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Japanese ghost stories, urban, legend

No description

Pa Yang

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Japanese ghost stories, urban, legend

Japanese Culture Club Ghost Games Contemporary Traditional Anime/Drama Explore the Asian Supernaturaaalllll!!! Japanese Ghost Stories Kuchisake Onna (The Slit-Mouth Woman) is about a disfigured woman who carries around large scissors and preys on children. Her mouth is slit from ear to ear, a permanent SMILE. She walks through the streets of Japan wearing a surgical mask. If you meet her, she will ask you, "Am I beautiful?. Then she takes of her mask and asks you again, " AM I BEAUTIFUL NOW?" YES NO I CHOOSE TO LIVE O.O Muahahahahhahaa She will take out her scissors and slit your mouth, just like HER! Hehehehehehehehe....You're UGLY!
She will kill you immediately, chopping off your head! Kashima Reiko is about the ghost of a woman with no legs who haunts bathrooms. WARNING: They say that after you hear the story of Kashima Reiko, she will appear to you within a month. If you don't want to see her, don't read this. One day, a group of men attacked her, abused her horribly, and left her for dead. She tried to call for help, but nobody heard her. Trying to find help, she crawled onto a railway track and collapsed, unconscious. The train came and ran over her, killing and cutting her in two at the waist. She wanders the world looking for her legs.
You can encounter her mainly in the bathroom. When you enter, she will ask, "Where are my legs?" the answer is "On the Meishin Expressway."
She will say, "who told you that?" you should reply, "Kashima Reiko told me."
Sometimes she will ask you, "Do you know my name?" DO NOT SAY "Kashima" or she will KILL you. The correct answer is "Mask Death Demon".
Ka-shi-ma stands for Ka = kamen (mask), shi = shinin (dead person), ma = ma (demon) Hanako-san is a little girl ghost who haunts the school bathrooms (mostly girl's bathroom). She is said to have bobbed hair and wears a red skirt.
If you knock on the third stall and call her name three times, you would hear a soft "Hai" meaning yes. Now is the chance to run away, but if you insist, open the door. When you do, she would great you and pull you into the toilet and kill you. Red Cloak (Aka Manto), aka Red Mantle, Red Vest, or Red Cape, is a Japanese ghost who haunts the girl's bathroom. He wears a red cloak and a white mask and is so charming and handsome that girls can't resist him. He hides in the last stall and when you enter, he steps out and asks, "Which do you prefer, Red cloak or Blue cloak?" Red He slits your throat or chops off your head and the blood flows down your back making it look like you are wearing a red cloak. Or he will skin you alive. Blue He grabs you by the neck and chokes you until your face turns blue and you die of suffocation. Or he will drain all the blood out of your body. Another Color? The floor will open up beneath you and pale white hands will reach up and drag you down to hell. YELLOW! He will pull your head down the toilet and make you smell pee! Tek Tek or Teke-Teke is about a girl who fell under a train and was cut in half. She died a slow painful death and now haunts Japan dragging her top half along using her claw-like hands. Every time she moves, she makes a "teke-teke" sound.
The children say that she carries a sharp saw or scythe. If she catches you, she'll cut in in half and you'll become just like her. She is said to chase children who play at dusk. The Kappa is the most famous of all legendary Japanese monsters. He is a cross between a monkey, frog, and turtle.
They usually play pranks such as making loud, smelly farts and peeking up women's dresses. They kidnap small children, killing people and eating their internal organs. Kappas lurk underwater in rivers and streams, waiting.

In the old days, people will go poop in the streams. The kappa will come by and grab your naked butt and drown you. Or he will stick his arm through your butt and turn your body inside-out, then he eats your liver.

