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Gambling's Effect on Roman Society

No description

Emily Kendrick

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Gambling's Effect on Roman Society

Fortuna's Wheel and the Role of Gambling in Ancient Rome
By: Emily Kendrick
Gambling, connected to Fortuna, negatively influenced Roman culture with it's social, economic, and moral issues, and also harmed the groups of Christians in Rome. Because of the gambling in Ancient Rome, the cultures of today are also negatively influenced.
Why Gambling?
Can be explained by the emotions of those who gamble.
Would waste away their lives to be the winner of the next tournament
Social Issues with Gambling, Connection to Fortuna
Fortuna, goddess of chance, made Romans believe luck was determined randomly.
Any second their luck could change from bad to good
Made people cheaters, liars, or violent.
"Romans frankly confessed to their passion for gambling"
The Romans would "bet a fortune or their last cent"
- Carcopino,
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Economic Issues of Gambling
The larger portion of Rome was unemployed
Caesar Augustus gambled in his free time
Loss of government resources, Rome less wealthy and prosperous.
Our country's gambling problem
Thank You!
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Moral Problems With Gambling
Some say that gambling is good, but...
people will win lots of money but then lose it.
Quarrels over who should win more money
Unhealthy lifestyle
How Gambling Relates To Christians:
Ecclesiastes 5:10
Each person's fortune does not involve chance
God's Plan
Some reason must come from the good and bad things that come through our lives
Everyone need to know their lives have purpose
moral issues
Christians badly influenced by gambling,
Overall, Gambling? Bad.
In Rome, gambling was negative by:
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