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Section 10.1: Geography & Rise of Rome

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Sherifa Amin

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Section 10.1: Geography & Rise of Rome

Chapter 10: The Roman Republic (753 - 27 BC)
Section 1: Geography & The Rise of Rome

Geography of Italy
The Geography of Italy
Rome's Legendary Origins
The Early Republic
Created in 509 BC
People elected rulers to govern them. Only one year. To keep any one person from becoming too powerful.
Rulers were always from the wealthy & powerful men.
Other people had little to say about how republic was run.
Challenges the Republic Faced
Video I
Video II
Aeneas (Pronounced: i-nee-uhs)
From epic poem 'Aeneid' by poet named Virgil.
Tells origins of ITALY.
Fled from Troy. Reached Italy.
Joined some people living there against others.
Romulus & Remus
Descendants of Aeneas
Rome's Early Kings
Romulus was the first king - 753 BC
Roman records tell us there were 7 Kings who ruled the city. Not all of them were Romans.
Last three kings were Etruscans.
Built temples
Rome's first sewer
Historians think Romans learned numbers and alphabet from them
The last king was cruel. People rose up against him. They did not want kings anymore.
Challenges from Outside
Won some, lost some
During war: DICTATORS
Absolute power
Only 6 months
Ex: Cincinnatus in 458 BC
Chosen to defend the city against a powerful enemy
Challenges within Rome
Within the city, Roman society was divided
PLEBEIANS = wanted more say in how the city was ran
PATRICIANS = only they could be elected, they had all the power
Plebeians elected their own officials/council.
Patricians were frightened.
"Rome could fall apart if they don't cooperate"
1. Section Assessment p. 299 # 1 (a, b, c), 2 (a, b), 3 (a, b)
2. Next Section: Chapter 11 Section 1 pages 322 - 328
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