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ECE 429 Work Progress

No description

Mohammed Tomehy

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of ECE 429 Work Progress

Backscatter modulation in two-way wireless sensors

Work Progress Work Progress Old Gantt Chart The End Questions?? Group Members Jason Earl
Samuel Metz
Mohammed Tomehy New Gantt Chart Recent Work Plan Task 1: Research and Design a Backscatter Transceiver and Tag
Task 2: Construct a Testing System
Task 3: Investigation of the Two-Way Communication Paradigm
Task 4: Documentation Tasks List Objective
To build a physical device that can be used to conduct the investigation of two-way communication using modulated backscatter.
Research (J)(S)(M) – 8/30/2012 (finished)
Evaluate Test Techniques (J)(S) – 10/29/2012 ( finished)
Create Plan for the Construction of the Physical Test Bed (J)(M) – 10/31/2012 (finished) Task 1: Research and Design a Backscatter Transceiver and Tag Objective
To design a set of procedures to allow the comparison of a real world backscatter radio with a MATLAB Simulink simulation
Create MATLAB Simulink Model (M) – 10/29/2012 (finished)
Create Tests for Investigation (J)(S)(M) – 11/2/2012 (finished)
Purchase/Build an RF Transceiver (J)(S)(M) – 11/9/2012 (in progress)
Build an Adaptive Radio Frequency Tag (J)(S) – 11/14/2012 (finished) Task 2: Construct a Testing System Objective
To begin the testing of the modulated backscatter system in order to discover the feasibility of the two-way communication paradigm
Simulate the Communication System (S) – 11/9/2012 (finished)
First Real-World Test of the Communication System (J)(S)(M) – 11/19/2012 (depends on parts arrival)
Simulate Errors and Interference in MATLAB (S) – 11/20/2012
Calibrate the Real-World System (J)(M) – 11/28/2012 (on change)
Second Real-World Test of the Communication System (J)(S)(M) – 11/30/2012 (no change) Task 3: Investigation of the Two-Way Communication Paradigm Objective
To document all experiments and testing
Begin Documentation (J)(S)(M) – 9/26/2012 (finished)
Submit First Draft Final Report (J)(S)(M) – 11/19/2012 (no change)
Complete Design Review (J)(S)(M) – 12/6/2012 (no change)
Complete Instruction Manual (J)(S)(M) – 12/7/2012 (no change)
Submit Final Report (J)(S)(M) – 12/7/2012 (no change)
Present The Project (J)(S)(M) – 12/10/2012 (no change) Task 4: Documentation Thank You New Plan 1
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