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building a computer

building a computer

ricky bobby

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of building a computer

Building a Computer
By: Anthony Pyne Silver Stone Full Tower Case-$199.99

Intel Core I5 750 Processor- $199.99

Case CPU Heatsink & Fan Cooler Master Hyper- $39.99 RAM Patriot Sector 5 Viper- $139.99
Motherboard Intel H55TC motherboard- $99.99
Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro M600- $69.99
Hard Drive
Optical Drive Lite-on Blu Ray ROM-$64.99
Sound Card M-Audio US41500C Audiophile PCI-$99.99

Video Card BFG GeForce 9800 GT-$99.99
Monitor eMachines E181HV 19" class widescreen LCD- $109.99
KeyBoard Logitech G15 gaming keyboard- $84.99
Mouse Logitech gaming mouse G500- $44.99
Operating System Microsoft windows 7 professional 64BIT-OEM DVD-$149.99

Speakers Logitech LS21 2.1 Stereo speakers system- $24.99
Seagate 7200 Barracuda- $109.99 Network Interface Card- installed in motherboard Software CA Anti-virus plus anti spyware-$47.99 Steps
1. open case
2. put in power supply
3. install processor on board
4. put down retension bar to lock in place
5. mount heatsink and fan on processor
6. put in RAM, hard drive, optical drive, sound card, and video card
7. mount motherboard to case
8. Plug in mouse and keyboard
9. turn on
10. go to system set up
11. put in windows 7
12. restart
13. install software
14. tie off cords
15. close computer

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