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Voutliers Revenue Model

No description

Chris Braxton

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of Voutliers Revenue Model

outliers Coroporation Trust in People Again By Sharing Unquiue Qualities of Yourslelf to Reliable Packs of Individuals Revenue Model ested Reveune via Application Revenue via Branding Revenue via Data Mining There are 311,749,735 Americans in the US today. 1.) 93% of all teens to adults ages 12-29 are online. 81% of adults from ages 30-49 and 70% of adults from ages 50-64 2.) 93% of young adults own a cell phone compared to 80% of their counterparts V 3.) We are seeing a stagering increase of people acessing the internet via handheld devices. 55% of all young adults from 18-29 and 35% of all adults over 18 yrs. old. 4.) Americans across the board are engaged on Social Media sites. -Individuals are charged $2.98 to invite new member to download and log onto the site. -This encourages members to make conscious decision before becoming vested with each new member. -It's also a new system for people to create credibility behind their network with finite resources. -Time spent on Mobile apps has surpassed web browing -29.4M estimated Android and iphone users at 0.01% market share in year one = 294,000 new users in year one. -294,000 new users in year one x $2.98 per download - the average cost of an application download per user... = $438,060 -Voutliers has created a unique way of embodying the branding experiecne to encourage user recognition enrichment -Every member will be aloted 9 easily identifiable branding branded logos of whom they feel a strong connection with. -Voutliers will allow merchants to participate and advertise their brand in a list of displayable logos for $1 per user per year paid on a monthly basis. -Brands will have stronger consumer loyalty and the content sharing amongst users will create new brand relationships -With 294,000 users, and the minimum of 9 merchant sponsored brands, Voutliers will revenue... = $2,646,000 - Merchants will have access to our backend system with relevent data anaylitics, consumer growth patterns and relationship consumer spending analytics for a set rate of $10,000 per year. -With our minimum of 9 merchant sponsord brands... = $90,000 = $3,174,060 Questions? Again
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