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Aleesa Pretto

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Fashion in the early 80's
The 1980’s were a turning point in the fashion industry, as clothes became controversial, changing the history of fashion. From stylish and sophisticated shoulder padded pant suits to risky fishnet stockings, chains and mini skirts the 80’s had it all, making the decade an unforgettable era.
Women were encouraged to appropriate and adapt menswear
The classic leotard moved from the dance floor to the gym, accompanied by matching tights, legwarmers, and elastic headbands. Floral patterns, neon and pastel colors, puffy sleeves, shoulder pads, ripped sweatshirts, fanny packs, big earrings, lace and pearls, were all considered “hot commodities.”
Societal & kingdom Values

How can we relate fashion to our everyday values? Individualism, materialism, fame/ success, independence and equality are just few of the societal and kingdom values that we will be discussing throughout our entire presentation.

The idea that fashion could empower women to accomplish more in all of their changing roles stretches back to the 1920s

The 1970's then saw dramatic change for women when pants became the daily uniform of the generation of Charlie girls.
The climax was reached during the 1980s, with the rise and eventual world domination of the power suit. Brand names became increasingly important in this decade, making Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein household names.
The power suit had two matching pieces:
The first piece was a skirt or trouser
- Usually in a black, gray or navy colour
The second piece was an oversized jacket

-Paired with a white shirt with a floppy bow tie, along with nude hosiery and basic pumps

The 1980's woman was your typical fresh-faced girl with a wholesome figure. The aerobics obsession of the 80's continued to emphasize fitness for women, and the female body was expected to maintain a certain weight, but still appear toned, all without being too muscular. Many women turned to Olivia Newton-Johns “physical” video and Irene Cara's "What a feeling" video for fashion and fitness inspiration.
Being sexy was an acceptable and expected thing for most young people.

Between cropped football player shirts, shiny spandex leggings, and mini skirts, the body was very much on display.

This style put an enormous amount of pressure on society to conform to the social norm of dressing promiscuously.
Whether you love her, hate her, or don’t know her, we can all agree Madonna is a fashion icon. Not only did her style create a signature eighties look, but also it helped lead a strong and empowered attitude among women of the 1980's.
Religious jewelry, headbands, fingerless gloves and black lacy bras under white T’s are few among the trends that Madonna started.
Madonna impacted the lives and attitudes of the 80’s women as her unique and sexy style gave way to a sense of empowerment, equality and individualism throughout the era.
Although seen as a fashion icon for most people, many of Madonna’s fashion choices would go against Catholic morality and only emphasize exhibitionism materialism and controversy.
Unfortunately with member only jackets brought the need for popularity, acceptance, dominance and idolism.

After the release of the popular film Greece, crews and groups were created to distinguish what type category you fell into.
Sporty people- Jocks

Musicians- Band geeks

Smart people- Nerds

Throughout the 1980s, Michael Jackson began a fashion revolution for himself, embracing a slimmer silhouette, shorter pants, bright-colored socks and, most importantly, sequins.
Michael's hit “Thriller,” became #1 on multiple bill boards

Accessories were also key to Jackson’s look.

-he embraced chunky belts, armbands, sequins, hats, straps, ties, patches, sunglasses & even makeup

