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Jill Wolgamot

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Pilgrims

*The Pilgrims sailed aboard the Mayflower. They intended to join the Virginia colonists.
*Captain brought them to Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts instead.
*They landed in Plymouth in 1620.
*The pilgrims wrote and signed a set of laws for their new colony called the Mayflower Compact before they got off the ship. They created the compact to make sure everyone would stick together through the hard times.

Sailing to America
Pilgrim Life
* The Pilgrims came to the New World in order to have religious freedom. They weren't allowed to practice their religion in England.
*Over the freezing winter, some pilgrims lived in wooden houses on the settlement and some continued to live on the Mayflower.
*Many colonists died that first winter.
*The land they found to settle on was already cleared by Native Americans. Although they didn't know that.

Native Americans and the Pilgrims
*Most of the Native Americans were dying from the diseases the Europeans brought over from Europe.
*The Native Americans knew the Pilgrims had arrived but the pilgrims had no idea the Native Americans existed.
* After awhile, the Native Americans decided to introduce themselves. Two of those Native Americans luckily spoke English so they were able to communicate.
*Squanto was a famous Native American that came to live with the Pilgrims and showed them how to plant corn, fish with nets, and hunt deer.
*They grew to have a friendly and cooperative relationship.

*The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 a year after the Pilgrims had arrived to Plymouth in Massachusetts.
*By this time, the Pilgrims had plenty to eat, comfortable houses, and nothing to fear from their neighbors the Native Americans.
* Unfortunately, the peace treaty the Pilgrims made with the Native Americans did not last long.
Pilgrim's Conclusion
What were some challenges the pilgrims faced?

What was the relationship like with the Native Americans?

What are some important facts about the Pilgrims?
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