes to it first, i will think about expanding the number of people featured on the cover and i will also think about making an opportunity for people to get on the CD at an event doing this would also help draw people into that event because then no one will feel left out because every one had a chance to be on the case. Next time i will put more that 3 song on the EP as this is not enough for people to spend over 3 pound on (unless you are an exceptional/well known band) doing this will also help because people will feel as if they are getting more for their money, i was going to put more song on this EP they are written there just wasn't enough time to get them done before the pre order event.
-The promoter is the person that creates the buzz around an event and puts themselves on the line to make it work, this means they are the ones to bring people into the event they create the audience, without promotion you don't have and audience, they also make sure everything is arranged for the night of the event in advance, because with this done the event will run smoothly and every one should know what they are doing and when they will be doing it. in some cases the promoter is also the person that books the bands and if they aren't they will suggest bands to book as support because the promoters are the people who know what bands are popular and what bands will be able to pull in a big crowd. It is good to have a promoter and having one will bring success to your gig because they will create a bigger audience by getting buzz around your event making it the talk of the town with promotional items and they show of the event to be good and this is good because the more people hear about your event the higher the attendance you will have at your gig. The bad thing about having a promoter is that they can cost a lot of money to hire and if you have enough time to organize the event and promote it it can be easier to self promote like drive fire and alternator gigs do. Sometimes the promoter will book the bands as well this is good as they know music and what people will come and see making the event more successful.
Stage Manager
- the stage manager the person that is in control of the stage they make are the people who tell others where they need to be on stage then they need to be on stage, for how long and they make sure the right things and people are on stage or ready to go when they need to be. It is good to have a stage manager as it will make your stage area more organized things will be in the right place and this in turn with make band change overs happen faster and this is good because if you have a good stage manager you will be able to have more bands performing because of the quick changeover times. It could be bad to have a stage manager because if they are inexperienced in managing the stage it can be hard to handle as it a very stressful fast pace job and if that happened the change over times might be more shambolic that it would have been without a stage manager and this is bad because you have then made your gig over run and wasted money booking a stage manager.
Event Manager
- An events manager is the person that manages the event this means they bring in the bands to play or they hire the promoter to bring in the bands (and usually to promote the event too) along with hireing all the other staff necessary sometimes promoter hire people to help them and are paid by the promoter, the event manager is the person that is allowing the event the head of the operation as they created the event for the promoter to promote the stewards to steward ect. It is good to have an events manager because you need the event and if you create and event so its almost impossible to not have one but if you hire one it could also be good because they could book the bands instead of the promoters and this could take some of the stress of of the promoters. It could be bad to hire a event manager to book the bands because they probably aren't as experienced with what bands sound good as most promoters are and this is bad because they might end up booking bad bands making your event not as good and less popular.
- these are the people that maintain order with the general public they are the people that every one attending has a ticket and they are kept safe at all times and if someone is in danger they will defuse the situation and can ask people to leave usually having a zero tolerance to violence people who haven't paid to get in. It is good to have stewards at your gig because the people attending your gig will be kept a lot safer and this in turn will make people want to go to your gigs as they will feel safe there. It can be bad to have stewards at your gig because they can be heavy handed and that can be bad because with some people it makes them feel uncomfortable and they might not attend your gig but on the other hand this can be good as they wont be tempted to do anything dodgy.
Lighting Engineer
- the lighting engineer is the person that operates the light at the live shows they have natural rhythm and are able to sync the lights with the beads in the music to ad to the music experience and to extenuate the beat. It is good to have a lighting engineer because they will ad to the experience the people attending a gig have making it overall more eye catching and enjoyable. It could be bad to have a lighting engineer because if you are outside during the day or are in a light room that cannot be amended it can be hard to notice the lights and this is bad because it then makes the light engineers job unnecessary and you will have wasted money booking them.
Sound Engineer
- the sound engineer is the person that manages the sound desk at your gig they have to have a general knowlade of music technology and especially know how sound desks operate they have to be able to be confident in what they are doing and able to give clear and precise instructions to the rigging crew and the sound tecs. It is good to have a sound engineer because they know how to make the bands you have performing sound good and professional and this is good as people will enjoy the music more and want to attend your future gigs. It could be bad to have a sound engineer because if they aren't experience and don't know how to use a sound desk you could end up with a really band mix for your gig and this is bad because if there are obvious flaws with the sound people will pick up on this and not want to continue listening and this could make them leave the event early and not come to future ones be cause of bad sound.
Promoters Assistant