- He never shied away from standing out in the crowd while onstage and in videos, trying to make his look as unique and powerful as he could.
Michael Jackson had a great deal of confidence and individualism in his personal style, allowing him to have little care about what was 'in' fashion.
He popularized basic concepts Ex white gloves that everyone could emulate and turned it into his signature style. His fashion displayed his broadmindedness both on stage and in everyday life.
He combined both masculine and feminine traits in his wardrobe
His fashion represents his personal freedom and belief to be truthful to who YOU are.
This fashion movement only emphasized conformity and segregated those who did not. If you were 'In' you had power and dominance, if not you were alone.
Sports and Athletes
Sports in the 1980's
Major Sports events in the 80's
-New York Islanders Dominate The First Half Of The Decade (1980, 81, 82, 83)
-The Great One Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier Help Edmonton Oilers Dominate The Second Half Of The Decade (1984, 85, 87, 88)
Pope John Paul II
1978 became the first non- Italian Pope.
Changed the lives of many
1981 shot twice in Vatican City
Attempted Assassin
John Lennon
Born in the 40s
Activist for peace
Assassinated in 1980
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”
- John Lennon
Transmitted Values
Catholic Social Teaching
Catholic Social Teaching
"The direct killing of an innocent person is, of course, to be reckoned among the most grievous of sins"
Claimed he only shot to claim a cash reward which would be paid by a Turkish Mafia group.
Mehmet lacked the beatitude of “pure in heart”
He had no sensitivity to the fact he just murdered the Pope and was self centered.
Broke the 7th commandment “Thou shall not kill”.
As the catholic church defines murder and homicide as taking away another’s life, they do not look favourably:
Was guilty to the societal values of rebellion and instant gratification.
He was a jealous fan of Lennon
Thou shall not Kill. (Too late)
Lacks the beatitude of “Hunger for Righteousness”
Mehmet Ali Agca
Mark David Chapman
1980, goalie Jim Craig and captain, Mike Eruzione lead team USA to beat the heavily favored Soviet Union. They went on to win the Gold Medal for America.
Miracle on Ice
1981, players go on strike
1981 an outbreak of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which only occurs when someone is HIV positive.
These news reports aired in 81-83 and aids is believed to cause a rare type of cancer.
Catholic Social Teachings
The society
lacked in human dignity by the slow medical response
The positives was that the society showed sensitivity to the weak after understanding the disease by setting up clinics all over the country
Showed concerning Almsgiving as the society know this disease was greater than them.

The Original PC
In the mid-70s IBM created a portable computer
In the early 80s, IBM released its very own personal computer.
This creation of the PC foreshadowed the technological decades left to come.
Weighed 50 pounds!!
Transmitting Values
The catholic social teachings focus in on family and relationships.
Relationships begin to track off course as the newest distraction has arrived.
The Kingdom Value of Separation from Worldliness applied to this time because it took time away from interactions
The positives to this PC allowed the society to feel empowered. The societal attitude of “opportunistic” allowed the minds of many to expand and seek greater ways to create an improved computer, leading to the companies today of Apple and Microsoft.
- This gave them a new found confidence and independence
-Created equality in the workforce
Put a stereotype on what physical beauty should be and look like, ultimately bringing out insecurities of all men and women.

Her original and risky style opened the door for a perhaps more individualistic and empowering trend in fashion.
The 80's saw some of Michael’s most recognizable pieces of clothing, that found their way into pop-culture history.
The impact of his red leather jacket worn in the music video would leave the 80’s era crazy for replica military jackets.
The San Francisco 49ers won four Super Bowls during the decade led by Joe Montana.
- First Winter Olympics held in Canada
- 1,423 athletes from over 50 nations
- 10,000 volunteers
1988 Winter Olympics
Famous Athletes from the 80's
Sports highlights
Magic Johnson
Larry Bird
World Value: Competition
- 80's basketball... The Bird and Magic show
- Magic Johnson and Larry Bird face against each other in three NBA Finals: '84,'85, and ’87.
- 84/87 goes to Johnson
- 85 goes to Bird
"The Great One"- Wayne Gretzky
- first player to score 90 goals in one season
- scored 50 goals in 39 games
- set many amazing goals
Michael Jordan
American basketball player Michael Jordan burst onto the scene in the NBA during the 1980s, bringing a surge in popularity for the sport and becoming one of the most beloved sports icons in the United States.
Mike Tyson
- On November 26, 1986 Mike Tyson became the youngest boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World at age 20.
Social Justice Teaching: Participation
These athletes inspired others to play sports based off the way they played. Their heart and determination inspired people in the 80's and people to this day to participate in sporting events within their community.
In Conclusion
Sports in the 80's transmitted the values of:
- Competition
- The opportunity for fame/ success
- Pride
- Entertainment
- Hope
- Solidarity/ unity
- Participation

Glam Rock Genre
- The 80’s are remembered as a decade that celebrated leg warmers, frizzy hair but most of all music!!!

