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Search and Screen Orientation

No description

Shannon Lemke

on 13 February 2018

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Transcript of Search and Screen Orientation

Search and Screen Orientation
Shannon Lemke

(920) 424-1166
Do's and Dont's
-Confidentiality of applicants is priority
-Avoid internet and social media searches of applicants
-Avoid interview bias
-Communicate as soon as possible with applicants
-If you receive letters of recommendation from a reference, you may NOT pass on those letters to the candidate

-Automatic postings done through the PageUp system
-Advertised salary is the wage range you are held to
Tiering Candidates
-Determines which candidates will be interviewed
-Use the required KSA's as your guide to tier candidates

Tier 4 - Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements
Tier 3 - Meets Minimum Requirements
Tier 2 - Meets Some Preferred Qualifications
Tier 1 - Meets All Preferred Qualifications
Records Management
-Only search and screen members will have access to applications and position information
-All record information will be housed in PageUp
-Please upload any interview notes

Open Records Requests
-Happens when an outside party requests to see documentation of a search

-Applicant names are kept confidential, unless they were interviewed on campus

-If you receive a request for documentation from the search, contact the University’s Open Record Custodian publicrecords@uwosh.edu
Automatic Postings
-UWO careers page (mandatory)

-The Chronicle of Higher Education(fulfills target minority posting requirement)


Position/Industry Specific Postings
-Done outside of the PageUp system

-Posted by the search chair or search assistant

-Upload documentation to PageUp
Open Meetings Law
Salary Information
End Of Search

Phone Interviews
On Campus Interviews
How to Get Started
Committee Members
Charge to the Committee
-Search Chair - leads the search, communicates with the hiring manager and the committee

-Search Assistant - assists search chair, helps tier candidates and set up interviews

-Committee Member - tiers and interviews candidates

-Committee make-up - 3 member minimum, diverse representation
-All UWO salaries are public information
-Inform/discuss salary as soon as possible with your candidates
-Advertised salary is the wage range you are held to
-Cannot go outside the UW pay range
-Please seek final approval from your Dean/Director/AVC
-Set up through PageUp
-All candidates have same schedule
-Be prepared
-Make candidate feel comfortable
-All candidates asked the same questions
-Take good notes
-Cannot recommend candidates if you were not present for the interview
-If you provide/offer something for one candidate, you must provide/offer it to all candidates (ie. Skype interview, travel reimbursement, etc)
-If covering travel costs for candiates, work with Administrative Services to schedule flights and hotels. Candidates should not pay for travel and then seek reimbursement.
-Set up through PageUp
-Be prepared with your questions
-Quiet room
-Explain you will be taking notes and there will be pauses
-All candidates asked the same questions
-At least two search members present for each interview
-Cannot recommend candidates if you were not present for the interview
-Attend training on PageUp
-Assemble a search committee
-Receive charge from hiring manager
-Communicate with other committee members often
The initial meeting between the search committee and hiring supervisor to discuss:

-The nature of the position
-The date the position should be filled by
-The role the committee plays in the process
-The number of finalists the hiring manager would like to see on campus
-The role of the hiring manager in the process
-All search committee meetings are subject to this law
-Open session: information about the position, schedules, etc.
-Closed session: must move to closed session to discuss candidates
-Must inform campus at least 24 hours ahead of time of meeting
-Submit meeting notice to univnews@uwosh.edu
-Please upload meeting minutes to PageUp
-Authorization to work will be submitted for tenure track faculty only
-The authorization is for the applicant only, no spouse or children
-Please contact Human Resources with any questions @ (920) 424-1166
-Do not ask or consider:

– Race, Color
– Age
– Religious Affiliation
– Ethnic origin or National origin
– Marital/Family status
– Pregnancy
– Military/Veteran status
– Disability Status
– Arrest/Conviction Record (if substantially related a CBC will disclose)
– Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Expression
-Search committee gives their recommendation to hiring supervisor, who makes the final decision
-Job posting is automatically pulled from all applicable websites
-Offer letter/contract will be administrated through PageUp
-PageUp will start the on boarding process automatically

Please sign off on this presentation by clicking this link:

Acknowledgment of Training
-You must be signed into your UW Oshkosh Google accout
-If link does not work, please check your pop-up blocker
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