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Macedonia Online Betting

Betting prototype

Viktor Bojadziev

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Macedonia Online Betting

Macedonia Global Leader Of the population is
actively involeved
in sports betting Over 770 bookmaker's offices
operate in Macedonia 72% of the young male
population 25-40 years
regularly places bets We made it What about opening
an online betting site Strenghts
Threats Step 1 Easy to use
Profitability Legal Issues
Low trust in online payments
Funding First on the market
High internet penetration
Competition from international brands
Future government politics
Fraud S W
O T Step 2 Site functionality
Structure Navigation Visual Design Functionality Security Focus our content strictly on football The site will have its news section, its fixtures& results section, its prediction and online betting section, as well as links for viewing live matches trough streaming sites, and a live chat as part of our online customer’s service. Navigation will be fairly simple, based on direct links The visual design is based on popular templates inspired by great football moments Simple structure, easy navigation and a design which always bears in mind the customer’s interest 128 Bit SSL encryption
The 3-D Secure™ protocol (Security for the user)
Step 3 Possible mobile development The art of good business is being a good middleman
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