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Frankenstein Mock Trial Activity

Instructions for the mock trial activity for Frankenstein

Cinnemon Buie

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein Mock Trial Activity

Example of a Real Courtroom
Layout of a Courtroom
-Victor Frankenstein: Cole, Lisa (2)
-the ghost of William Frankenstein: Gabe, Elliot (2)
-the ghost of Justine Moritz: Kylie, Erin Bishop (2)
-the ghost of Henry Clerval: Ben, Ana (2)
-the ghost of Elizabeth Lavenza: Rita, Julia (2)
-the monster: Miles, Jared (2)
-witnesses for the plaintiff, including medical expert and ethicist: Alexandra, Erin Soeters (2)
-witnesses for the defendant, including medical expert and ethicist: Lizzy, Claire (2)
-attorney for the plaintiff: Shaw, Leah (2)
-attorney for the defendant: Brian, Laura (2)
-judge: Neela, Becca (2)
-jurors: Alex, Casey, Dustin, Kyle, Burke, Grace, Brenna (6-7)
Roles for 4th period
-the ghost of William Frankenstein: Michael, Lucas (2)
-the ghost of Justine Moritz: Samantha, Anna (2)
-the ghost of Henry Clerval: Daniel, Braden (2)
-the ghost of Elizabeth Lavenza: Sally, Juilana (2)

-the monster (plaintiff): Wes, Jacob (2)
-attorney for the plaintiff: Alex Wilhelm, Blaine (2)
-witnesses for the plaintiff, including medical expert, child psychologist, ethicist: Caleb, Sam, Chris (3)

-Victor Frankenstein (defendant): Jack, Thomas (2)
-attorney for the defendant: Zach Pruitt, Lama (2)
-witnesses for the defendant, including medical expert, child psychologist, ethicist: Jesse, Evan, Emily Powell (3)

-judge: Joe, Alex Zeman (2)
-jurors: Gio, Jordan, Emily Vandermast, Nicole, Maisie, Josh (6-7)
-Victor Frankenstein: (defendant) Will Jackson, Oscar (2)
-attorney for the defendant: Grace, Michael Jushchuk(2)
-witnesses for the defendant, including medical expert and ethicist: Kevin, Becka, Sam (3)

-the ghost of William Frankenstein: Andrew, Ben (2)
-the ghost of Justine Moritz: Allie, Makayla (2)
-the ghost of Henry Clerval: Jason, Spencer (2)
-the ghost of Elizabeth Lavenza: Sara, Kelly (2)

-the monster (plaintiff): Jack, Philly (2)
-attorney for the plaintiff: Ariana, Natalie (2)
-witnesses for the plaintiff, including medical expert and ethicist: Tony, Emily, Alvaro (3)

-judge: Zach, Lyndsey (2)
-jurors: Michael Thornton, Rachel, Alex, Lexi, Molly, Abraham (6-7)
Roles for 2nd period
Roles for 5th period
Today, we are beginning a mock trial activity. You will
have today to prepare your statements, questioning, and positions.

In a civil court, a suit is brought by one individual (plaintiff) against another (defendant), whereas in criminal court, the case is between the state (prosecution) and the defendant.

In this civil court the creature (plaintiff) is presenting a case against Victor Frankenstein (defendant) on the basis of negligence, malpractice, emotional and physical distress. Your statements must be written down and ready to present tomorrow.
-Today, you will confer with the other person(s) acting your role and devise a civil suit in which to engage tomorrow.

-PLEASE DRESS ACCORDING TO YOUR ROLE TOMORROW--we need to be able to identify you!

A Few Good Men is a 1992 drama film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore. A courtroom drama, the film revolves around the trial of two U.S. Marines charged with the murder of a fellow Marine and the tribulations of their lawyer as he prepares a case to defend his clients.
a. opening statement by plaintiff's attorney
b. opening statement by defendant's attorney
c. interrogation of plaintiff's witnesses by attorney for the plaintiff
d. cross-examination of plaintiff's witnesses by attorney for the defendant
e. interrogation of defendant's witnesses by attorney for the defendant
f. cross-examination of defendant's witnesses by attorney for the plaintiff
g. closing arguments by both attorneys
Journal After the Trial:
*Do you agree with the ruling?

*Which testimony was the most influential to the decision?

*If the creature was a human that was born instead of created and Victor Frankenstein was the biological father--do you think this would have affected the ruling?
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