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The Camera: Through the Ages

Different types of cameras.

Valeria Del

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of The Camera: Through the Ages

The Camera: Through the Ages The Digital Camera The Camera Phone -A.K.A "the pinhole camera"
- invented by Alhazen
-used for viewing solar eclipses
-artists were the first "users"
-became very popular during the 18th century
-the many generations of cameras
the camera obscura
digital cameras
camera phones Introduction The Camera Obscura The 35 mm Camera -A.K.A "Candid camera"
- Developed by Oskar Barnack of German Leica Camera-1913
-standard for all film cameras - created by Steven Sasson- 1975
-first camera- 3.6 kg & took 20s to capture picture
-Fuji first company to launch digital camera for the market in 1988 The Daguerreotype Camera -1837- Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (French artist and scenic painter)
-19th August, 1839, -meeting in Paris, the Daguerreotype Process was revealed to the world by the French Academy of Science -majority of mobile phones are camera phones
-patent dating as far as 1956
-many videophones and cameras have included communication capability
-1995- Apple Videophone experiment
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