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Physics Extended Essay Presentation


Alejandro Grajales

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Physics Extended Essay Presentation

Importance Interesting Facts Extended Essay in Physics Research Question How is efficiency of a solar collector affected by the conductor material and its color? Photosynthesis convert solar energy into chemical energy, which produces food, wood and fosil fuels. Solar energy is used in evaporation ponds to obtain salt The sun exerts electromagnetic radiation which is transformed into electric energy on Earth Solar energy is a completely clean energy source Renewable energy source Free access Clean transformation of energy Actual enviromental issues Methodology Important facts Water has a specific heat capacity of 4180 J/kg.°C The use of gravity for the liquid to flow. It should be possible to open and close the cicuit in order to obtain different temperatures. (No pump) Chapter 1 Research and analyse about the development of renewable energy sources, involving solar energy and collectors. Chapter 2 Design a model of the panel taking into account the different type of pipes and the lack of a water pump. (Gravity). Chapter 3 Proceed to the construction of the two panels. Chapter 4 In solar panel no.1 analyse the changes in the heat transfer to the liquid when the pipe is covered with black paint. Q = mc(Tf-Ti) Chapter 5 In panel no. 2 analyse the change in the heat transfer when the pipe is changed. Q = mc(Tf-Ti) Chapter 6 Compare the data collected in both panels and determine which fact determines more the efficiency of the panel. (Color or material) Chapter 7 Conclusions Bibliography Kirk, Tim. Physics. Oxford University. USA, 2007. Kerr, Gregg. Physics. IBID Press. Australia, 2009 www.n3fjp.com www.builditsolar.com www.solarenergy.org IB Syllabus: Topic 3: Thermal Physics Topic 8: Energy, power and climate change Solar Panel: Is a device which converts solar energy into electric energy or heat. Independent Variable: Conductivity of the tube's material Dependent Variable: Heat transfered to the liquid. (Q = mc(Tf-Ti)) Controlled Variables: Isolated Material. Liquid heated. Time of energy transfer. Baierlein, Ralph. Thermal Physics. Cambridge University. USA, 1999 Tiwari, G. N. Solar energy: fundamentals, design, modelling and applications. CRC Press, 2002
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