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Estonia- A Country in a Bag

For Business

holly nicolle

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Estonia- A Country in a Bag

Basic Facts about Estonia:

- Large portion of the country is surrounded by water
- Estonia is know for its vast expanses of flat land and numerous lakes.

- The main religion is Lutheran Estonia A Country in a Bag
By: Holly, Taylor & Rachel Gender Roles: Business Attire: Punctuality: Economy: Major Trading Partners Imports & Exports: (Main imports/exports) Imports:
- transportation and travel services
- fuel
- metals
- metals
- wood
- brown goods (aka electronics) Problems & risks of conducting business in that country: Trade Agreements, Organizations, & Barriers: Culture & Customs of Estonia: Working facilities & conditions in the country: Government/ Political Situation: Would Canada be interested in anything Estonia exports? Is there anything Estonia would be interested in receiving from Canada? BAG DISCUSSION!
- In Estonia, it is considered rude to be late.
- Time management is essential in Estonian culture.
- It is necessary to schedule all meeting ahead of time.
- Arriving late will look bad, so always be sure to call if you aren't able to arrive on time.
- When you are invited to dinner, punctuality is expected. Finland 16% Exports
10% Imports Latvia 7% Exports
3% Imports Russia 16% Exports
13% Imports 4% Exports
12% Imports Germany United States of America Women in Estonia have been the target of gender descrimintation for many years. Smaller wages, limited power and management positions, and combining work with family life Issues Law passed in 2004 prohibiting extreme discrimination Men Most common business outfit is a suit and tie Women Women should dress fashionably, but not loudly
Common outfit is a blazer and dress pants or skirt (appropriate length only) - One of the best economies in Europe
-Economy grew 7.6% in 2011
-National debt is only 6% of GDP (Germany's debt is 81%
-Economy tends to fluctuate though Traditions There aren't too many RISKS in conducting business. But problem wise...
- their economy tends to go up and down a lot
- weak employee retraining system
- lack of skilled labour - weakness of competition policy
- quality of existing labour
- high tax levels
- government attitude toward investors
- lack of raw materials
- custom tariffs
- access to land - Declared independence from Russia during WWI
- Annexed by Soviet Union in WWII and was forced to be a member
- Declared officially independent in 1991 Past Government Present - President nominates Prime Minister and Government and Parliment approves nomination - Prime Minister makes decisions for Estonia and represents it's political power Andrus Ansip Imports from Canada:
-Fish and seafood products
-Chemical products
Exports to Canada:

-Electrical and electronic equipment
-Furniture and bedding
-Sports equipment
-Food products 6% Exports
1% Imports -Proudest traditions are singing and storytelling
- These both help preserve their culture and heritage
-Holidays follow Protestant traditions
- Jõulud (Estonian Christmas) starts December 23 and goes until December 25
-Estonian Independence Day is February 24 Families -Families are very important in Estonian culture
- Normal structure of families in cities is nuclear (2 parents with 1+ children)
-Structure in rural areas is extended (nuclear family plus aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) Manners - Estonians are quiet and like to keep to themselves
-They respect others who are quiet, calm, and polite
-Very common to bring a gift if invited to another's house
-Flowers and chocolate(flowers should be given in odd numbers)
-Adress others as Härra (Mr.), Prova (Mrs.), or Preli (Miss) followed by their surname Agreements:
* Free Trade Agreement between Estonia and Ukraine
* Free Trade Agreement between Estonia and Turkey
* Free Trade Agreement between Estonia and Bulgaria

* World Trade Organization Trade Barriers:

* Processed food

* Plant and Plant Products

* Fruits and Vegetables

* Animals and Animal Products

* Hazardous Chemicals

* Radioactive substances and equipment containing them

* Precious metals and stones Exports:
- transportation and travel services
- water- carriage
- appliances
- accessories and clothes
- building materials. Business Practises (Dos and Taboos) Do's

* Always be on time for meetings etc.

* Try to use Estonian language as much as you can, or have a translator with you.

* Finish all jobs, or work overtime if needed.

* Think in depth before responding (this is a common Estonian practise)

* Use soft voices

* Respect each other's persons personal space. Taboo's

* Never use first names, it is impolite.

* Don't use loud voices and excessive hand gestures (it comes across as rude and makes Estonians feel uncomfortable).

* Don't ask personal questions about topics outside business related matters.

* Don't be boastful (Estonians value modesty)

* Don't confuse business and your social life

* Don't use physical contact beyond the initial handshake. There are quite a few main exports that Estonia makes that Canada would certainly be interested in. Some of these including:
- electrical and electronic equipment
- furniture and bedding
- toys and sports equipment
- miscellaneous food products.
- Estonian is the main language spoken in Estonia
-1.1 million Estonian speaking people in Estonia and thousands outside of Estonia
- The language of Estonian is very closely related to Finnish and distantly related to Hungarian.

-Estonia has a wet, maritime type climate, with moderate winters and cool summers.

- Estonia is located in eastern Europe, between Russia and Latvia, along the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. In 2006, the average amount of hours worked per person a week was 39.6 hours and 5 days a week. Working hours in Estonia aren't very flexible. Only 12.5% of Estonians can choose their own working hours. Unemployment rate is at 10.6% Only 3% of people experience violence at work 4% of men experience bullying and harrasment at work, 3% or women experience bullying and harrasment at work. Statistics Some of the exports that Canada makes that Estonia would be interested in are:
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