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Copy of Grateful Patient (Master presentation)

No description

Cristin Clark

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Grateful Patient (Master presentation)

Why Grateful Patients?
Guardian Angel
growing the relationship
Service to the C
Corporate Giving
Special Events
Cause Marketing
The opportunities are endless ...
Offers a renewable source of prospects, letting us know who's receiving services
Opportunity to continue to nourish a culture of philanthropy
Creates a platform for majors gifts not solely driven by a capital campaign
Grateful Patient Giving
Getting a (good?) response
Donor relationships continue to grow
The donor feels fulfilled and satisfied for contributing to the life and growth of LCMH.
Donors lead others to appreciate, participate at and contribute to Little Company of Mary Hospital
Who is your Guardian Angel?
Individuals / Annual Fund
Individual giving
(Employee giving)
Direct Mail Appeals
Grateful Patient Giving
Major Gifts
Planned Giving
Grant Seeking for Programs
Why Grateful Patient Giving?
96% of individual donations made to hospitals are the result of a positive patient experience
The driving factor for 70% of those gifts is gratitude
30% of LCMH patients are first time customers
LCMH Foundation
Since 1998, two capital building campaigns:
Cancer Center $7.5M goal
Values Vision Innovation $12.5M goal ($9.8M TD)
Donor pool experiencing donor fatigue (and relief!)
Replenishing the pipeline: Grateful patients are one source -- and they come through our doors every day if we know where to look!
"Leave it for this year also, and I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it;
it may bear fruit in the future. " - Luke 13:8-9
Daily inpatient (and outpatient) HIPAA-compliant screening tells us:
who is currently a donor
who has potential to make a gift
if so, who else do they give to?
Face-to-face connection
Nurse Manager / unit supervisor is the gatekeeper
"red light/yellow light/green light"
gratitude-centric conversation
Ideal vs. reality - probably less than 15% available
ommitted professional
wn your response: compassion
emember safety and quality
nsure responsible decisions/actions
The Search - the technical stuff ...
Blind screening eliminates:
- Under 21 or over 85
- Medicaid / charity care
- Psych / Behavioral Heath/ Addiction treatment diagnoses
- Physicians / employees
- HIPAA Opt-Outs
Consistent with HIPAA guidelines, patient demographic and service information is legal to utilize for fundraising, specifically: name, address, DOB, gender, dates of service, departments of service, attending physician and insurance type, etc.
Based on screening and visits...
14 to 21 days post-discharge a mailing goes out inviting patients to reflect on their visit and tell us who was their
Home Health Care
Cancer Center
Palliative Care
Possible semi-annual gathering of Angels and donors?
An expansion of our current relationship-building initiative begun with The Campaign for LCMH
An opportunity for grateful patients to express their gratitude in a meaningful, impactful way (Guardian Angels)
Recognizing and acknowledging employees for their good work; they know they have made a contribution toward the advancement of philanthropy.
An effort to acknowledge and recognize those who want to give back by supporting our mission
An expansion of our relationship-building in a customer service-oriented culture
This IS...
Every Patient, Every Time.
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