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Top-Down & Bottom-Up Processing

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Gianna IZzo

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Top-Down & Bottom-Up Processing

An example of top-down processing:

You see a red hot stove and know that it would be unsafe to touch it based on your perception of the situation from previous knowledge.
An example of Bottom-Up Processing
If you turn on the sink and get burned by the hot water, you will quickly learn not to do it again because it hurt.
Top- Down Processing
The use of prior knowledge to arrive at the perception.

*Top (Brain perceives)--> controls -->
Down (physical reaction)
Bottom-Up Processing
Using the direct experience/imput on our sensory receptors to arrive at the perception.

Bottom (Physical stimuli) ---> controls --->
Top (Mental perception)
The Invisible Rope Experiment

Effects on visual perception
Top-Down & Bottom-Up

by Gabe, Catie, Gianna & Dylan

An Example of Bottom-Up Processing
If you turn on the sink and it is hot, it will burn you and you will pull your hand away.
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