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High Stakes Testing

EDUR 5000 2015 Group Facilitation Project

Ken Irvine

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of High Stakes Testing

High Stakes Testing
K. Garibaldi, K. Irvine, C. Thomason
Increased accountability of schools and teachers.

State-designated testing used to quantify student and teacher performance.

Schools and teachers failing to meet AYP subject to reprimand.
Issues with NCLB:
Decreasing funding to low performing schools results in even lower performance.

Overlooks school demographics and student poverty in favor of test scores.

NCLB has also run into issues when trying to displace poor performing teachers due to unions and tenure laws, leading to Vergara vs. California
What happens when school funding and teachers' jobs are determined by standardized testing outcomes?
Why does Mr. Bowers so heavily emphasize the wrongdoings of teachers and administrators over the state of Georgia's educational system?

Is it reasonable to assume that low test scores only represent poor teacher performance?

How did the student body's demography influence testing outcomes?
"I remember one teacher that told me: 'Mr. Bowers, this whole thing is a great big joke because my 3rd graders can't read or write, and I spend my days combing hair, brushing teeth, getting clothes, getting shoes, and making sure they have a place to go at night. And here I am sitting in front of you admitting cheating knowing that I'm going to get fired.'"

In 2012, nine public school children filed a statewide lawsuit with the goal of striking down the laws (ie. teacher tenure) that prevented schools from doing what they believed was "right" for children when it comes to teachers.
These students stated that they were fighting for the constitutional right to learn from effective teachers in order to have equal opportunity to succeed in school.
The final decision of the Vergara vs. California case ruled in favor of the students.

Vergara vs. California
Impact on Education
The Vergara Decision's
How do we determine if a teacher is "ineffective"?
What is the best way to assess teachers?
Are standardized tests a way to determine if a teacher is effectively educating their students?
If the state uses standardized tests to assess a teacher's ability, then should teachers be "teaching to the test"?
The Vergara decision greatly impacted the educational system in California. While the idea behind the decision is noble, we are now faced with the challenge of how to properly assess a teacher's ability and competency.
Cheating Scandal at
Parks Middle School in Atlanta
Additional (optional) resources:
New Yorker Article:
Wrong Answer: In an era of high-stakes testing, a struggling school made a shocking choice.

Oklahoma State University Provost Bob Sternberg on standardized testing:
Thank you for your time!

Please feel free to discuss anything presented, or add your own thoughts on the topic.
Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution
Noam Chomsky on the dangers of standardized testing
No Child Left Behind
Vergara vs. California
Parks Cheating Scandal
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