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Chocolate Slavery

7 Revolutions speech proposal for public speaking

Angela S.

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Chocolate Slavery

Did you know that almost half of the chocolate you
are eating is made by slaves? I didn't. 7 Revolutions globalization
emerging players
debt Economic Integration Resources food
climate Domestic/International Informative Monroe’s Problem/Solution Persuasive Questions? Chocolate Slavery Do you like chocolate? http://www.scribd.com/doc/125689837/Blood-Chocolate-Exposing-the-Truth-of-Illegal-Slavery or... http://www.scribd.com/angela_scionti To explain and persuade how and why
this issue is valid enough for immediate action. To shed light and give the audience a real understanding of the unsustainability and threat this issue has if left alone. To persuade the audience to take action locally and globally with this issue. To briefly explain the goverment action/courtcases/boycotts that have occured around this issue. To inform the audience about the economic data that pertains to the issue To give a brief history of the issue and what is expected in the future
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