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Renaissance and Reformation

No description

Jocelyn Harty

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance and Reformation

Describe at least two causes and effects of the Reformation
Effects of Reformation
Luther broke away from Catholic Church, forms Lutheran Church.
believe in salvation by faith alone
Lutheran Church
Launched the Protestant Reformation when he posted his 95 Theses.
Hated Church’s sale of indulgences
Martin Luther
Protestant Reformation
Medieval or Renaissance?
Medieval or Renaissance?
Medieval or Renaissance?
Medieval or Renaissance?
Medieval or Renaissance?
“Madonna and Child before a Fireplace” by Campin
Cartoonish, unrealistic people figures
Positive portrayal of religion
Hard lines
Medieval or Renaissance?
Realistic sculpture and Frescos
Characteristics of Renaissance Art
Announcement of the Angel to Saint Anne
Giotto: Realism
Gives realistic emotions and gestures
Characteristics of Renaissance Art
Borrowed from classical styles
Brunelleschi and Shakespeare
Artistic Impact: Literature and Architecture
Copernicus- Sun was center of the universe not earth= heliocentric.
Intellectual Renaissance
Revival of Trade increased wealth
Social mobility (now you can move up the chain!)
Rise of the middle class
Economic Renaissance
Johann Gutenberg ‘s invention of moveable type= printing press
Rapid spread of ideas
Books available to ordinary citizens
Gutenberg Bible is the first printed book
Renaissance Inventions
Thinkers used observation to explain the world, rather than the church
Church lost power .
Ideas of the Renaissance
Renaissance (1350-1500)
12. growing emphasis on the individual
Renaissance or Reformation
1. Centuries of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants
2. Europe became divided between Catholic countries and Protestant countries (NW Europe)
Effects of Reformation
The Catholic Church fought back against the rise of Protestantism.
Council of Trent—ended the sale of indulgences, introduced Church reforms, began a Church ban of certain books.
Inquisition—Tried and executed persons who were suspected of committing heresy (non-Catholic beliefs)
Jesuits—new catholic order
Catholic rulers join with Pope in fighting Protestantism
The Catholic Counter-Reformation
John Calvin
focused on predestination, the idea that God would decide who is going to Heaven after death
King Henry VIII forms the Church of England
Act of Supremacy- established Anglican Church and its supremacy over any other Church
Later Reformers
Luther began to directly challenge the authority of the pope
Encouraged lay people to read the Bible and interpret it for themselves
Reformers became known as Protestants
Luther and his ideas
Causes of the Reformation
Spirit of Inquiry of the Renaissance
Church activities
Greed and corruption
1/3 of the land in Europe was owned by the Church
Church officials becoming very wealthy
Pope acting as ruler not spiritual leader
“Buy your way out of your sins”
School of Athens, Raphael, 1510
Use of perspective (looks almost 3D)
Realistic people
Contains images of Plato, Socrates, and other classical thinkers, in homage to the Greek and Roman civilizations
Notre Dame de Paris, Constructed 1163-1345
Stained glass with religious images
Flying buttresses
More vertical orientation than horizontal
Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, 1510
Attention to detail
Realistic portrayal of the human form
Shows God as human-like
Use of light
St. Peter’s Basilica, Buonarroti, constructed 1506-1626
Greek and Roman influence (Columns, domes)
More horizontal than vertical
The Last Judgment
Flat (no depth)
Hard lines
Medieval Art
cartoonish figures
positive religious feel
not overly colorful
flat (no dimensions)
The Last Supper
Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci--Geometrical arrangement
Characteristics of Renaissance Art
Artists- Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo
Art & Sculpture- more realistic
Artistic Impact: Art & Sculpture
Studied motion and law of the pendulum
Laid the foundation for modern physics and supported Copernicus
Tried by the Catholic Inquisition in 1632 for supporting Copernicus’ view
Intellectual Renaissance
Machiavelli wrote "The Prince"
guidebook for rulers to secure & maintain power
”the ends justifies the means”
Political Renaissance
Ideas of the Renaissance
The Trinity
Masaccio: Perspective
bringing 3D to 2D
All lines go to central point.
Characteristics of Renaissance Art
Leonardo Da Vinci-- (chiaroscuro)
-Light and shadows
-Softening (makes individual stand out and seem more human)
Characteristics of Renaissance Art
Unit 8
Started in Italy
Renaissance was a “Rebirth” of European culture
Classical civilizations (Greeks and Romans) served as inspiration
Celebrated human achievements and focused on individual worth

Petrarch “Father of Humanism"
Rise of Powerful states
(yes, this is a new set of notes)
Warm Up
In your opinion, where is the best place to live in the ENTIRE world?
Flying machine
Machine gun
Warm Up

What is your favorite style of art?
3. Sped economic growth in Northern Europe
4. Renaissance and Reformation strengthened the authority and power of secular powers (kings)
1. growing prosperity of merchants
2. rulers defy pope and become protestant
3. political, social, and artistic theories spread
4. Selling of indulgences
5. printing press and the spread of learning
6. merchants sponsor artists and pay to beautify cities
7. individuals interpret bible for themselves
8. art celebrates individual and personal expression
9. Henry VIII created Anglican Church
10. Luther’s 95 theses
11. Humanism
Reformation effect
Renaissance AND Reformation
Warm Up

Why was the printing press important in the Reformation?
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