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Our 2nd Life

No description

Morgan Berry

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Our 2nd Life

Finally This is why I love these guys... Jc Caylen Our 2nd Life Justin Cloud Caylen
He lives in Texas, and has a Youtube channel. He was bullied growing up, and now he inspires people every where to be who you and and love what you do. "Dream about it, then go out, and live it!" - Jc Caylen Sam Pottorff Sam is from Cali! He is also part of O2L. He hates his cheeks and the fact that he's short. He thinks all girls are beautiful no matter what. "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! If you think this isn't about you, you're wrong. It is." - Sam Pottorff Connor Franta Connor loves cats. It's honestly weird how much he loves them. He lives in L.A with another member of O2L named Ricky. "I'm weird. You're weird. Lets get married." - Connor Franta Kian Lawley The funniest 17 year old you'll ever meet! This is Sam's best friend. He also lives in California. He's dating another Youtuber named Andrea Russett (shes pretty!) " I only live for two reasons.
1. I was born.
2. I haven't died yet." Ricky Dillon Ricky live in L.A with Connor. He is obsessed with "twerking" and eats like its nobody's business. "Pizza, you wanna know who's beautiful? Read the first word again." - Ricky Dillon Ricardo Ordieres Trevor Moran Trevor auditioned for the X- factor, he made it pretty far but not far enough. Now he's the youngest member of O2L, but also the most adorable! "Chuck Norris touched a car, and thats how transformers were made ladies and gentlemen." - Trevor Moran Ricardo is Jc's best friend! He is a radio personality at KROV. His schedule became to crowded and he had to quit O2L. We still love him though. He is in love with Ryan Seacrest. "What would Ryan Seacrest do?" - Ricardo Ordieres I never thought clicking a video on Youtube would be the best thing I could ever do. The video took me to one of the most amazing people ever! He is part of a Youtube collab channel called O2L, or Our2ndLife. The videos they make are fantastic!
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