- these are the people that help the promoter with the promotion of an event and they are usually hired by the promoter.They assist which promoting tasks like printing an distributing flyers to the street team they also help out with the organization of the event including helping to create a schedule of the event some times they even input into the band that perform at the event as long as they can explain why the band is good and why they should play and if they will be able to bring in a crowd. it is good to have a promoters assistant because promoting a gig can be a lot of work and the if the promoter had help it could in turn make your event better as the promoter can focus on the more important things about the event. It can be bad to have a promoters assistant because there quality of work might not be as good as if you were to hire two promoters because they are an assistant for a reason because they are not as good and wont have a high quality like the promoter will.
Rigging Crew
- the rigging crew is a team of people set up and pack down every thing at the gig the sound equipment the lighting equipment and if the stage is removable the stage too, they take there instructions from the sound engineer, the lighting engineer and the stage manager. It is good to have a Rigging Crew as it will make your set up and pack down time a lot quicker which is good because you will ten be able to put more bands in your line up as it takes less time setting up and packing down. It could be Bad to have a rigging crew because with the right instructions most people could set up and pack down so if you have people working for you that are willing to do this and are reliable as well as good at following instructions it could be better to ask them to do this for you as it could save you money
Pit Crew
- the pit crew are a group of people at the gig who are there to encourage members of the audience to feel welcome at the event and make them feel free to join in, they have to be confident to join in them selves but other than that anyone could be a member of the pit crew. It is good to have a pit crew because without them people might not participate in the activities or want to dance/mosh but are too shy and worried they will end up doing it on there own where as if the pic crews there these people will feel as if the can relax because the pit crew will already be doing so.
Street team
- this is a team of people that distribute posters and flyers around the local area and in suitable places they also have the job of spreading the word about the up coming event you are holding, they are outgoing and approachable and usually attend events in search of places to spread the work about the event they are promoting for you. It is good to have a street team for your event because your promoter otherwise might not be able to get the work out as well as could have been done with a street team basically they will bring in even more audience for your event. It could be bad to have a street team because if you have people willing to help you hand out flyers and know good places to place them to attract the right audience you could do this yourself and hieing a street team night waist you money if they aren't good at knowing places to put the posters.
Graphic designer and artist
- this is the person that will create all of your posters flyers logos banners anything involving artistic flair and need of intense design and development, they have to work fast to get things mad in time to promote the show well before it is being held they should also be good at drawing using Photoshop and interpreting ideas from promoters and making them into artwork. it is good to have a graphic designer/artist because they will be able to produce promotional material tat looks professional and can attract people attention this is good as this will make them more inclined to attend your event. It could be a bad idea to hire them if it is just your friend that is good at drawing at they might be unreliable and not have the work done in time, also they might end up putting the wrong message across for your event
Photographer and Filmographer
- The filmographer shoots and edits the promotional live videos at the event there needs to be more than one to get a decent amount of angles they need to have access to editing software and be able to use it they will also be able to attend the event you hold. The photographer does the same as the filmographer but instead of videos takes photos except the photos will need to be watermarked usually by the photographers logo or the promoters logo, both filmographer and photographer need to work fast to have the material ready to give to the promoter before future events usually within a few weeks for videos and a week for photos. It is good to have a photographer and filmographer because you will have plenty of professional grade material for future promotions and this is goods because if you have professional material you will seem a more serous promoter. It can be bad to get a photographer or filmographer because some charge a lot for their services and you could find people just as good studying the subject at college who would be willing to do this for free if you asked nicely so if your not careful you would end up wasting money.
Volunteer coordinator
- this is the person that books the staff needed at the event, so this person needs to know exactly who to book for the event and confirm with these people the times they need to be there and the what responsibility they have. It is good to hire volunteer coordinator because the people that are working for you at your gig will know what they are doing and when so you wont be left with people wondering round unsure of what to do, so your work team will be more efficient. it could be bad to hire a volunteer coordinator because it would not take to long to contact the people working at your event to firstly ask them to work then tell them when they need to be there and what they will be doing so its not worth paying someone to do this for you if you only have a few people working at your event.
Market Researcher
- the market researcher gathers research from people online and from people at the event they gather the data from the audience members and analyze it ready to the promoter, this is a job that has to be done by a confident and approachable person as people need to feel relaxed enough to talk to this person naturally y about how they think the event is going. it is good to have a market researcher because with the information that they gather you will be able to improve your future events making you better at knowing what the audience wants to see. it could be bad to hire a market researcher because although they might be friendly they might end up pestering people with questions and this could lead to people not wanting to go to your event because they feel if they go they will just be bothered by members of staff.
Sound technician

