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Properties of Water

No description

Brooke Wilks

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Properties of Water

Properties of Water
There are 2 hydrogen atoms joined to 1 oxygen atom
The polarity of water results in weak electrical attractions
When water molecules stick together
Water is slightly positive on one side and negative on the other... this makes water a polar molecule
Surface Tension: How difficult it is to break the surface of a liquid.
Water has high surface tension because of the hydrogen bonds
Ex: water travels AGAINST gravity to get water to the leaves on a tree
When water molecules stick to other things
Why does ice float?
Low Density Solid
Solids are usually more dense than liquids, BUT.......
The ice would freeze and sink to the bottom of the body of water. This would progressively keep happening until the body of water was frozen solid. Aquatic life would not survive.

Because ice floats it creates a layer of insulation that keeps the water under it from freezing.
What would happen if ice didn't float?
High Specific Heat
What this means: Water can absorb heat but it takes lots of energy to raise the temp of water by 1 degree
Universal Solvent
More substances dissolve in water than any other chemical
What is happening when salt is dissolved in water?
pH scale
Acidic: (pH less than 7)
More hydrogen ions
more acidic

Basic: (pH more than 7)
fewer hydrogen ions
more basic
How does toothpaste kill bacteria?
Hydrogen bonds: the attraction of hydrogen (+ charge) with a negative (-) atom or molecule.
<> water molecules

Water is a Polar Molecule
H 0
* Like a string of beads
out when they get colder <>
Which is water as a solid?
What do you think would happen to the climate?
then there would be no fish for penguins. And then there would be no more penguins.
Problem: If you stick a bucket of water out by your car at midday in August for several hours, which object (the water in the bucket or your car) is going to be hotter?

The metal on the car doesn't ABSORB the heat and so it reflects the heat back... which is why it is hot

The water will ABSORB the heat and won't get hotter than the temp outside. So it will be cooler
Why would Arizona have a 26 degree temp swing and San Diego have a 12 degree swing?
In San Diego today the high and low is
In Phoenix today the high and low is...
pH joke.....
You're a 10!!!.....
on the pH scale....
because your basic.
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