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Movie Industry

No description

Kevin Russell

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Movie Industry

Movie Industry
Meeting Dori
Marlin and Dori
meet a group of Sharks
Father's love
Marlin and Dori found a group of the jelly fish and they have to go through them, they got hur but pass them safely

Turtles rescued them after the jelly fish episode and took them into the East Australian current to go Sydney

WE CONSIDER THAT THIS TOPIC IS ESSENTIAL IN ANY CHILDREN'S LIFE. The love of a father is one of the most powerful forces that a child can feel in his or her life‏ Also, fathers are always ready to make sacrificies for the safety of his children.

In search for help, Marlin meets Dory, a naive, but optimistic blue tang fish with short-term memory loss
Dory represents hope of finding Marlin's son

Marlin and Dori escaped from the fish and found the address .
Dori and marlin are caught by a whale that took them to Sydney
he escaped and whent back to the ocean whit his father
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