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Aministration Certification Online Portfolio

No description

Victor Wilkerson

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Aministration Certification Online Portfolio

Administration Certification Portfolio
Victor Wilkerson

Entry Plan
Victor Wilkerson
Man of Family
Man of Faith
Man of Passion
Dedicated to my loving family that have always supported me in everything I do.
My Wife Danelle, My Daughter Kennedy, and My Son Keaton
Thanks to the good Lord Jesus Christ who inspires and leads me, so in turn I may inspire and lead others in his example.
Passionate About Teaching
Have Taught Mathematics for 20 years
A Nationally Certified Teacher since 2003
Achieved Renewal of National Teaching Certificate in Nov. 2012
Led Introduction of New Statistics Curriculum Fall 2012
Passionate About Coaching
Assistant Football Coach 10 Years
Head Football Coach 9 Years
Passionate About
Coaching and Activities
Assistant Football Coach for 10 years
Head Football coach for 9 years
Wrestling Official for 10 Years
Activity Coordinator for 7 Years
Passionate About Education
Desire to Become a Principal or Athletic Director
Completing Administration Certification to Add to My Masters Degree in Teacher Leadership
Items Contained in Portfolio
Cover Letter
Leadership Framework
Belief Matrix
Entry Plan
Course Timeline
Internship Summary
Summer 2011
EDAD 5010
Fall 2011
EDAD 5580 Complete 1st OVN (2 Credits)
Spring 2012
EDAD 5580 Complete 2nd OVN (1 Credit)
EDAD 5020
Summer 2012
EDAD 5030
Fall 2012
EDAD 5580 (2 Credits)
Spring 2013
EDAD 5040
EDAD 5580 (1 Credit)
Admitted to Administration Certificate Program Summer 2011

Allowed to use EDRE 5530 from Masters of Arts Degree to fulfill program requirements

EDRE 5530 taken through University of Wyoming
Middle School Internship (60 hours)
Completed from 12-6-2011 to 3-7-2012
Completed at Twin Spruce Junior High School Gillette WY
Mentored by Assistant Principal Dana Lyman
Dealt with discipline issues including a situation regarding a drug investigation that required formatting a written communication with other administrators in the district
Attended many special education meetings that helped familiarize me with special ed law
Attended scheduling meetings with Assistant Principal who also serves as junior high Athletic Director
Elementary School Internship (120 Hours)
Completed from 3-15-2012 to 4-17-2012
Completed at Wagonwheel Elementary School Gillette WY
Mentored by Principal Eric Stremcha
Attended district leadership meetings
Involved in student discipline process
Table leader for a classified staff meeting concerning district accreditation process
Involved in Elementary PLC meetings with school's instructional facilitator
Secondary School Internship (120 Hours)
Completed from 6-18-2012 to 4-26-2013
Completed at Campbell County High School Gillette WY
Mentored by Principal Kirby Eisenhauer
Attended capacity study meetings for district that will impact future district structure (K-6 with 7-9 Junior High and 10-12 High School vs K-5 with 6-8 Middle School and 9-12 High School)
Teacher Supervision including scripting, pre and post conferences and using district's Danielson Model including software
Other Administrative Internship (120 Hours)
Completed from 7-10-2012 to 8-1-2012
Completed at Educational Services Center Gillette WY
Mentored by Associate Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Boyd Brown
Helped compile district data for accreditation visit
Allowed to be part of committee that interviewed for a principal for Gillette's virtual school
Program Evaluation
Personal Evaluation
Thank Yous
Dana Lyman, Eric Stremcha, Kirby Eisenhauer, and Dr. Boyd Brown for allowing me to intern with them and putting up with all my questions
Members of my cohorts for sharing ideas and being willing to listen
Dr. Duncan and Dr. Scherz for teaching classes
Dr. Bret Range for teaching me so much and serving as my advisor in this process
I feel that I have grown and have a better feel for the overall system of education versus just a classroom teacher view.
Completion of this program has allowed me to become more active in my school such as serving on committees and understanding the important role that teachers have in the leadership process of a school.
The experience gained through the internship process has given me confidence that I can be a successful administrator at any level in our district.
The program gives great practical experience through the quantity and diverse options for internship.
The faculty does a great job of incorporating real life experiences into their teaching which makes the classroom time beneficial.
The online components sometimes lack personal interaction that I believe are very important to becoming a successful administrator.
Internship Activities
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