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Support Structures - BU

No description

andrea munro

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Support Structures - BU

Support Structures
Brandman University
Onboarding & Orientation
Point of Contact = Faculty Services Specialist (FSS) or Campus Director
Preparing to Teach
Teaching the Course
Closing the Course
Additional Resources
Academic Calendar
- http://www.brandman.edu/calendar#tab2-academic-calendar
- http://www.brandman.edu/current-students/resources/catalogs
Learning Outcomes
- https://my.brandman.edu/student/learning_outcomes/Pages/default.aspx
Adjunct Compensation Policy
- https://my.brandman.edu/faculty/Documents/Adjunct%20Compensation%20Policy%20Fall%202013%20.pdf
Adjunct Faculty Policy
- https://my.brandman.edu/faculty/Documents/Brandman%20Adjunct%20Faculty%20Policy%20Updated%20August%2030%202013.pdf
Constitution and Bylaws of Faculty Assembly
- https://my.brandman.edu/faculty/Policies_Procedures/Documents/Faculty_Constitution_and_Bylaws.pdf
Fulltime Faculty Manual
- https://my.brandman.edu/faculty/Documents/Brandman%20University%20Faculty%20Manual.pdf
- https://my.brandman.edu/staff/Pages/FERPA.aspx
Service Desk/ Information Technology (IT)
Getting Connected
Username and Password emailed to your personal email

Issues Contact: 949-341-9801
Toll-Free: 855-553-3007
Accessing Your Course Materials
Classroom Technology
Upon completion of the onboarding requirements you will be granted access to your course. Adjuncts Only: you must accept your contract via Banner prior to teaching to gain access to your course. See your FSS for questions.
Prepping the Shell
Basic Expectations
Best Practices
Much more...
Train With Us
Computer - Brandman login
LCD Overhead Projector
Internet Capability
Combo Course - Webcam
Contact FSS for special requests
Course Content/Instruction
Student Resources
Where do I go with questions about...
ADA - Office of Disability Services will contact you prior to start of class.
Refer students to http://www.brandman.edu/disability-services if they require services and your were not contacted by ODS.
Blackboard Support - bbhelp@brandman.edu
Library Resources & Services
The Online Writing and Math Community offers a variety of services
Course Content - Faculty Mentor (Instructor Resources folder)
Course Design Issues - Instructional Designer
Classroom Emergency/Security - varies see Campus Director/FSS for campus procedures
Click here to register for more trainings offered via the CII:
Required Trainings
Human Resources (HR)

Center for Instructional Innovation (CII)
3 Week Training Course
iDEAL training
Live Text or Grademark
Adobe Connect (if applicable)

Contact: Cii@brandman.edu
Sexual Harassment
Click here to visit the CII website at:
Blended Course Only
Blended and Online Courses
General Tech Issues
Trouble with logging into one of the Brandman websites:
“I Forgot My Password”
password reset email sent to personal email
For other issues including:
My Brandman
855-553-3007 (toll free)
email help@brandman.edu
Contact the Service Desk
Faulty Computer
Outlook Troubleshooting
Banner Tech Support
Blackboard Support
Extended Education, 949-341-9877 or BbEXED@brandman.edu
Contact your Academic Technology Specialist:
Nursing & Health Professions, 949-341-9946 or BbNHP@brandman.edu
Education, 949-341-9946 or email BbED@brandman.edu

Business & Professional Studies, 949-341-9880 or BbBPS@brandman.edu
Arts & Sciences, 949-341-9871 or BbAS@brandman.edu

Ameritas, 949-341-9946 or BbAM@brandman.edu
Adobe Connect Support
A: Live Support 24/7 800-422-3623
How do I get an Adobe Connect account?
A: Attend and Intro to AC training
How do I do this in Adobe Connect?
Where do I go for help with Adobe Connect in the evening?
A: cii@brandman.edu
LiveText Support
1-866-LiveText or 1-866-(548-3839)
How do I register for an account ?
Click here for step-by-step directions
Where can I find 24/7 support with LiveText questions?
LiveText Support
Technical Support
Instructor Survey
Let us know what you think:
Don't Forget!
The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Student Financial Assistance, requires that educational institutions which receive federal financial aid funds verify the attendance of any student receiving these funds. If the student receiving these funds does not attend classes, the funds must be sent back to the Department of Education within 30 days of the start of the session.

In order for the University to comply with this requirement, faculty must take attendance in all classes during the first two weeks of class and report that attendance to the University no later than Wednesday of the third week of a session or semester.

Student Attendance Verification
Entering Attendance Job Aid
Download Syllabus -
Review Textbooks
(contact FSS for desk copies)
Access Blackboard Course
2 Weeks Prior to Term -
Click here to access the My Brandman Onboarding and Orientation dashboard:
The Brandman Attendance Policy is listed in all course syllabi. Please refer to this portion of your syllabus and ask students to do the same.
Attendance Policy
Adjunct faculty may issue a grade of Incomplete only when the final assignment (e.g., paper, project, exam) is missing.
Incomplete grades should be considered only if compelling reasons due to extenuating circumstances exist such as health or other emergency situations.
Incomplete Grades
Changing a Grade
Disputed Grades, Plagiarism, Student Code of Conduct Violation
Final grades must be transferred from Blackboard into Banner. Click here for instructions:
Entering Grades

Contact Campus/Program Director Immediately
email records@brandman.edu
subject: “Grade Adjustment” and
message: Student Name/Student ID#/Course Reference Number (CRN)/Session/Course Name/Old Grade/New Grade/Reason
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