Now, since people go to the toilet, he lurks in sewers and bathroom pipes, waiting to grab you. The No Face (Nopperabou) is a monster who has no face. At night, she will come to you and talk to you casually creating an illusion of having a face. Then at the right moment, she will show you her true face and scare you. The Long Neck Rokurobuki are monsters who are usually young attractive girls. They act like normal humans, but at night their neck grows lonnnnnnnngggggg and they search for human prey. But most of the time, they just like to scare people. They have one sign that will give them away, they will have pale stretch marks on their neck.
However, there is a scarier version. This version is called Nukekubi, the "Removable Head Woman." Her head completely detaches from her body and flies around at night looking for people to eat. You can kill her if you find her body and hide it. In a small town in Japan, there lived two hunters named Mosaku and Minokichi. Mosaku is an old man and his son was 16 years old. One night, while they were hunting, a huge snow storm fell upon them. They took shelter in an abandoned cabin in the wilderness. Soon they both fell asleep. But, Minokichi was awakened by the freezing cold, and he noticed that the door was wide open. The snow witch was hovering over him and said, "You are a pretty-boy. I will not kill you. But if you ever tell anyone about me, I will!" Then, she left. The boy tried to wake his father up but his father was dead.
He carried his father back home after the storm and continued to hunt to provide food for his mother. One year later, he met a beautiful pale girl and they fell in love. His mother died and the girl gave birth to ten children. One day, Monokichi told his wife about the snow witch.
"It was I-I-I! Yuki it was! And i told you that I would kill you if you ever told anyone about it! But because of our children i would not kill you! If you do not take good care of them or if they ever complain, i will treat you as you deserve!!"
Then she left screaming like a crying wind, exploding into white mist. Tenome was a blind man who was beaten up and murdered by a mugger. He returned as a ghost, but his anger and desire for revenge was so great the his blind eyes were gone, and instead, he grew new eyes in his hand. Not knowing the face of the man who killed him, he roams around killing anybody while waving his hand to see. *1 - the rice represents innards and also has the role of attracting spirits.
*2 - the crimson thread represents a blood vessel. It seals the spirit(s) up inside the doll.
*3 - by cutting the thread off, you break the seal and release the spirit(s) you have trapped.
*4 - if you go out of the hiding place without salt water, you might encounter "something wandering around" in your house which might harm you in some way. Apparently the way to feel the presence of the "something wandering around" is to watch "what happens to the TV." Notes Other things to keep in mind:
+Don't go out of the house until you have done the finishing ritual.
+You must turn off all lights.
+Keep quiet while hiding.
+You don't need to put the salt water in your mouth all the time. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual.
+Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too.
+Don't continue this ritual for more than one or two hours.
+For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked (including your front door) and have some friends close by so that they can come and help you at a moment's noice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too. MOST IMPORTANT
Please don't stop this ritual halfway. You must do it through to the end. 
This is a dangerous ritual and I will not be responsible for what happens to you if you try. 1. Pour half the cup of salt water into your mouth (don't drink it; keep it there)*4 and get out of the hiding place and start looking for the doll. The doll is not necessarily in the bathroom. Whatever happens don't spit out the salt water.
2. When you find the doll, pour the rest of the salt water which is left in the cup over it, and then spray the salt water in your mouth over it as well.
3. Say "I win," three times. How to Finish It 1.Give a name to the doll (the name could be anything but your own)
2.When it is 3 am, say to the doll "__(your name) is the first it," three times.
3.Go to the bathroom and put the doll into the water-filled bathtub.
4.Turn off all lights in the house, go back to the hiding place and switch on the TV.
5.When you have counted ten with your eyes closed, go back to the bathroom with the edged tool (a knife, etc) in your hand.
6.When you get there, say to the doll ,"I have found you, __(the doll's name)," and stab the doll with the edged tool*3.
7. Say "You are the next it, __(the doll's name)," as you put the doll back in its place.
8.As soon as you have put the doll down, run back to the hiding place and hide. How To Do It: 1. Take all the cotton (or whatever it is stuffed with) out of the doll, and stuff it instead with rice*1.
2. Clip a bit of your nails and put them inside the doll, and sew the opening up with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the doll with the rest of the thread *2.
3. Pour water into a bathtub.
4. Place a cup of salt water inside the hiding place. Preparation + A Stuffed Doll with limbs
+ Some Rice (enough to stuff the doll full)
+ A Needle and a Crimson Thread
+ A Sharp-Edged Tool (such as a Knife, a Glass Shard, or Scissors)
+ A Cupful of Salt (natural salt would be best)
+ A Hiding Place (preferably a room purified by incense and ofuda) Things you need Introduction:

The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man tag, is a ritual for contacting the dead.

The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual you summon such a spirit by offering it a doll instead of a human body.

