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Qualities of a Master Student

No description

Lauren Daniels

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Qualities of a Master Student

A Master Student is....
Able to Suspend Judgment
Have opinions and positions, but know when to let go of them
Quiet your internal dialogue and listen to opposing viewpoints
Don't let judgment get in the way of learning
Keep in mind that you may be wrong
Chooses joy!
Joy comes from within and it is up to you to be happy!
Able to Focus Attention
Pay attention to a 2-year-old's wonder of the world.
The wide-eyed look reveals energy and a capacity for amazement that keeps his attention absolutely focused in the here and now.
The master student can focus attention, so the world is always new.
It's okay to be curious
Ask questions
Generate interest in the most mundane, humdrum situations
Able to Organize and Sort
Takes large bodies of information and sifts through it to discover relationships
Plays with information, organizing data by size, color, function, timeliness, and hundreds of other categories
Has the guts to set big goals
Has the precision to plan carefully so that the goals can be achieved
Being healthy goes beyond being free of illness
Value your body and treat it with respect
Tend to your emotional and spiritual health as well as your physical health
Mastery of many skills
Applies what is learned to new and different situations
Willing to Take Risks
Take on projects even without guarantee of success
Participate in class dialogue
Natural appetite for knowledge
Desire to learn
Willingness to evaluate self
Regularly tells the truth about personal strengths and weaknesses
Willing to Change
Not afraid of the unknown
Not stuck in the picture of "what we think we are", which prevents learning and growth
Embraces new ideas and strategies for success
Knows the difference between responsibility and blame
Takes responsibility for events in their life, even where most people would blame others
Has a pep in their step
Is involved
Determination and persistance
Willing to Participate
Be a collaborator, a team player!
Be someone people can depend on
Make commitments and follow through
A Generalist
Be interested in everything around you
Be fully present, wherever you may be
Seek ways to deepen your learning:
study groups
campus events
student organizations
team-based projects
Develop a broad base of knowledge in many fields to apply to your specialty
Admit your fear and fully experience it
Admit when you make a mistake
Do not deny fear; embrace it
Ask for help when you reach a bump in the road
Be just as willing to give help as receive it
Rewards or punishments provided by others should not be what motivates you
Desire to learn comes from within
Goals come from within
Compete like a star athlete; not to defeat others, but to push yourself to the next level of excellence
Be truly in the here and now
Respond to the moment in fresh, surprising, and unplanned ways
Willing to be Uncomfortable
Step out of your comfort zone
Be willing to experience uncomfortable situations
Endure personal hardships and look at unpleasant things with detachment
Willing to Laugh
Be ready to laugh at any moment, even if it is at yourself
Learning can be fun!
Celebrate learning by allowing yourself to laugh now and then
Where others see dull details and trivia, see opportunity and create
Gather pieces of knowledge from a wide range of subjects and put them together in new ways
Be creative in every aspect of life
See setbacks as temporary and isolated
Know that you can choose your response in any circumstance
Willing to Work
Once inspired, be ready and willing to follow through with the sweat
Genius and creativity are the results of persistence and work
Technology is any tool used to achieve a human purpose
Do not get overwhelmed with unfamiliar tech
Embrace new things!
Know when to go "offline" and go back to the real-world
Care about knowledge and have a passion for ideas
Care about people and appreciate learning from others
Collaborate on projects and thrive on teams
Flourish in a community that values win-win outcomes, cooperation, and love
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