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A Long Walk to Forever

No description

Hanna Dias

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Forever

Plot Summary
The short story "A Long Walk to Forever" is about Newt unexpectedly professing his love for Catharine a week before her wedding.
Plot Summary
tells Newt that she
does not love him
Newt kisses Catharine again
They sit in an orchard and Newt falls asleep
When Newt leaves
Catharine knows that if Newt calls for her she would run into his arms
Main Conflicts
Main Conflicts

Person vs Person
Although Henry is unaware of it, he and Newt are fighting for his fiancee's affections
Catharine constantly turns Newt down and pushes him away
Newt will be in trouble for leaving Fort Bragg

Person vs Society
If Catharine were to leave Henry for Newt just a week before their wedding, people would look down upon her
Analyzing Characters -- Catherine
Analyzing Characters -- Newt
Theme 1
True love lasts forever
Theme 2
True Love Takes First Priority
A Long Walk to Forever
By: Chandler A., Hanna D., Caroline H., Miriam J., Michaela P.
Narrative POV
Literary Techniques

Person vs Self
-Throughout the story, Newt is constantly fighting himself as he decides what to do and how to act towards Catharine.

Person vs God
-Catharine must test herself as well as her morals. After everything Newt does in attempt to win her affection, she knows that it is morally wrong to leave Henry for her him with just a week until the wedding.
However, on the other hand, it seems like fate for Newt to return at such a time, as if it was meant to happen.
"His uniform was rumpled. His shoes were dusty. He needed a shave." (144)
"Catharine was angry rattled, close to tears." (145)
"...If he stopped and turned now, if he called to her, she would run to him. She would have no choice." (148)

Newt shows up
at Catharine's house
a week before her wedding
They are
childhood friends
Newt left for the army and has 7 months to go. He is actually
(Absent Without Leave)
They go on a walk and
Newt tells Catharine he loves her.

Newt and Catharine love each other despite the fact that they:
have never previously told the other that they loved them
have not seen the other for almost a year
have moved on their own separate ways:
Newt has joined the military and Catharine is about to become married
Quotes supporting this theme:
"Newt was seeing love now." (p.146)
"I love you." (p.148)
"Adored him with all her heart." (p.148)
"He kissed her again because she wanted him to." (p.147)
Newt left the military A.W.O.L, risking a punishment of thirty days in the stockade, and hitch hiked for two days to see Catharine.
When Catharine asked Newt why he had done all this he replied, "Because I love you." (p.145)
This proves the theme as he put in a lot of effort and risked his career to see Catharine and profess his love for her.
Catharine is going to be married to Henry Chasens in a week. However, this does not prevent her from going on long walks with Newt, kissing him, and adoring him.
She tells Newt,"I'm not sorry we kissed." (p.146)
Finally, when Newt calls out to Catharine as he is leaving her, Catharine, "Ran to him, put her arms around him, could not speak." (p.148)
This proves the theme as Catharine puts her love for Newt over her relationship with Henry.
When Newt says "One foot in front of the other, through leaves, over bridges." the bridge represents the brighter side/future
The ringing of a school bell represents the beginning of a new part of the day (new subject, lunch, recess, etc.). When the bell rings (p.148) it represents there will be a change in the story (The love between Newt and Catharine)
The constant "he said, she said" throughout the story shows the tension/awkwardness between Newt and Catharine. They are not enemies and if they were just regular friends there would not be tension, they would actually be happy to see each other. This foreshadows that there could be something more between them.
Literary Techniques
The school for the blind represents how Catharine's love for Henry is blinding her true love for Newt.
"One foot in front of the other" is like baby steps, so this represents Newt convincing Catharine to go on a walk. "Through the leaves" represents their fights because if the leaves have fallen, it is most likely autumn and they've fallen in bunches creating a struggle to get through them. "Over bridges" represents a new beginning for both Newt and Catharine
Newt asks Catharine to go on a walk three times, but she doesn't agree until he asks her a third time. This coincides with "The third time is the charm."
Literary Techniques
Newt is said to be shy, but it's ironic that his actions are so abrupt and outgoing (i.e. professing his love for Catharine and kissing Catharine twice). His actions do not match his supposed description
Catharine says that if she loved Newt, she would've told him already and she says that she doesn't love him, but by the end of the story, she kissed him twice and ran into his arms.
Catharine's wedding is in
days and Newt has
more months in the army
Literary Techniques
Catharine says that if he stops and calls to her, she would run to him. This makes the reader want to know if he is going to stop and call to her and if Catharine will actually go through with her thought.
Newt's persistency makes the reader want to know if he is going to sway Catharine's opinion because throughout the story, he changes her mind on multiple occasions (i.e. Getting her to go on a walk even though she originally said she was busy with the wedding.)
The way Newt is talking to Catharine could be frowned upon and we are not told if Henry is in the house. Also, people may have seen them kiss.
Trivia Questions
Question 1:
b) Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Question 2:

a) School for the deaf
b) School for the blind
Question 3:
a) One time
b) Five times
c) Three times
Question 4:
Who is the author?
Kurt Vonnegut
Question 5:
What was Catharine holding when Newt first came through the door?
A bridal magazine
School for the blind
Where was Newt stationed in the army?
a) NAS, Jacksonville
b) Fort Bragg, North Carolina
c) Portsmouth
What school did Newt and Catharine live nearby?
How many times did Newt ask Catharine to go for a walk before she said yes?
Three times
a) Kurt Vonnegut
b) Picasso
c) Robert Montgomery
d) Chandler Antrobus
a) A romance novel
b) A bridal magazine
c) A letter that her fiancée wrote
Proof (Newt):
Proof (Catharine):
Indecisive: Catharine said, "If I loved you I would have let you known before."(146) Catherine kisses Newt two times by the end of the story
Emotional: Catherine, when frustrated with newt, clenched her fists and cried. This is her expressing her emotions and not holding them back behind behind a mental barrier.
Disloyal: Catharine made a large commitment to her fiance Henry, but she goes against it when she kisses Newt.
Love Driven: Newt's love for Catharine comes at great cost. Newt has gone A.W.O.L(Absent Without Official Leave) to visit Catharine before she gets married. The consequence that Newt will have to go through is thirty days in the stockade.
Confident: Newt told Catharine that he loves her knowing that she is engaged and seven days away from being Mrs. Chasens.
Romantic: Newt takes Catharine for a walk in the forest. Here the two are alone and he can show how he truly feels for Catharine. At the end of the story Newt is shown to be romantic when, "Catharine watched him grow smaller and smaller in the long perspective of the shadows and trees, she knew that if he stopped and turned now, if he called to her, she would run to him. She would have no choice. Newt did stop. He did turn. He did call. He called her. She ran to him, put her arms around him, could not speak."(148)
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