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Discovering the Manometer

No description

Jordan Kelley

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Discovering the Manometer

What the Manometer?!
A manometer is a tool used to obtain precise measurements of pressure of gases in a laboratory experiment. Not only is a manometer used on science. It is also in cooking and in the field of medicine. I medicine a manometer is called a sphygmanometer. This is used to obtain blood pressure readings. A manometer is a glass tube particularly filled with liquid.
Otton von Guerick
Was the creator and the inventor of the manometer, which was created in 1661. The manometer was invented on purpose. Most of inspiration came his previous projects like the vacuum.
How it Works !!
Manometer Formula
Success!! Exit Questions!!
Which is the correct measure unit for gas pressure?

What dose the manometer measure?

Who invented the very first manometer and first vacuum?

By: Jordan K. & Cassandra C.
Discovering the Manometer
p = pgh

g = (9.81 m/s squared)

P= fluid density

H= height of fluid column
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