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All about the everglades

read all about the awesome everglades

Braden De Zutter

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of All about the everglades

What endangered the everglades
the habitats in the everglades are sawgrass marshes.
open-water sloughs.
cypress swamps.
hardwood hammocks.
mangrove swamps.
About the Everglades
Here are some things you need to know abot the Everglades. It has tropical wet lands and the animals there are endangered and you will be learning about this later in the prezi.What we need to do to save the animals is we have to stop polluting the water and stop killing and starving the animals because the animals belong here and they help us sometimes like spiders eat bugs so that they don't give us bug bites but when some people see the spiders they get scared and they kill it and then they go down one more spider to being extinct and then bugs will swarm us everyday and it will be because we killed them because we were frighted about them.
We are going to learn about the everglades and how to save them!!!
The southeast Everglades
Endangered animals
Some animals that are endangered in the everglades are the Atlantic ridley turtle, the bachmens warbler and the batrames scrub-hairstreak.
Save the everglades
Everglades are awesome
By Braden De Zutter
this is how the everglades
got endangered. they got endanger by us polluting and hunting them so stop hurting a beautiful place like this.
All about the southeast!!
Have a great day and good bye
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