- this is the person that is their right hand man to the sound engineer and mostly help with the on stage technical requirements, they should have knowledge of music technology, at least enough to help the sound engineer efficiently. It is good to have a sound technician because the sound engineer wont have as much of a large work load and they will be able to fix problems that could occur faster that if it were just a sound engineer. It can be bad to hire a sound technician if they don't listen to what the sound engineer says because it could result in a bad technical malfunction that would end up setting your show back and that is bad because the audience members and bands could be waiting around for a long time for the problem to get solved and this could lead to people not wanting to go to your events or perform at them.
Journalist/Promotional writer

- This is the person that writes the reviews for your event or of the bands at your event, they can also produce the writing for your website and Facebook and even your promotional material, they need to have grammatical skill as well as needing to write creatively to capture the readers imagination. It is a good idea to hire a journalist/promotional writer because you will then have a skilled writer within the press to big you up to other formats of media and this is good as you would be getting extra promotion, this is good as it could result in more people coming to your gig. It could be a bad idea to hire a journalist/promotional writer because if they do not enjoy the event they might be likely to bad mouth you within the press giving you a bad reputation and this would end badly because less people would come to your gig because of what they heard.
Online marketing assistant

- The online marketing assistant is the person that represents your event online along with you they create awareness of shows via social networking sites and brand your event, they need to have lots of inventive original ideas for marketing and should have quite a good internet presence. it is good to get an online marketing assistant because if they are popular within the web or know people that are they can get your event well known fast and this is good because more people will know about it and raises the possibility of them attending. It could be a bad idea to hire an online marketing assistant because without the contacts they have you could easily do what they do for free so you could just be playing for the contacts and if you spent that bit more time online you could make your own contacts for free so you could end up wasting money.

can effect how successful a show will be because if the venue only has a small capacity you would only be able to have so many people attend your event. This is good because you can put a spin on the maximum capacity by saying limited attendance which gives the idea that it is a exclusive event that only has a short number of tickets this is good as this will make people feel special if they can attend such an special almost VIP event. On the other hand limited capacity can be bad because of the obvious fact that you might have to limit the amount of people in your audience which is bad because you might not be able to market your band product and merchandise as much as you could have with a wider audience.

can effect the success because if your venue is located in the middle of the country side it will be harder for people to attend your event because it is so far away from everything they would either need to be able to drive to the event or get a lift there making it not as accessible as other locations, because if your venue is in a busy town center you will end up where people can reach your event much more easily. I think it is good to have your location being a busy city/town center because you would be bale to market it easily bu posters around the area and you could also be provided with that extra bit o f foot fall from people wandering around the center hearing the music and looking inside, this is good because you will get higher numbers of people at your gig due to the location of the venue. It could be bad to chose a city/town center location because there will be other things happening that could attract the interest of people and make them want to rather go to those events rather than yours and this is bad because you will be losing audience members.

can help measure success by how well they performed, the bands at my gig will be performing with 110% to ensure they are giving there performance everything, this is good as this will ensure that people are enjoying the bands because they are seeing how much effort is being put into the performance and it shows by how good the bands sound. Also it can be measured by how may Facebook likes, Twitter followers and You Tube subscribers the band has the next day, this can show success because if the band likes, followers and subscribers should have increased from the day before the event. This is good because the better the band gets

the more they will want me to book them as well as how they will improve my reputation by me booking well known bands.

This can also be bad because bands might get big headed when they star to get bigger and if the band is then associated with me and my event i might get a bad reputation and people might not go to my future gigs because of this.

plays a big part in how well a event can go because what people think can influence weather people will come to my future gig or not, so at my gig i will be asking peoples opinion on how the performance went and the event in general. This is good as this will help me determine how i can improve on my events in future circumstances and that is good because i will have the information about events in terms of what attendees want to see and i can provide that then i will make my events more successful. It could be bad because people could feel as if they are being pestered while trying to relax and this is bad because gig are places to relax at and have a good time and if the audience isn't having a good time they might not come to future events, but i could improve the method by handing out sheets to fill in or go for a less informal chat at an after party to the attendees and the bands.

is possibly the most important factor within the success of an event because if the event is not promoted well it will not be successful. A good way to promote the event would be to place posters in strategic areas and use Facebook and other social networks to get important information across about the gig to a wide range of people. It is good to promote your gig because it is the best way to get people to attend your event and this is good because the more people that attend the event the better i will seem as drawing in a crowd ant this could help other bigger and better opportunity arise. It is bad to promote because if i spread my net to far with my promotion i could end up pulling in the wrong type of people band this could be really bad especially if you are in a small capacity venue because you could be filling the little space you have with people that have a high likelihood of not liking your band or event.
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