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Class 5's roadtrip along...

No description

Kayleigh Bingham

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Class 5's roadtrip along...

Class 5's roadtrip along...
Historic Route 66
Where do you think we have arrived?
Key Questions
During our road trip, we need to keep our Geography hats on and discuss...

What do we notice about the landscape during the journey?

What do we notice about the housing or businesses?

What can we say about the weather at each stop?

Do we think the towns or cities will be busy? Why?

Our first stop is...
In the state of: Illinois.
Where is the state of Chicago?
Chicago Factfile
Tornado Alley
States: Oklahoma,
Kansas and Texas

Where is Tornado Alley?
Our next stop is...
Our next stop is...
The Hoover Dam
State: On the boarder of Arizona and Nervada
Derwent Dam, Peak Disrict
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam Factfile
It was constructed between 1931 and 1936.

The Hoover Dam contains Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US (by volume of water).

It employed 5,251 people by 1934.

It was built to control the Colorado River and to produce hydro-electric power.
Our next stop is...
The Grand Canyon
In the State of: Arizona
Look at these pictures and use your senses to imagine our journey through Arizona
What can you smell?

What can you see?

How would you describe the weather?
Where is the Grand Canyon?
On the border of Arizona and Nevada

From watching the video and viewing these pictures, what is Las Vegas's main business?
Design your own City!
Now we have visited Las Vegas and understand why it is such a tourist attraction, you have a task to complete!

You have to imagine that you have established a City in the middle of the Mojova Desert and it needs to become a major tourist attraction City.

-You must think of transport for the city. How will your visitors get here?
-You must include businesses such as shops, hotels. How will the city make money?
-You must think of housing. Where will the people live, and how many will live here?
-You must think about water and food. How will the population eat and drink?

Draw a map of your town.
Our journey to LA
What is Route 66?
Route 66 was the first highway to link Chicago with Los Angeles
It was built in November 1926
It was 2,448 miles long, crossing 8 states and 3 time zones
The states include Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
What is Historic
Route 66?
It is called Historic Route 66 because the road was decommissioned (not used as a road anymore) in 1926
To travel from Chicago to L.A, travelers must use new highways, such as I-55!
Route 66 is not found on modern maps anymore so we must recreate the journey ourselves!
How long is Historic Route 66?
The length of the Historic Route 66 is 2448 miles.

The length of the UK from North to South is 683.5 miles

How many times can the length of the UK fit into Route 66?

Shall we look out our journey on a map?
Key vocabulary
Historic Route 66 started here because it was a developing state
It is the 3rd largest city in the USA
It has a population of 3 million people
The architecture here in Chicago is a tourist attraction

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan
Chicago is on the Southwest shores of Lake Michigan.

You are the head of a business food company. You have chosen to start your business in Chicago. Why have you decided this?
Locate these States on your journey maps
What do you notice about the location of these states?
What do you think the term 'Tornado Alley' means?
A tornado is a rotating column of air that can cause a lot of damage.

Their wind speed can get up to 300mph!!

When cold air meets warm air, and the wind changes direction, tornadoes are formed.

Oklahoma Tornado 2013
What is a Tornado?
Kansas Tornado 2012
The Colorado River
The Colorado River runs through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and Sorona.

It is 1,450 miles in length. The Thames is 215 miles!!

The Hoover Dam was built to stop the flooding of land from the Colorado River.

What do you think are the effects of the Hoover Dam, if flooding has been stopped?
Look at these pictures of the Grand Canyon...
Discuss what you think the Grand Canyon is
How have the rocks formed these shapes?
Do you think anyone lives here?
Do you think any plant or animal species live here?
Does it rain here?
Las Vegas
Las Vegas was established in 1905.

It is in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

It is surrounded by mountains, with rocky and dusty terrain.

There is a lot of flash flooding in the Mojave Desert.

Now you know about the location, what do you think the climate is like?
Our next stop is...
You are going to write a diary entry describing your journey through Arizona. You need to include all your senses in the diary entry, to describe the area to someone who has never been before.
Dear Diary...
Our next stop is...
Where is Las Vegas?
Our journey to Los Angeles
aerial photograph
physical maps
A map of my city
Derwent Dam
Hoover Dam
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