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how did lou get the flu

by calebs group

caleb davis

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of how did lou get the flu

by Caleb and Miguel conclude

lue got the flue from her friends and complete strangers and more. like the farmer. 3.Duck with flu virus 4. one of min pengs pigs sniffed the soil. 5. virus spread to the other pigs. Min Peng played with a baby pig.
Min Ping sneezed.
Min peng went to the market to sell ice cream.
Min peng gets symptoms and rests for a few days
Min Peng has flu virus
Mei- li lives in china
she is a student who likes ice cream
mei li bought ice cream
mei li studied for an exam with her friend from the us.
while the girls were studying they got thirsty
maria is a student from the us,
maria went to visit her family
maria showed neighbors pictures of her trip
maria sneezed
lou lives in the us
lou's father made faumous pepper steak.
lou got the flu

li How Did Lou Get The Flu Escape The Map 1.Min Peng (a Chinese farmer) who raises pigs.
2.Duck flew over the farmer's field and pooped onto the soil.
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