- Like today, music, greatly influenced the lives it affected in the 80’s. Some in almost a controversial way

- In a world of synthesizers and the early introduction to rap and hip-hop music, many different styles emerged from this decade.

-One being the Glam Rock genre.

-Although it began in the late 70’s it reached it’s peak and endpoint in the 80’s
-This genre supported Androgyny characteristics in which the artist or performer can take on the traits of both male and female.

-A classic example of this is David Bowie and his persona Ziggy Stardust who when performing had flamboyant and female characteristics.

-This type of music raised many questions during this era regarding gender and was deemed offensive.
-In 1984 Queen released the “I want to break free” music video, which was initially banned by MTV as it had the members of Queen dressed as women.

-People in North America found this video outrageous and offensive yet it was a milestone in a new generation where it would be ok to express your sexuality through music.
-At the time the video was very unethical and against the norm.

-Yet this video inspired other bands to open their minds to creativity and expressing different music in different ways.

-Not only did this glam rock genre open the eyes to different artist but also to society.

- In the 80’s there was less hate towards the ideas of homosexuality and truly expressing yourself and society started to embrace it because of this genre of music.

Rap is Born
- In the late 80’s a group from Compton, known as N.W.A., rose to fame.

-They were one of the original groups to breed gangster rap music in the world.

-This group was notorious for releasing hits containing violence, drugs and swearing that ultimately heightened their power and reputation in the rap world.
-In their lyrics they repeatedly discussed their hatred against the police and how they were unfair and cruel to African Americans.

-N.W.A. was one of the first groups to ever have a parental advisory warning on one of their albums.
-To African American teens, they were able to relate to some of the lyrics and messages portrayed in their songs especially about racism.

- Contrary to what you would think, it were all types of American teens that enjoyed N.W.A.’s music.

-To white teens, N.W.A.’s lyrics, allowed them to realize the rebellious and hard life that most African Americans had to endure growing up.
-MTV first aired in 1981 as a cable channel that was meant to only broadcast music videos

- It was a HUGE success because no other channels at the time were aimed at young adolescents/teenagers to provide them with entertainment and a chance to escape th day to day lives

-One of the only problems with MTV at the time was that they were very strict on what they allowed viewers to see

-For example, the first three years of the show their were only a select few African American artists that were aired on the show

-This changed in 1983 when Michael Jacksn's Billie Jean reached number 1 on the hot 100

- At this point MTV no longer had a choice but to play Billie Jean and Michael Jackson was named the first one to break the colour barrier
The movie industry returned to financial success
Affordable digital video cameras
Growing independent films
Value of Friendship
Kingdom Values
and more
Kingdom Values
Concern for others
..And many more
Politics in the 1980's
In terms of politics, the eighties can be seen as a time of both negative and positive progression in light of the Church’s teachings.

It is believed that the eighties was the decade that really gave rise to the whole concept of the “American Dream”.
The foreign and internal politics, as well as the economy, were all about freedom and materialism and consumption

Reaganism Economics-
Everyone provides everything for themselves.
The government should not interfere with the wealthy getting wealthier.

The "Me" Decade

Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment benefits, Welfare.
This new form of government creates a society that is:
self centered
The Church teaches us that money is not the most important thing in the world
we should take care of others rather than ourselves
Does it follow Church Teachings?
Separation from worldliness
Others- centred
The eighties was a decade that was filled with conflict. These conflicts were responded to in very different ways.
The Iran- Iraq War, 1980- 1988
Soviet Afghan War, 1979- 1988
The Cold War continued into the eighties
The eighties started out with a lot of violent international confrontations...
-We have all heard of Madonna.

