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Hannah Salatielu

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Plato

Before Plato became a philosopher, he was actually training to be a wrestler.
Plato's birth name was actually Aristocles, after his grandfather. But his wrestling coach called him 'Platon' which means 'broad' because of his broad build. Personal Details & Family Plato was born around 428 BC in Athens, the largest city in Greece. He was believed to have died a natural death and as no exact records were kept then, there is no way to determine the exact date of his birth and death. His father, Ariston, was believed to have died while Plato was young. Perictone, Plato's mother, remarried a man named Pyrilampes, whose house Plato grew up in along with his two brothers, Adeimantus and Glaucon, and a sister, Potone. 428 BC - 347 BC Education & Learning 'The Republic' Plato has written many works, all in the form of dialogues. In many of these, Socrates [his teacher] was the main character. One of his most famous works was 'The Republic'. It was finished in 390 BC. The Republic asks the question, 'Why should people do good things?' and 'Are people rewarded for doing bad things?'. Thoughts and Beliefs Some of Plato's beliefs were:
that if bad people come to rule the society, the society will be unhappy.
that philosophers are best able to do good things so should rule the non-philosophers.
that people and societies are very alike, because the ideal state of both of them is made up of three parts. An ideal society is made up of philosophers [to do the thinking], soldiers [to protect the society] and workers [to make food, drink...]. And a person is made up of a mind [that thinks and reasons], a spirit or self [that looks after the person] and a body [that likes ,dislikes and wants things].
Plato used many of these beliefs in his works. Plato Fascinating Facts Plato studied at a few different institutions. He educated himself in music, poetry and politics
while at the palaistra of Ariston of Argon. He then became a student of a philosopher, Socrates. When Socrates died in 399 BC, Plato founded his academy. His academy was a place of higher learning where students could learn science, astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy.
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