Warning: If you have psychic abilities you may feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual. The One-Man Hide And Seek DO NOT turn on any lights during the game
DO NOT use a flashlight
DO NOT fall asleep
DO NOT use another person’s blood on the paper that bears your name
DO NOT try to use a lighter. It will not work.
DO NOT attempt to provoke or anger the Midnight Man in ANY WAY.
It must be exactly 12 am when you perform the ritual Midnight Game Rules This is when the game begins. Your goal is to avoid the midnight man at all costs. You may move through the house to avoid him. You can tell if he is near; your candle will go out, it will get chilly, you’ll hear a low whisper, and he will appear in front of you. You must relight the candle within 10 seconds. If not, throw down a circle of salt around yourself and stay inside the circle from 12:01am to 3:33am.
If you are still alive at 3:33am, you’ve won. If not, you’ll be tortured, sometimes to death, until 3:33am. Come back and let us know if you’ve won the game. You’ll need the following supplies to play: paper, pencil, needle, candle, a box of matches, a door and salt.
Turn off all the lights.
Light a candle
Write your name on the paper, first, middle, and last
Prick your finger with the needle and add a drop of blood on the paper, allow it to soak in
Place the paper with your name on the floor in front of the door.
Knock on the door 22 times with the ticking of the clock, the 22nd knock MUST occur at 12am.
Open your door, blow out the candle, and close it. You have now summoned the "Midnight Man".
Immediately relight your candle How To Play The Midnight Game 1. Do not let go of anyone’s thumb.
2. Do not open your eyes.
3. Do not allow the candle to burn out.
4. Do not look behind you. Rules While you are in the villa, looking for the thumb, you may feel someone tap you twice on the shoulder. When this happens, do not look behind you. Otherwise, you will never be able to come back alive.
Warning: It is extremely important that you do not look behind you. If you do, you will be killed. You will never return from the villa. You will be forced to remain there eternally, tapping people on the shoulder twice and then brutally murdering them. Instead of just being a missing person, you will be a murderer.
If you manage to find the severed thumb, hold it tightly in your hand and then blow out the candle. You will return and your wish will be granted. If you cannot find the thumb, just blow out the candle and return. Do not allow the candle to burn out on its own or you will be stranded in the villa. The object of the Thumb Game is to find the missing left thumb of a murdered young woman. If you find it, your wish will be granted. You need three or more people to play this game.
In a villa, a 20-year old woman was murdered. Her corpse was dismembered. When her body parts were discovered, they were strewn all around the villa. Her left thumb was nowhere to be found. Step 1: Form a circle sitting on the ground. You should grab the left thumb of the person on your right. The person on your left should grab your left thumb.
While the game is in progress, do not let go of the person’s thumb. Otherwise, when the game ends, their thumb will be missing.
Step 2: Everyone has to close their eyes and imagine they are in the villa where the murdered woman was dismembered. You must do this seriously or else it will not work.
While the game is in progress, do not open your eyes.
Step 3: Say the following chant twice.
“Oyayubi, Oyayubi, hear our voices.
Oyayubi, Oyayubi, grant our wish.”
You will be transported to a room you’ve never seen before. It is a western-style villa. There is one solitary candle in the room.
Step 4: You must start looking for the thumb immediately. You have until the candle burns out to search for the severed thumb.
Step 5: To get back from the villa, you must blow out the candle. How to play The Thumb Game (oyayubi sagashi) is a japanese urban legend about a young woman who died. Anyone who finds her missing thumb will be granted a wish. The game is also sometimes called “Looking for the thumb”. The Thumb Game The next morning, when you wake up, the game will begin. The ghost of the one-eyed woman will be following you. Whenever you turn to look, she will disappear. Throughout the day, when you glance over your right shoulder, you will occasionally catch a glimpse of her. She will get closer and closer as the day goes on. Do not allow her to catch you.
If you glance over your shoulder and see that she is way too close, you should shout “Tomare!” which means “Stop!” Then run away as quickly as possible. This will allow you to put some distance between yourself and the one-eyed woman.
To end the game, you must catch a glimpse of the ghostly woman and shout “Kitta!” which means “I cut you loose!” Then hold out your hand in front of you and swing it down in a cutting motion (like a karate chop).
You should end the game before midnight. Otherwise the one-eyed woman will appear in your dreams and follow you. Step 7: When you sense the presence of the ghost, say out loud “Why did you fall in the bath?”
Step 8: Keeping your eyes shut tightly, stand up, get out of the bath. Be careful not to trip and fall. Immediately leave the bathroom and shut the door behind you. Now it is safe to open your eyes. Leave the water in the bath overnight. Go to sleep. The ghostly figure of a woman will rise out of the water behind you. You will feel her presence as she stares at you, her head just behind your right shoulder. Her hair is black and tangled. Her clothes are tattered and rotting. She has only one eye. Her left eye is wide open and bloodshot. Her right eye is missing, leaving just a bloody, hollow eye socket. Do not open your eyes when the ghost first appears.
Do not allow the ghost to trip you when you get out of the bath.
Do not re-enter the bathroom after you leave.
Do not drain the bathtub until morning.
Do not allow the one-eyed woman to catch up to you. Rules Step 1: Before you go to bed at night, take off your clothes and go into the bathroom.
Step 2: Fill the bathtub with water and turn off the lights.
Step 3: Sit in the middle of the bathtub, facing the faucets or taps.
Step 4: Wash your hair, while repeating over and over the words “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.”
Step 5: As you wash your hair, in your mind, you should see an image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub. She slips and falls onto a rusty tap. The tap goes through her eye and kills her.
Step 6: Keep repeating the words “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down” until you finish washing your hair. Your eyes must remain shut.
You may hear or feel a slight movement in the bathwater behind you. Keep your eyes closed. Do not peek. You have just summoned a ghost. Instructions The Bath Game or “Daruma-san” is a paranormal ghost game that originated in Japan. The game involves summoning a grotesque ghost that will follow you all day. The object of the game is to evade the ghost and prevent it from catching you. Bath Game Answer Man

