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Charles Execution

A Collab by Chelsie Edun, Daniella Moore, and Lois Storrar

Chelsie Edun

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Charles Execution

The execution shocked many people as this was the first time that any Royal was put on trial and then executed.
King Charles Execution
Did his execution affect the people?
Why was Charles 1 executed in the first place?
Some people were confused because the killing of a king, regicide, was unlawful. How could England let this happen?
How did the public react when Charles was put to death?
Who ruled England after King Charles I ?
Oliver Cromwell became the Lord Protector of England after King Charles, so England became a Republic.
The Puritans have become powerful

However he was a puritan
Puritans tried to live simple lives, they didn't like sports or entertainment, they thought it was a distraction to God.

When Charles was executed the public
were shocked and some wanted a rebellion. Charles' son Charles II and
his followers made this happen.
What happened to the Royal Family?
The Royal family went into hiding until all of the fuss died
Who were the
Royalists, Diggers and Levellers and what were their ideas?
The Royalists were the party who supported Charles. The Diggers were a group of protestant English socialists and the Levellers were a political movement which emphasized equality before law and religious tolerance. All three parties plus Charles II and his followers grouped together to case a rebellion: the Second Civil War.
The World Turned

The author of the pamphlet 'world turned upside down, tried to share his views on Charles' death how it was against the law and how he didn't think that God would support the Roundheads.
The Restoration of the Crown
After Oliver Cromwell died of Malaria, he left the throne to his son Richard.
Many feared for their head, even the chief judge John Bradshaw wore a metal helmet to protect himself as he read out the verdict.
However, regicide was allowed to happen since he was accused of being a tyrant, traitor, murderer and public enemy.
If he was not executed then he might cause a rebellion and Oliver Cromwell didn't want that to happen. On the other hand, the Divine Right of Kings (which is what Charles followed) would object to this.
Upside Down
Richards main weakness was that he didn't have confidence in the army, therefore he lost them.
On the 6th May 1659 he was removed and the Rump Parliament replaced him. A while later, Charles II took his right place on the throne.
This is a presentation which is going to be about King Charles' Execution and what happened after.
Here is a short video of King
Charles I
before his execution
Cromwell divided England into 11 divisions
and each were run by major generals, they
were very strict puritans.
They banned things like using boats,barges, horses and coaches unless they were using them to get to church.
They became very unpopular because they even banned things like offering to buy or sell anything, dancing, singing or playing a musical instrument and mending a dress.
Because of this even CHRISTMAS WAS BANNED!
Charles II returned all the sports and entertainment, he was called the Merry Monarch because he was seen gambling on horses and riding on a yacht down the river Thames.
Who are the levellers ?
After the King died people weren't sure who would rule England, the Royalists wanted King Charles son to come back from his Exile in France, while the Republicans wanted an end to Monarchy.
Who are the Diggers ?
The diggers wanted everyone to be equal, they thought that this could only happen if everyone owned all the land together then it would happen, however they were chased off by mobs which were hired by land owners.
The Levellers wanted to let everyone have an equal chance to vote and freedom of worship.
Lots of their supports came from the Army.
Charles execution obviously affect people because he was the first king to get executed. This especially affect his supporters.
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