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Steph Gorges

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of India

of India

Chandragupta Maurya
Mauryan Empire
Conquest of Kalinga
Ashoka's Defining Moment
Converted to Buddhism
Lead by moral example instead of military strength
Ashoka's Conversion
official messages on walls, rocks, and tall pillars
Ashoka's Edicts
Unified and conquered India
Ruled 321-297 BCE
Harsh, clear laws
Bureaucratic system
King Ashoka
Chandragupta's grandson
Continued in footsteps
"Ashoka the Fierce"
Small regional kingdoms
Decentralized power
Diverse people groups
Frequent conflict
Commonality = religion/caste system
Post Aryan Society
Bad temper:
Killed 500 gov't workers and had a torture chamber
Buddhist Values
General Welfare
320 -550 CE
"India's Golden Age"
Gupta Empire
Chandra Gupta I
Emerged in 320 CE
Organized bureaucracy - local control
Reemergence of Hinduism
(500 year gap between Mauryan & Gupta)
Ashoka died in 232 BCE
Financial failure
Mauryan empire disappeared
Indian art - symbolic instead of realistic
Math and science
Gupta Empire = technological advances
Very different
from China
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