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Enagement with Sources

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able can

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Enagement with Sources

How to Work Through the OPVL
The Structure of a Source
The Purpose
Always check the “introduction” part of the sources and understand the background of the sources;
Choose the right verb. to summarize:
 show, present, justify, criticize, argue…

The Value
Indicate which kind of sources this one is: primary or secondary?
Briefly describe the sources: who writes this source and what is this source about?
The Limits
What are the problems with the sources if we are going to do a comprehensive study on the issue:
How work through the "statement discussion"
Show your opinion: agree or disagree?
How work through the "statement discussion"
Structure your argument:
Your argument:
It is common for the gov. to over-react in the time of revolution.
This is evident in souce A & B, the French revolution (summary)...
Therefore, violence is very common during the revolution
How work through the "statement discussion"
the Whole Structure
agree or disagree
argument one
argument two
Review to the Final
Therefore, I believe that...
How to Get Prepared?
1. The Question Review Lists;
3. The Historic Cases and Examples;
2. Concepts in History;
Other skills
Why: Raise your own ideas and justify with historic examples!
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