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No description

Jaylynn Brooks

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of WholesalesTreasureIsland

The End!! -Wholesale is the sale of goods to anyone other than a standard customer

-Wholesaler would be a person that buys large quantities of goods, and resells to retailers.

Manufactures -> Wholesalers -> Retailers -> Customers What is a Wholesaler? -A trunk show is a special event in which a designer displays their merchandise for a specific group.

-Decreased in popularity but remains popular with boutiques

-Educates customer, tests new line merchandise, and allows customers to provide feedback

-For upcoming designers, a trunk show is sometimes the only way to fund their production needs

-Can be as long 1-2 hours or up to the whole afternoon What is a Trunk Show? DSQUARED Simon Chang Thanks for Listening! by: Helen Ly, Jaylynn Brooks,
Jessica Caldwell, Nicole Mendoza &
Tiffany Cruz Canadian Wholesalers -Trunk shows are common for boutiques, boutique divisions of departments and designers who make one-of-a-kind pieces.

-Less expensive than catwalk shows

-Boutiques can test merchandise in their store before placing a wholesale order

-Provide designer with useful market information on their target market

-Strengthen sales and builds a larger clientele MILESTONES 2007 Women’s footwear production and distribution by Dsquared Srl
Opening of the first Dsquared2 mono-brand store in Milan

2008 Licensing agreement with Marcolin for the production and worldwide
distribution of sunglasses and prescription frames
Launch of the first women’s fragrance, “She Wood”

2009 Dean and Dan have been awarded with a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame
the Canada Honour

2010 Nominated HEADLINE TALENT COSTUME DESIGNERS for the Opening and
Closing Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

2012 Signed an exclusive licensing agreement with ISA for production and
distribution of new lingerie and swimwear line MEN’S WOMEN’S 1994 Debut of the “Homesick Canada Collection” in Milan as their first
menswear collection

1995 Men’s footwear partnership with Galizio Torresi

2002 Partnership with Staff International

2003 Debut of the first women’s wear collection, “Star 24/7"
“La Kore” award Best Emerging Designers
“Men of the Year” Award as the Best Breakthrough Design Team

2006 Licensing agreement with ITF for the production and international
distribution of Dsquared2 fragrances and cosmetics
Launch of first men’s fragrance, “He Wood" $925 - $5,195 Outerwear Bottoms
$315 - $1,890 Shoes
$395 - $1,110 $170 - $1,050 Shirts $1,505 - $2,725 Suits Accessories $45 - $1395 $550 - $6,770 $840 - $5,025 Outerwear Dresses $385 - $1,975 Shoes Tops $45 - $3,035 $150 - $1,395 Bottoms $250 - $2890 Accessories FALL/WINTER 2012 CAMPAIGN VERSUS V
S Pink Tartan is based on the President’s, Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s, personal style

Flagship Store - Yorkville, Toronto
Headquarters – New York

Style Lab – Both locations
Target Customers:
Elegant, Sophisticated, and Classy

Day-to-Night wear Fashion cycle is up to date with season changes, always keeps their classic modern style

Clothing is made of high quality fabrics Prices range from $80+ depending on the type of garment and details
Skirts go for as low as $50 to as high as $275 Sells to multiple markets internationally

Constantly keeping up to trend and keeping customers and buyers satisfied

Comes out with fresh concept ideas, keeping the attention of their audience

Displays merchandise in neat, tidy, and sophisticated designs Fall 2012 Collection Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Every woman
Ages 25-55
Income range mid to high level Target Customer Products - Women’s Wear
- Men’s Wear
- Corporate Apparel Division (Uniforms) Marketing
Efforts - Toronto Fashion Week
- Trunk Shows
- The Shopping Channel Business Organization - Design
- Photography
- Fashion Shows
- Retail Outlets Internal Departments External Departments
- Manufacturing
- Distribution
- Retail Sales through Independent - - Boutiques and Department stores
- Sales through The Shopping Channel Licensing - Boxers
- Eyewear
- Watches
- Denim
- Fragrances
- Handbags
- Swimwear Arthur Mendonca Studio: Toronto, ON

Showrooms: Toronto, ON & New York, NY

Target Customer:
women, 18-30 Women's wear; Business Attire Casual Wear Formal Attire Evening Wear Bolder Pieces Merchandising policies: •Fashion cycle emphasis: peak
•Quality: high, very reputable clientele. Marketing Efforts Toronto Fashion Week
Magazine publications Competitors Showed with Triarchy and Soia & Kyo. Company Structure Sole proprietorship, although has clothing at various stores. Types and names of retail companies they sell to: • Maxi Boutique (Toronto)
• Your Choice (Toronto)
• The Bay (The Room, Toronto and Vancouver)
• Juliana’s (New York)
• Latrice (Pennsylvania)
• Sutton East (New Jersey) Retail companies that carry the brand: Born in Living in LONDON Made in CANADA
Holt Renfrew
TNT (The New Trend)

The Webster


Luisa Via Roma COMPETITORS: Diesel, D&G, Frankie Morello Marketing efforts: Ad Campaigns
Fashion weeks
Celebrities $64-$170
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