-She is one of the most celebrated singers of all time and is widely known for her ability to be a rebel agaist the norm

- She is praised by the women population as she was able inspire all women to break away from the traditional stereotypical views from the past

- Although some of her songs may be controversial, it added to her effect
Which subculture are YOU?!?!
Culture/Social Values
Societal Values

Controversy, Individualism- The ideas of sex before marriage, influenced by artists like Madonna, stirred much controversy but also inspired many women to have independence over themselves and helped them rise to the equal level of men.

Segregation- Artists like N.W.A. fought against racism and although the authority may have not listened. The rest of society did through their music and helped link people of all races together.

Church Teachings

Concerning Anger- When artists were displeased with things happening in society instead of taking matters into their own hands they spread their message through lyrics which many listened to.

Rights and Responsibilities- On shows like MTV they censored much of their content, yet as time moved on they gave all artists the ability to express themselves.

The Cold War
Reached its peak in the eighties
Reagan was strongly opposed to what he believed was an 'evil empire'
During the early eighties the government underwent massive spending on the arms race
American boycott of the 1980 Moscow olympics
Soviet boycott of the 1984 Los Angeles olympics
The Afghan war raged throughout the1980's.
It was considered a proxy war between the Soviets and the Americans, and demonstrated the competition for power these two countries had.

The rise of conservatism in the eighties politics gave rise to a strong sense of freedom in society.
Towards the end of the 1980's, relations between the Soviets and the Americans began to ease, to the great shock of the world.
Reagan developed friendly relations with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
They decided to use peaceful methods and negotiations and put an end to the violence and hostility.
"Tear down this wall!"
"I have always believed that there was some divine plan that placed this great continent between two oceans to be sought out by those who were possessed of an abiding love of freedom and a special kind of courage."
This marked a change towards peace and an end to the conflict between the two nations. The end of hostility and the resorting to peaceful methods follows the Church’s teachings, as opposed to the previous, more aggressive methods.
Gorbachev signed a peace treaty to end the Afghan war. The last Soviet troops departed Afghanistan on February 15, 1989.
In 1988, Gorbachev announced that the Soviet Union would abandon the Brezhnev Doctrine, and allow the Eastern bloc nations to freely determine their own internal affairs.
Him and Reagan agreed to drastically cut back on the arms race that had been going on for decades.
Progress towards Freedom
The spirit of freedom was spreading fast.
In 1989, many Eastern European countries, supported by America, peacefully protested soviet rule and demanded freedom and independence from the Soviet union.

Polish Solidarity


Built in 1961
Symbol of the Cold War and the communist oppression
"The Iron Curtain"
Politics in Germany also began to lead toward the destruction of the wall. In the fall of 1989, there was an anti government demonstration in East Germany. On November 9, 1989, the boarder with West Berlin was opened.
Masses of people took to the streets and began knocking pieces out of the wall and it was soon torn down.

The fall led to much rejoicing and is considered a highlight of the eighties, as it symbolized the unification of Germany after so many years, as well as the final blow to the cold war. East German citizens were now free.

Violence= No Progress
Non Violence= Progress
The end of the cold war was not achieved by force or military strength, but by peaceful protests and negotiations between the world leaders. In the end freedom won the cold war.
Does it Follow Church Teachings?

The end of cold war demonstrated

Non Violence
Human Dignity
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Reagan called for freedom in eastern European countries and an end to the suppression that the communist soviets enforced.
These countries successfully achieved democracy without violence.
The Wall:
One of the biggest political events of the eighties was the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Cold War during the 80's
Primary Causes:
This was not demonstrative of Catholic values:
Non- violence
Social Values
Kingdom Values
Life and dignity of the human person
Care for God’s creations
The End of the Cold War
After years of a liberal government in the sixties and seventies, as well as economic difficulties, Americans became tired of the lacking economy. A new system was in order, so Conservative Ronald Reagan was elected in 1984.
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