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Felson Group Project

No description

Nicholas Peterson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Felson Group Project

Crime at Mcnutt Dorm Crime Facilitators... Crime Preventors The building itself Police Drinking Drugs Students Littering Observations/Interviews
Reports Targets, guardians, and perpetrators. Guardians Illegal acts that are extremely common on many college campuses today. This can lead to many unfortunate incidents such as hospitalization or even rape. Resident Assistants Our observations found that the routine activities theory is correct. This means that Felson is correct in his thought that the majority of acts made by younger people usually involved minor offenses. Student's rooms allow for privacy when acting outside the bounds of the law. This means that students can break rules without anyone else knowing. Also Mcnutt was just recently renovated to include a Cafe and a movie rental location. These types of added bonuses also can bring more students around who might have the intention of stealing. With more students coming to the dorm for these facilities it can leave those in charge of protecting the premises stretched thin compared to the number of students coming in. Police Luckily, the crime facilitators are outnumbered by crime preventors, especially at the center building of Mcnutt. The design of the building, with its open and well lit areas does not present an open invitation for crime. Also, because of this location being a dorm it is almost guaranteed that students will be around at all times of the day. This does not allow criminals an easy escape with a higher possibility of being caught later even if they do get away. Cameras are always keeping an eye inside and outside of this location too and if any students feel like protecting their "home" the would more than likely report any suspicious activities which just makes it that much safer. We witnessed a lot of cigarettes being thrown down along with some very angry drivers throwing parking tickets on the ground
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