The Answer Man is an urban legend about a game that is played by kids in Japan. They say the game can invoke an evil spirit that will answer any question given to it.

You need:

Ten people who each own a cell phone
Step 1: Gather ten people in a loose circle. Each person must have the cell phone number of the person to their left.
Step 2: On the count of three, each person presses the call button to contact the person on their left
Step 3: Everyone puts their phone to their ear and listens

Because everyone is calling each other at the same time, all of the phones should be busy and nobody should receive an answer. However, one person will find that their call is mysteriously answered and they will hear a voice on the other end of the line. This is the Answer Man. When you are on the phone with the Answer Man, you can ask him anything. He will answer whatever questions you choose to ask him. However, after he gives you your answer, he will have a question for you. They say that if you answer his questions incorrectly or are unable to give an answer, a large gnarled hand will appear from the phone and tear off a piece of your body. Urban Legend Story Hikiko Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror

Jigoku Shoujo Sadako 3D Carved In this world there are things that you should never say out loud, and the Japanese poem “Tomino’s Hell” is one of them. According to the legend, if you read this poem out loud, disaster will strike. At best, you will feel very ill or injure yourself. At worst, you could die.
In this video you can hear Tomino being read in Japanese. You will notice that the person who made the video used text to speech software. They didn’t dare read it out loud themselves. This is a rough English translation:
Tomino’s Hell
The older sister vomits blood, the younger sister spits fire.
Cute Tomino spits treasured jewels.
Tomino died alone and fell into hell.
Hell, darkness, with no flowers.
Is it Tomino’s older sister that whips?
The number of red welts is worrisome.
Whipping and beating and pounding,
The path to eternal hell is only one way.
Beg for guidance into the darkness of hell,
From the golden sheep, from the nightingale.
How much is left in the leather bag,
Prepare for the endless journey into hell.
Spring comes and into the woods and valleys,
Seven turns in the dark valley of hell.
In the cage is a nightingale, in the cart a sheep,
In the eyes of cute Tomino are tears.
Cry, nightingale, for the woods and the rain
Voicing your love for your sister.
The echo of your cry howls through hell,
and a blood-red flower blooms.
Through the seven mountains and valleys of hell,
Cute Tomino travels alone.
To welcome you to hell,
The glimmering spikes of the needled mountain
Stick fresh punctures in the flesh,
As a sign to cute Tomino. I have no idea whether or not it is safe to read the English translation out loud. If I were you, I would err on the side of caution.
One person said: “I once read Tomino’s Hell on the air for an online radio show called Radio Urban Legends. At first everything was normal, but gradually my body, it became difficult to read. I read half of it and then broke down and threw it away. Two days later I got injured and I was left with seven stitches. I do not want to think that this was because of the poem.” Tell her, "You look average."
This will confuse her while you escape!
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