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Secret Garden

Sapphire Medal Presentation

Kaitlyn Robinson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Secret Garden

The Secret Garden By Kaitlyn Robinson Characters, Setting, Problem
and Solution Difference Between Book and
Movie #2 and Conclusion and
Message Movie Clip #2 Difference Conclusion Characters Problem Setting Solution My Experience Difference Movie Clip #1 My Experience and Author's and
Director's Purpose and First
Difference Between the Book and
Movie My experience with the book and the movie was quite
different because the book had a lot more details and in
the movie they changed a lot of scenes. I chose this scene because it is an important
part because if Mary didn't find the key than this
book and movie wouldn't be interesting
I think the director chose to change this
scene because it didn't really matter how
Mary found the key to the Secret Garden. Mary goes walking in the gardens, sees something
shiny, turns out to be the key to the Secret Garden
One night when Mary hears the crying, she goes
exploring to find out where it's coming from, finds out
that it was coming from Mr. Craven's son who is
thought to die and was locked up in a room because
Mr. Craven couldn't bear to see him Mr. Craven's wife was sitting on a branch in the
secret garden and it broke she was hurt so bad, next day
she died. After that Mr. Craven locked up the garden and
hid the key where no one could find it
At night Mary hears sound of a boy crying and all of
the maids and nurses(nannies) tell her that it is just the
wind or her imagination Misselthwaite Manor, England
Mr. Craven's mansion
The Secret Garden All in all I think that the book was much better than
the movie because the book had a lot more details and
in the movie the director changed a lot of the scenes and
put a couple of the later chapters turned into scenes
earlier in the movie and vies-versa. Dickon Mr. Craven Thank You for Watching Mary Colin Author's and Director's Purpose I think that the author's purpose for writing the book was to help kids dream far beyond their imagination.
I think that the director's purpose for making the movie was to bring the author's purpose to life. I chose this scene because it explains how
Mr. Craven figured out that he needed to
come home and it explains how he becomes to see the garden.
I think that the director chose to change
scene to make it more interesting and exciting because in the book he just read a letter and had a short dream and in the movie he hears it from his wife in his dream. (His wife is dead) Message I think that the author got their message across better because they had more details and examples of their message in the book and the director took out some of the important parts that explained the author's message. Questions I Likes and What Ifs
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