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Surviving Earth

No description

Natalie Warren

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Surviving Earth

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli a survival guide for galactic visitors Surviving Earth 101 Welcome Visitors! Welcome to Earth new comers, precisely Oakland, California, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe to be exact! If you are reading this manuscript then you are holding a guide that will no doubt save your life!
My name is Professor Widget, the year is 3013 and I am going to help you survive in my world.
On Earth you are considered something we call an "alien" as depicted to the right, unfortunately humans and robots alike both have an agenda to exterminate all life forms besides their own kind, that means you!
Within this survival guide you will learn valuable information on how to stay alive and avoid some deadly situations the humans and robots might place you in. If you follow my every word and never become too curious, you have nothing to fear!
Grab the survival pack next to this guide and
Let’s begin……. Where to start Take the hiking trail and travel to the Oakley Forest, a place where you can stay hidden for at least one night

You better start walking, grab the global positioning watch in the backpack and type Oakley Forest into the destination bar

Take caution, the people living beside this trail are scientists always lurking in the forest to find a new experiment to torture.

Stay low, you don’t want to be seen by anyone or anything Shelter You made it safely great!

Now find a tall tree with sturdy branches and climb up to the very top of the canopy

Once up there take the tree tent out and attach it to a branch
Now climb back down the tree (slowly) and find these supplies (knife, spear, lights, fire starters) in the survival pack

You can use these supplies when looking for food
How does the view look? Breathtaking right? A legend my grandmother once told me spoke of a time when there were no trees because the humans living here cut them all down.
And after the trees were gone the Earth began to heat up so much that the oceans rose and almost flooded the entire planet! Just in the nick of time Captain Seiko from the Forsaken Planet used magic to save Earth, and claimed himself as ruler over all.

Seiko was very closed minded and executed anyone with bloodless (fair) skin, leaving the people with dark skinned tones to inhabit the Earth under his rule. Food and Water Leave your tent and bring all supplies to the ground
Use the lights to guide you through the forest

Fruit: found in trees but watch out, many plants can come alive and eat you themselves! Avoid all pink plants, those are the most deadly!
Meat: We do not have large mammals on Earth any longer for after Seiko became ruler he decided to kill all animals who could potentially threaten his army of robots
You must eat the small insects and rodents on the forest floor for protein, these include; beetles, centipedes, chinchillas, and squirrels

You must skin the rodents and cook the meat by using a torch (found in the pack) cook each side for 10 minutes. The insects can be eaten for dessert, they are quite sweet!
Water to drink can be found in the pack as well Take Caution After eating climb back to your tree tent. Beware of creatures that come out at night, like the zombie hound- use the lights to frighten them away

Listen out for Human police hover cars who patrol the forest looking to imprison extraterrestrials -always cover your tracks and if they fly near the top of your tree use the bird call flute in your pack to throw them off!

Beware of Jezebel, the half human half cyborg leader of the robots. She despises travelers from other lands and you will be executed if captured. She stays near the heart of Oakland so avoid the center of the town at all costs!
Now go and sleep until the sun rises. Find the rebels Now head to the Oaklite rebel headquarters, beneath the city of Oakland (use the watch found in the pack to guide you to their base).

You must stay with the Oaklite rebels, a kind alliance of men who seek to help intergalactic travelers like yourself. They are attempting to overthrow Seiko and his female army and will provide a safe dwelling as long as you are with them. In the end it is up to you on whether you want to go back to your galaxy or continue to survive on Earth with the help of the Oaklite men.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you remain safe for the duration of your time here on Earth!
- Professor W. Zombie
Hound Commander Jezebel
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