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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth

No description

Michelle Tymchuk

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth

By: Michelle Tymchuk Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth Author Genre Characteristics Main Settings Main Characters The Big Problems The Climax The author is Jeff Kinney The genre is comedy. The characteristics of my book is that my book is it is very funny. The main character Greg Heffley is always getting in to mischief. When Greg talks he makes it sound really funny. The main characters are Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Greg's mom Susan, Greg's dad Frank, Manny Heffley Greg's little brother, and Greg's older brother Rodrick. The main settings are Greg Heffley's house and his middle school. The big problem is Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson aren't friends anymore and Greg is trying to grow up too fast. It is hard for Greg to do all these things by himself. The climax in my book is when Greg and Rowley got invited to one of Jordan Jury's parties. Jordan Jury is one of the most popular older kids in school. Greg's mom won't let Greg go though because Greg's Uncle Gary is getting married for the fifth time the same day and time. Greg thinks he is going to be groomsmen and get to go to the bachelor party because they told him he wasn't going to be a spokesmen this time. Greg was so excited until they told him he was just going to be an assistant flower boy to his little brother Manny. The solution to the problem is that Greg realizes that he wants to enjoy the time he has as a child slowly. Greg also wants to be friends with Rowley again because they have been friends for such a long time and plus Greg doesn't even remember why they were fighting in the first place. Solution To The Problem Summary In the beginning of my book, " The Ugly Truth" Greg and Rowley still are not friends. Greg is still waiting for Rowley to come back crying to him, but Rowley's parents are paying this company called, " Cool Brian" to send a guy out to be Rowley's friend. So Rowley hasn't come back crying to Greg yet. Then Greg's mom made up her mind and decided to go back to college. Now the boys all have to do all the stuff that mom always did as chores and that has not been going too well. One day when Greg got to Health class he got an assignment that he had to take care of an egg. This project counted as twenty- five percent of his grade. Greg's egg was in perfect condition until his mom made it into breakfast. Greg still turned in his egg as it was and told his teacher he should get partial credit.Then Greg's school was having a lock in. Greg thought it would be fun and that there would be girls there, but really there was ten percent girls there and ninety percent boys. Greg was trapped there because when they call it a lock in they lock every single door. The parents and teachers that offered to be helpers at the lock in made them play dumb games to get to know each other and for the helpers to find out who was a good kid and who was a bad one. Then Greg and Rowley got invited to one of a really cool and popular older kid's parties, but Greg's mom won't let Greg go because Greg's Uncle Gary is getting married the same day and time. Uncle Gary has been married five times, but Greg is excited about this one because he doesn't have to be a spokesmen this time. Greg thinks he is going to be a groomsmen and is all excited about the bachelor party. Greg is really just going to be an assistant flower boy to his little brother Manny though. It turned out that the only reason that Greg and Rowley were invited to one of Jordan Jury's parties was so they could be servers and that is what Rowley and some other kids had to do at the party. Then Greg got the talk from Gammie and this time this time the topic was about how Greg was trying to grow up too fast and how he should enjoy being young. Gammie told Greg that he was about to go into the, " Awkward Years" and how he wouldn't look right until his junior or senior year of high school and how he shouldn't let anyone take his picture. After the talk Greg said he couldn't remember why him and Rowley were fighting and said he wants to be friends with Rowley again. So at the end of the book Greg is friends with Rowley again and doesn't want to grow up too fast. Solution Most Important Thing The most important thing I learned from my book is that I don't want to grow up too fast. I learned this because Greg had to go to boy/girl parties that were awkward and he was going to have to go through the awkward years. Growing up is not easy and I just need to enjoy being a kid. Recommendation Yes! I would recommend this book. It is a book that will make you laugh. It also teaches you some life lessons in a fun exciting way. Author The author is Jeff Kinney. Genre The genre is comedy.
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