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The Five Themes Of Zimbabwe

Mr. Mann's 4th Period Class

David Turner

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The Five Themes Of Zimbabwe

The Five Themes Of Zimbabwe The Location Of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is located in the Eastern Hemisphere on the continent of Africa. It is located in southern Africa and Does not touch water. It is entirely surrounded by neighboring countries. It borders Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa. It si located approximately at 20 degrees south and 30 degrees east. Location Physical Characteristics Zimbabwe holds a tropical climate and rains from November to March. It is very mountainous in the east. Zimbabwe holds may rivers such as the Zambezi River. The Zambezi River claims Victoria Falls. In south Zimbabwe the are a lot less mountainous. Zimbabwe is a very elevated country. A large mountain chain runs right through the center of Zimbabwe and makes its peak around the eastern border of Zimbabwe. Place Physical Characteristics of Zimbabwe Human Characteristics Zimbabwe is a country that is highly proud of their art. They are extremely famous for their stone sculptures. In Zimbabwe English is the primary language although only two percent consider English two be their native language. For a long time Zimbabwe was a British colony. Because of this they have adopted many British cultures and qualities such as afternoon tea and porridge in the morning. Soccer is the most popular sport in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe pop and folk music is very popular. The musical instrument called the mbila is very popular in Zimbabwe. Place Zimbabwe is very famous for importing and exporting tobacco. They also import other items such as gold, cotton, clothing, and other useful and expensive items like platinum. Zimbabwe receive many mechanical tools and chemicals. Many well known artist come from Zimbabwe and have influenced many black people in art. Their art has intrigued many europeans and africans and is wildly popular and is making its mark on the world. Many people go to visit Zimbabwe to see its beautiful scenery. Many people leave Zimbabwe because its economic downfall has forced people and families to move to different countries to find better opportunities. Movement Zimbabwe has plenty of unique characteristics. It holds the famous Victoria Falls and is home to plenty of wildlife. It is primarily flat but is held at a high altitude and is quite mountainous in the east. there seems to be a line of mountains that cuts right through the country coming from the west and both ending and making its peak at the far east side of the country. the country is rich in plenty of resources like gold and platinum. They rarely get severe weather. This is a landlocked country surrounded on all sides by land. This country has a large amount of rivers running through it such as the Zambezi River which eventually runs into Victoria Falls. This country sustains a very tropical climate The southern part of this country is extremely low in altitude compared to the western, northern and eastern. Physical Characteristics of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is very well known for their art. Zimbabwe has influenced many famous artist. Many artist come from Zimbabwe because of their cultural talent for art. Zimbabwe is rich with many resources such as gold and platinum. Platinum and gold turn out to be some of their most famous exports. Zimbabwe also exports goods such as clothing, ferroalloys, cotton and their most export, tobacco. In return Zimbabwe receives plenty of machinery. Ever since U.S currency was introduced in Zimbabwe they have been in a bad economic downfall. Many people are leaving Zimbabwe because they can't find jobs or work to help or support their families. They are forced to move to different countries in search for the future of their families. The people that choose to come to Zimbabwe are usually tourist that are sightseeing or ,I would guess, art fanatics. Movement in Zimbabwe Movement of Zimbabwe Like I have said before, Zimbabwe is rich in plenty of natural resources such as platinum and gold and so on and so forth. This means mining is very popular in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe also holds a lot of wildlife and forests. The environment in Zimbabwe is good for growing crops and it is also popular for livestock to be raised in Zimbabwe too. All in all their country holds a very successful agricultural standard. Deforestation has become an issue in Zimbabwe. All the mining causes a lot of pollution. A lot of the air and water is polluted and it is bad for the environment. Poaching has also become a major issue. Many animals have become endangered because of this including the Black Rhinoceros. Human Environment-Interaction in Zimbabwe Human Environment-Interaction in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is located in the giant region of Africa. It is also often mentioned to be part of two other regions. Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Africa ,but we are going to talk about why it is included in the African region. Besides the reason that Zimbabwe is located on the African continent there are plenty of other reasons why it is included there. One reason is because Africa is known for its large amounts of agriculture such as growing tobacco crops or raising livestock. Another reason would be that Zimbabwe is very known for its art. This is a very common similarity with all the countries in Africa. Zimbabwe also holds a diverse population just like the rest of Africa. The final reason I am going to present to you is the fact that Zimbabwe sustains a large amount of wildlife and in Africa wildlife is very abundant. Region of Zimbabwe
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