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Introduction to manual handling

No description

Hazel Mellon

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to manual handling

Manual Handling Hello, I'm heavy box Plan ! Ok so I need to move
this heavy load. How will I proceed ? What are the possibilities ? Maybe I can use a lifting tool ? Or ask the help of somebody ? Ok. In that case I'm alone so I need to use the proper technique ! First I need to... ! Don't worry we are not here to build pyramids... So, we are here to preserve our health. So what is manual handling ? foot leg arm Where do I want to move the load bottom
of the back
(sciatic) But hey ! wait a minute that's what I've just done !! Correct use of PPE. Where I want to go Look ! Face and walk to where I want to go. lifting moving push pull using body strength a load How to... do this ? I have planned.
Now I need to
move the box. PLAN CARRY PUT DOWN assess the load What is the weight ?
Regular shape ?
Is there handle ? DO DON'T Let's start with a
small video... Hello! I'm Adam the
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