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Bank services

No description

wendy dong

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Bank services

Bank services
which bank offers the best services for international students.
to face interviews
Group name: ACWA
Group member: Austin Cindy
Wendy Ashley

As we can see, Leicester is a really international city, lots of international students是come here for study. Nevertheless, bank is related to the daily life for them, so this presentation will introduce those services provided by those banks.
bank introduction
Thanks for your listening !!!!
Any question please
Nat west bank also known as national Westminster Bank, it is a largest retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom.
• International student current account
• 123 current accounts
• Student current account
International Student Current Account

Earn - 3% interest
Access your money 24/7
Online Banking
Mobile banking
Free text message and email alert service
No overdraft
Free international transfer
£5 monthly subscription fee
123 Current Account
earn up to 3% cash back
£2 monthly account fee
transfer easily

Student Current Account:
FREE Santander 16-25 Railcard worth £120*
1.00% AER/gross (variable) interest
Visa debit card
Easy access
Online and Mobile Banking
Free text and email alerts

no special account for students
basic account is no charge per month
special offer insurance

Interest and fee-free Planned Overdraft, up to £1500
Free NUS extra card for up to 3 years.
Easy payments with a Lloyds TSB card.
Manage money with Internet Banking。
£75 off a holiday booking with Start The Adventure (STA) Travel.

Up to £3000 interest free overdraft..
Instant £500 interest-free overdraft at account opening
Student credit card, £500.
Manage your money with Internet Banking,
Free music downloads-18 albums
Free charge for opening an account in UK
Require low initial amount, no monthly fee
Provide continuous, and high-quality follow-up services
Remittance flexible
High rate for the account application
It is a British bank headquartered in London. It has operations in many countries, especially in Asia and Africa.
Barclays and Standard Chartered Bank Co., Ltd. have established a partnership through the "Student Family Services Package" for the Chinese students who are studying in UK and also providing a comfortable banking experience
excellent student and family services
Student Account
Reasons for choosing TSB
Special discount for traveling
History, Scale and Reputation
Birkbeck university of London (n.d.) opening a UK bank account [WWW] http://www.bbk.ac.uk/prospective/international/coming-to-birkbeck/opening-a-uk-bank-account
International student support (n.d.) opening a UK bank account []http://www.ucl.ac.uk/iss/before-you-arrive/bank-account
The money advice service (2011) International students: opening a UK bank account. London: British Bankers Association
The voice of banking and financial services (2011) the Money Advice Service. London: Basic Bank Accounts
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