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CRVENA Association for Culture and Art

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danijela dugandzic zivanovic

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of CRVENA Association for Culture and Art

Association for Culture and Art CRVENA
RED is considered the only true color and it is the first color known to wo/men. It is a color of blood and fire, strong emotions, love and color of alarm. RED is a color of power and energy we experience when we work together. This is why 10 women gathered around the original idea on the March 8th 2010, opted for the name CRVENA (meaning RED).
CRVENA is a community of unique individuals gathered around the idea that art and culture provide an open platform for social change. Among ourselves we recognized the need to act as collectively to shift the spotlight from negative tendencies in our society to creative ways of addressing problems affecting citizens in BH, Europe and worldwide. Each of us has been taking initiatives and responsibilities in achieving better society and focusing on its enrichment.
Our Mission: CRVENA Association affirms the existing, and creates new free spaces for cultural and artistic creation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

Our Vision: Social changes achieved through affirmation of engaged and independent culture and especially art, based on the principles of feminism, ecology, activism and solidarity.
What we believe in
We are artists, musicians, curators, architects, engineers, lawyers, economists, journalists, human rights and cultural worker and activists we understand that our diversity is our power and our power is in each individual gathered around CRVENA.
What we do?
art and cultural production
educational programs
networking and collaborations

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