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Election of 1860

No description

April Fulstone

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Election of 1860

A free society cannot exist while some are enslaved
Slavery must not be allowed into new territories
Immigrants should be allowed citizenship
Abraham Lincoln: Republican
I am the Little Giant, serving Illinois faithfully in the Senate for the past 13 years!
I am responsible for the great Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Popular sovereignty is the fairest way to decide whether slavery shall exist in new territories
Stephen Douglas: Northern Democrat
I am your current vice-president! I know the executive branch well.
Slavery should rightfully expand to the western territories
I will respect states’ rights and end this conflict over slavery
John Breckinridge: Southern Democrat
I have been the Speaker of the House (1834-35), President Harrison’s Secretary of War (1841), and one of Tennessee’s senators since 1847.
Though I am a slave owner, I believe we should keep slavery out of the western territories.
Preserving the union and following the Constitution is our first priority.
John Bell: Constitutional Union Party
Social Studies 6C Mrs. Fulstone WMS
J. Bell
S. Douglas
J. Breckinridge
A. Lincoln
Election of 1860
Take notes in your SS notebook with heading:
1860 Election

Words To Know
= verb; to leave, break away
= noun; the act of breaking away
= noun; United States

Take short notes about each candidate on your Conflicts 1850-1860 note sheet!
It's 1860. Think about your antebellum perspective. As you read each candidate's statement, think about who you would trust as president of your country for the next 4 years. Consider the events that have happened since 1850!
Lincoln won with ONLY northern votes!
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