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Jerry Uelsmann and the Manipulated Photograph

No description

Mary Fountain

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Jerry Uelsmann and the Manipulated Photograph

Your Assignment
Combine magazine graphics into Jerry Uelsmann style photomontages.

Your objective is to make the combined elements look like a seamless composition.
You will be expected to incorporate at least 3 different magazine clippings into one image.
The entire paper must be covered with magazine images.
Craftsmanship is IMPORTANT. These images should not look like a kindergartner cut them out.
3 seperate compositions will be due at the end of class on Friday (February 6). You must turn them into Mr. Harper.
Non Traditional Dark Room Technique
Jerry Uelsmann, born 6/11/1934

Well known for "photomontage" techniques in the dark room.

Photomontage- a combination of several photographs joined together for artistic effect.
Uelsmann created surreal compositions through sandwiching negatives and/or exposing 2 different negatives on the same sheet of photographic paper.

Sandwiching negatives = created by combing two negatives in the film carrier of the enlarger and printing on one sheet of paper as one image.

Jerry Uelsmann Lecture
Process Cont'd
Uelsmann also set up multiple enlargers with different negatives as a means to combine the negatives into one image.

Uelsmann likely used "burning" and "dodging" techniques during this process. These techniques involve masking areas of the photographic paper, usually to fix inconsistent lighting across and image.

= leaving small areas exposed to light longer by masking the areas you do not want darker.

= masking dark areas that you want lighter.

Burning and dodging involve moving various sized cardboard over the photo paper while the enlarger light is on.
Tree Goddess, 1994
Jerry Uelsmann and the Manipulated Photograph
Journey into Night, 2006
Untitled, 1969
Untitled, 1982
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