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Nailing College

Successful studying strategies in higher education.

Gaia Bistulfi

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Nailing College

BIO105-L2 NAILING COLLEGE Dr. Gaia Bistulfi August 23, 2012 It takes 3 h/week
to pass a 3 credit course CREDIT HOURS FALSE! Typically...a lot more. IT TAKES AS LONG AS YOU NEED. Don't be. FRUSTRATED? Everyone would have a degree... NOBODY SAID IT WAS EASY... If you want to... But you CAN do it! I can't do the work for you... And I'm here to HELP YOU! ...and be there for YOU. ...but I can teach you a few tricks... BUT! A+ Realize you are here
to become a professional... WORK HARD... Grades are irrelevant if
you can't do your job. (...and PLAY HARD!) BUT KEEP YOUR
PRIORITIES STRAIGHT... Take charge of your life! AIM HIGH... TRICK 1 Aim at a C... ..and you will likely fail. WHY? If you are setting the high end of your performance to a C... you will likely
end up here C AIM HIGH! A+ Professor bewilderment Attend classes, labs, recitations. TRICK 2 Attendance Grades Understand THE LEARNING PROCESS Memorize ...you understood just because "it made sense" when you heard it. Don't assume... WHAT?!? For example... If you really understood it... Did it make sense? ...you can repeat it! Now that you understood it... ...will you remember it? Hear See Discuss, repeat Teach! (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Memorization TRICK 3 ANY INTEREST IN MAXIMUM REWARD WITH MINIMAL EFFORT? Take NOTES! Naturally our mind wanders away... NOTES allow you to: Keep focus Make sure you understand Memorize! TRICKS! 1-AIM HIGH! 2-ATTEND! 3-TAKE NOTES! MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME! Keep your focus
Start memorizing 1-Take notes in
class, COSTANTLY! Even when the Prof is ranting about their dog... Cut the "rants" 2-Review them at the end of the day Underline new concepts Make a memo sheet where you
write key words/schemes to be memorized Write an index with the main topics covered Rehash the spiel once Index in hand try to rehash your notes WITHOUT looking at them Reread them Rehash Repeat the memo sheet! Under the shower Waiting... ...Biking 5-Before a test V DAYS Index in hand repeat all the material, no peeking! Don't get frustrated, re-read the material and repeat everything 6-Before a test V The day Index in hand repeat all the material... FINALLY YOU REMEMBER!!! 3-Weekends 4-Anytime 4-MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME! Questions? bistulfi@dyc.edu For example...
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